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10 Interactive Mixer Theme Ideas for Any Sorority or Frat

If your mixer theme ideas are boring and basic, replicate an example off of this list to create an interactive experience for both a sorority and fraternity. By attending an interactive mixer, guests are more likely to meet and connect with more people outside of their typical social circle. Along with this, interactive mixer ideas typically call for an entertaining night out in which you are still able to dress up in costume.

1. Outerspace Case Race

This mixer theme idea is titled Outerspace case race. Depending on the size of your Greek organization, there may be more or fewer teams for this game-based mixer theme idea. Divide your org accordingly, and pick a costume for each team that is centered around the overarching outer space theme. For example, make one team NASA and the other team aliens. Each team will then be challenged to finish a thirty rack of beer before the opposing teams. Whoever completes the beers first, wins. If your organization has a specific type of alcohol that they prefer you may shift the theme slightly to match the wants of your sorority or fraternity. Examples of this include using white claw cases rather than beer, or even boxed wine. 

2. Beer Olympics

This is a more well-known mixer theme idea. Typically a day party, the Beer Olympics are a plethora of drinking games combined onto one chart. Divide the sorority and fraternity into two different teams. You can dress to represent either your organization or a country of your choice as though it is actually the Olympics. Make brackets of drinking games such as rage cage, flip cup, and beer pong and whichever teams can win the most games throughout the day wins overall.

3. Paint Party

Arguably one of the favorited mixer theme ideas of Greek Life, yet also agreeably the hardest to clean up is a paint party. This is when members dress head to toe in all white and leave in a plethora of multi-colored paint chaos. Also called a paint fight, a paint party mixer is essentially when frats and sororities throw as much paint on one another as possible. This is a wild mixer theme idea that leaves everyone in attendance laughing. Along with this, a paint party is an original mixer theme idea that can never go out of style. 

4. Cuffing Season

Whether it’s cuffing season or not, this is a fun mixer theme idea for a date party or just an interactive mixer in general. Members will arrive at the party like any other, however, will be surprised when they are handcuffed to someone of the opposite gender upon entry. This is a literal depiction of cuffing season and is a good way to have members of one greek organization get to know the other better – considering they are chained to each other the entire night. To add to the fun of the mixer, the host can plan challenges such as a beer pong competition or dance-off that requires the chained individuals to utilize teamwork. Although not necessary, this adds another interactive element to the mixer theme idea. 

5. ABC: Anything but Clothes

Going back to the basics, ABC mixers are well known within the Greek Life community. However, this list would not be complete without including the raunchy Anything but Clothes mixer theme idea that is a longlasting annual tradition for many social greek organizations. The idea is simple in theory, but more difficult in action. ABC means that sorority and fraternity members must somehow create their own costumes for the mixer without utilizing any sort of fabric. This means that members can come to the mixer wearing LITERALLY anything BUT clothes. This interactive mixer theme idea allows people to show their creative side, but also calls for a good laugh when costumes go wrong. Examples of common ABC outfits include wearing trash bags, caution tape, newspaper, or even the game Twister.

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6. ABC: Anything But A Cup

Another form of ABC is the mixer theme idea, Anything But A Cup. This means that members attending the mixer must bring some type of container, that is NOT a cup, to hold their drink in throughout the entire mixer. This is another comedic idea that makes members think outside the box. Examples for this ABC mixer is to bring your beverage in a blender or something even stranger like a Ziploc bag. 

7. My Tie Mixer

This mixer theme idea is another interactive date party that can bring your organization closer to others. About a week before the mixer, every frat boy in attendance will give his necktie of choice to the sorority social chair director. The director will then redistribute each tie to a girl in attendance. At the mixer, each guy will have to find his tie around a girl’s neck at the mixer. The point of this mixer theme idea is to encourage conversation between organizations and is most effective if planned at the beginning of the year, or right after a new pledge class is initiated. 

8. Dancing Duos

Similar to the My Tie mixer theme idea, dancing duos is also a search date party. This means that prior to the party, members of both organizations who are throwing the mixer will receive a duo costume that they must dress up as to attend. When arriving at the mixer they will have to search for their other half who is in the opposing organization. For example, if a sorority girl is given the costume idea of Daphney from Scooby-Doo to dress up as, then she will have to search for her Fred once she gets to the party. 

10. Five Dollar Prom

This mixer theme idea is relatively self-explanatory by the title and is simple as well. Have each member attending the mixer purchase and flaunt prom attire to the mixer that they could only spend 5 dollars on. This is an inexpensive idea and will challenge everyone to come up with the best outfit they can on a budget. If you want to take the mixer theme a step further, the host organization can even hold a vote and announce a prom king and queen!

What is the best mixer theme you have ever attended? Let us know in the comments below!

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