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5 Insulated Water Bottles That Are Better Than A Hydro Flask

We all need a good water bottle to help us stay hydrated sufficiently throughout the day. Hydro Flasks have been all the hype over the last few years because of its ability to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. However, Hydro Flasks can be quite expensive, and sometimes customers are interested in finding another insulated water bottle to purchase instead. They also have a very wide opening, which can sometimes be a bit messy when going to take a drink of water. If you’re looking for a different brand to buy you insulated water bottle from, here are some of the best options on the market that could even be considered better than the infamous Hydro Flask.

S’well Water Bottles

Most people use this water bottle for cold water, especially for hikes and working out. This water bottle has been seen to keep water even cooler after ice has melted, making it the perfect option to take with you on a hot summer hike. However, this water bottle also excels at maintaining the temperature for hot beverages, such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The majority of this bottle stays cool to the touch when containing a hot beverage, and only the top tip of the water bottle becomes warm. When tested with water that is 200 degrees fahrenheit, the S’well bottle kept the liquid above the ideal drinking temperature for a little over five hours. If you need a versatile bottle to hold both your hot or iced coffee, this bottle is certainly one you should look into. The 17 ounce S’well water bottle retails for $32 on Amazon. 

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

While this thermos is known for keeping drinks nice and hot, this steel mug is stellar at keeping your drinks ice cold. When this thermos was put to the test, it kept water nice and chilly and prevented the ice from completely melting for a few hours. Once the ice melted, the water decreased in temperature, and only increased in temperature by five degrees fahrenheit throughout the duration of the study. This bottle is almost as effective at keeping your hot drinks hot, with its results comparable to the S’well water bottle. With a starting temperature of 201 degrees fahrenheit, this water bottle reached ideal drinking temperature after a little over five hours, and kept a temperature decrease of 78 degrees fahrenheit after the study. Overall, this is a well rounded option for your next water bottle and is a very affordable option, saving you a decent amount of money if you don’t opt for a Hydro Flask. A 16 ounce Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug retails for $21 on Amazon. 

Corkcicle Canteen

If you want a container that will keep your beverage nice and insulated for a long period of time, the Corkcicle Canteen is an excellent choice. This water bottle has a triple insulation chamber that claims it will keep liquids cold for 25 hours and hot for 12 hours. When this water bottle was put to the test, there was a temperature change in those 12 hours and 25 hours, both temperatures stayed within the ideal drinking temperature range. For hot beverages, the Corkcicle Canteen saw a 91 degree fahrenheit change throughout the test after starting with a temperature of 201 degrees fahrenheit. For colder beverages, the Corkcicle Canteen produced a 14 degree temperature increase throughout the test after starting out with a temperature of 46 degrees fahrenheit. This 16 ounce water bottle retails $29.95 on Amazon, but can also be found on sale from time to time. 

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Yeti Rambler

Another extremely reliable water bottle option to look at that’s cheaper than a Hydro Flask is the Yeti Rambler. This water bottle is very durable and resistant to damage, making it the perfect choice to take on a camping trip, a hike, or anywhere outdoors. While this bottle does not have the most effective insulation, the durability of this water bottle still makes it extremely reliable to those who want to spend a lot of their time outdoors and in nature. For hot beverages, the Yeti Rambler saw a 95 degree fahrenheit change throughout the test after starting with a temperature of 199 degrees fahrenheit. For colder beverages, the Yeti Rambler produced a 7 degree temperature increase throughout the test after starting out with a temperature of 52 degrees fahrenheit. This water bottle does an excellent job at maintaining cooler temperatures, keeping your water temperature the same for many hours on end. This water bottle retails for $30 on Amazon and on Yeti’s official website. 

Contigo AutoSeal Chill Water Bottle

If you’re looking for a water bottle that will keep your water and other cold beverages icy cold all day long, this is an excellent option for you to invest in. This water bottle claims to keep beverages cold for 28 straight hours, and the reviews say this claim is correct. This bottle boasts thousands of five star reviews on Amazon, who rave about how well the insulation works on ice cold beverages. This water bottle also features an AutoSeal, which makes sure that nothing spills or leaks from your bottle. Once your top is screwed on, your liquid will be safe inside your bottle and will prevent anything from spilling on your clothes, or in your car or purse. Although Contigo discourages customers from pouring hot beverages in this water bottle, the effectiveness of this bottle for colder beverages makes it well worth the price. This 24 ounce bottle retails for $23 on Amazon, a significantly lower price compared to that of the Hydro Flask. 

Outside the popular and expensive Hydro Flask, there are dozens of alternative options on the market that deliver the same if not better results for insulating your beverages. Many of these options are also less expensive than a Hydro Flask, which might be more appealing to those who are looking for a good deal on their insulated water bottle. These are all great options if you’re looking for a better alternative amd a better deal on your water bottle.

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