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Top 10 Instagramable Locations On Campus

Top 10 Instagramable Locations On Campus

Finding Instagrammable locations can be hard, but if you’re able to take photos surrounded by beautiful scenery, then your chances of gaining a large internet following will rise. Some of the best places to start you Instagram career can be found on college campuses throughout the country. Is there a huge, intricate piece of art somewhere near your dorm? If so, that could be the perfect place to take a photo. Another option is to wait until the Fall when the trees turn bright colors. A list of the top instagrammable locations from college campuses throughout the U.S. can be found below. Make sure to take notes!

Michigan State University

There are many great instagrammable locations on the MSU campus that are worth a quick picture but, if you want to head straight for the best area, you’re going to have to find the Spartan Statue. This work of art is made entirely of bronze and towers over all with it’s impressive height of nine feet. The most common instagram pose for this location is to simply stand in front of the statue. However, a more creative pose that will get you lots of attention on Instagram is to climb up the pedestal the statue is placed on and either give the Spartan a kiss or a big hug!

Top 10 Instagrammable Locations on Campus


Bucknell University

This Pennsylvania college has a few excellent instagrammable locations, but the most popular one is in front of the main campus office. This building is located in the center of the campus and possesses a wide lawn crisscrossed with brick paths that many students like to relax on. For the perfect instagram post, stand with the office building and as much of the lawn as possible at your back so your followers can see how expansive and beautiful the University is. This location is so popular, in fact, that some alumni have even returned and taken their wedding photos here!

Top 10 Instagrammable Locations On Campus

Washington University

The McMillan building at Washington University in Missouri is one of the best instagrammable locations in the entire state. This looming stone tower will make you believe that you’ve been sent back to the middle ages (and the crenellations at the top of the building only serve to enhance this effect). If you’re in the neighborhood and want to get a great picture at McMillan, position yourself in or very near the darkened tunnel which runs through the building at ground level. The old fashioned feel of the tower, as well as the tunnel, will be enhanced if taken during the Fall season. Just think of how appropriate the already slightly spooky photo will be if you post it at the right time!


Top 10 Instagrammable Locations on Campus

The University of the South

Continuing on with the medieval vibe, the All Saints’ Chapel at the University of the South in Tennessee is next on the list of amazing instagrammable locations at U.S. colleges. The outside of the chapel was built using large blocks of weathered stone so it appears as if it was built 500 years ago. You have the option of taking a picture outside of the chapel, but the inside of this building should make this your Plan B. When you venture inside the chapel, you will immediately see a large and ornate stained glass window overlooking the alter. Below the window is amazing stonework with miniature figures of Catholic saints. The best pose for a picture here is for you to have your back to the camera as you stare at the magnificent works of art before you.

Florida Southern College

Florida Southern is a modernly designed college filled with instagrammable locations that will serve to make a huge splash on your feed. Perhaps the best of these is the large fountain that resides near an outdoor relaxation area. Surrounded this are small jets that spray water in an arc through the air and into the shallow fountain. If you come at the right time of the day, the jets may sometimes be off so you can avoid getting wet while you take your photo. Of course, either option (a picture with the jets on, or with them off) makes for a great post, and it is entirely up to you which option to go with. You can even post both if you want!


Berry College

There are some really obvious instagrammable locations at Barry College, but obvious doesn’t always have to mean bad. For example, the long reflecting pool right outside three old looking campus buildings which look faintly like castles is definitely a good choice for an instagram post. Hop up on the side of the pool for a fun post or, if you like to be more serious, simply gaze out over the pool and admire the impressive buildings which also face the pool. A really unique instagram post centered on this pool is to bring a fishing pole and pretend to fish! Just make sure you’re not breaking any rules while you do it!

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University of Richmond

One of the coolest instagrammable locations on this list is the solitary island with two long white bridges at the University of Richmond. Due to the ongoing pandemic, not many people are out on the two bridges, so this is a perfect time to get never-before-seen photos and videos on them. A great idea for a video is to film yourself walking slowly across the bridges to the island as you turn the camera slowly one way, then another over the rippling water. If you so choose, make a short stop on the island before continuing on. There may be more opportunities for instagram posts hidden around the small island.


Vanderbilt University

Next to the central library on the Vanderbilt campus is the bronze statue of Joseph Vanderbilt (a former president of the college). Out of the excellent instagrammable locations on the campus, this is the one you’re going to want to post on your page. Like the Spartan statue, you have a few different photo options, here. You could simply stand in front of the statue and do a unique pose, or you could attempt to reach the statue, although it’s a bit high off the ground. If you decide to go with the latter option — which, let’s face it,  you were thinking about doing — consider posing as if you were in a conversation with him!

University of San Diego

Are you a fan of brilliant sunsets? Of course you are! To get a picture in a beautiful area bathed in the light of the setting sun, go to the University of San Diego. When you reach the campus, head to the staircase that heads down the face of a small cliff next to the ocean. The view from the top of the stairs is breathtaking and, if you get a good photo, your instagram followers will be as impressed as you. A photo option to consider is to lean against the railing as you stare out at the ocean with the sun setting on the horizon. Basically, just take a photo anywhere on the stairs at sunset for a guaranteed popular post.

Bryn Mawr College

If you’re looking for the best instagrammable locations in the country, then you owe it to yourself to visit Bryn Mawr college in Pennsylvania. Between old stone buildings and under tall trees with pink blossoms is a path which is an absolutely perfect spot for an instagram post. There are also a few different things you can do here that’ll make your post unforgettable. Have someone take a picture of you strolling down the path with pink flowers falling all around you, or maybe lean up against one of the trees as you read an old book.