10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From Elon University

If you're looking for some serious fashion, food, and travel inspiration, these 10 student Instagrammers from Elon University have to be on your feed!
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We all have them on our Instagram feed: the model, the motivator, and the musician. Following fierce, fit, and fun people, on Instagram, who go to the same school as you can provide a sense of familiarity and serious inspiration! These are 10 student Instagrammers you need to follow from Elon University!

1. Samantha Feher


Media Influencer


A seemingly Barbie human, Samantha Feher uses Instagram to promote and display brands in vivid color. Her bright photos portray a side of her fun personality and lifestyle in and outside of Elon University.


2. Hannah Durbin



Health Motivator

This account is for the Elon health junkies out there. In addition to her blog, Durbin uses Instagram to portray her new, healthy lifestyle after recovering from anorexia. Her pictures will motivate you to get off the couch!



3. Matt Simmons



Simmons is a photographer for Blasé magazine and his feed is full of bold pictures. With bright, faded, and rich colors all at once, Simmons brings simplicity of the world into his lens for his followers to see. If you love photography, this Elon account is for you.



4. Katy Bellotte




Katy Bellotte’s role in social media grows larger each day. Her Instagram gives her subscribers and followers a look into her private life. Although a trendy, beautiful account to look at, Bellotte shares photos of friends from Elon, and family which keep her Instagram down to earth and personal.


5. Rosie Darling & Rosemary Joaquin




Elon student musicians Rosie and Rosemary share an account to present their passion for music. If you love listening to acoustic versions of songs, their account is a must-follow. With singles of their own, Darling and Joaquin are talented singers involved in a cappella at Elon University who have a love for music, as noted by their posts.



6. Molly McAdam


Racking 32.9 thousand Instagram followers, Elon student Molly McAdam presents photos of her envious body and seemingly perfect life. Including food, fashion, and fun, this account would flow perfectly with the millennial young woman’s Instagram feed.



7. Fletcher Rowe



With the motto “live life feisty” under his belt, Rowe promotes living a fulfilling lifestyle. His Instagram account includes inspirational quotes and a view into his life as a LGBTQ community member. If you like trendy street art and a colorful food pic, then this Elon student account is for you.



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8. Astrid Gross-Hutton


Ladies and Gentlemen, Elon’s very own Alexis Ren. Most young women will admit to loving a hot model on their Instagram feed. Not only is Astrid beautiful in every photo, but she also shares her travel experiences on her account, showing her followers another side to her.




9. Lucy White




Lover of art? You need to follow this Elon student account. Creating a business out of her talent, Lucy White posts pictures of her abstract paintings for sale alongside silly captions. Not only is it something beautiful to look at, but an opportunity to get something to hang above your bed.


10. Iria Garcia



The aesthetic of this account is pleasing to almost every eye through its use of bright whites. Sharing photos with strong subject matter and pops of color, Garcia also gives her 3,529 followers a look into her family and friends at Elon University.


Are there any other student Instagrammers at Elon University that everyone should follow!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit