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10 Instagram Worthy Travel Destinations

10 Instagram Worthy Travel Destinations

Traveling is a fun way to explore the world, see new sights, and do adventurous things. It is a great way to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone. But finding the right destination for you can be hard, and seemingly impossible. It’s hard to decide whether you want to visit the mountainous and cold regions of the Swiss Alps or the warm and flat beaches of Hawaii. If you’re not really either a beach or mountain person, which do you choose? Furthermore, how do you know what to expect on your trip to the destination? In the old days, this was a big problem. Travel books can only help so much, and you often had to just take a risk and hope the destination was good.

But these days it is much easier to have an idea of what your destination will look like, what it will be like, and what things you can do there. Thanks to social media, you can have a much better idea these days of what your travel destination will have. And because of this, choosing a good destination for yourself is much easier than it used to be. Social media apps like Instagram are helping travelers from around the world share their adventures with everyone. So new travelers can get a good idea of what a certain city or country might be like. It has also caused many travelers to start developing a sense of wanderlust and a yearning for certain locations. The gorgeous beaches and mountains you see on Instagram are often extremely beautiful and will make you want to travel. 

But often, travelers and curious people wonder, are the locations really like that? Are the photos just always heavily edited and photoshopped to look better? The answer isn’t always no. Sure, there are some photos that really are a lie, but many places really are that beautiful. To find destinations that really are gorgeous, you don’t have to search super hard. Here are 10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

1. Cinque Terre

The popular Italian vacation destination really is that beautiful. This location in Italy features five different but all gorgeous villages that you can visit. You can quickly travel from village to village by train. If you’d prefer a more scenic route, you can also take a hike from one village to the next. The views are breathtaking and memorable, and the ocean is a perfect blue. The picturesque villages will look perfect on your feed, and you’ll love all the great beaches you can visit.

  10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

2. Santorini

This island in Greece is beautiful. Featuring a sprawling village and breathtaking cliffs, a trip here will certainly not be forgotten. You can relax at a spa here or visit houses that look like caves. It is truly a great and super enjoyable experience, and you’ll have a blast the whole time exploring the island here. Plus, your Instagram will look amazing if you decide to share the trip with your friends back home.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

3. Venice, Italy

It might seem overrated, but this tourist destination is still worth a visit. If you choose to visit the spiraling city you’ll be greeted by beautiful canals and picturesque views. The destination is perfect for photographers who want to practice their photo-taking skills. The city is full of things to explore and do, and you won’t forget the views. The romantic city is certainly worth checking out because it is super interesting and there is a lot to do. You’ll definitely be sharing lots of photos on Instagram and Facebook from this famous destination.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

4. Croatia

This state offers amazing views and beautiful beaches to visit. It will look amazing on your Instagram feed and is absolutely a great vacation choice. There are many villages to explore with rich histories and great views. It is a great place to visit and explore. The ocean is super clear, so you’ll be able to see the fish swimming around if you go underwater. The beautiful blue waters make the beaches amazing places to swim in and there are many hidden beautiful paths to explore across the area. The place is so famous some scenes from Game of Thrones were even filmed here.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

5. Paris

The popular city is famous not only for the Eiffel Tower but all the other great views you can see. Taking a walk by the canals is certainly memorable and you can also go to various famous museums. This is definitely a city you won’t mind getting lost in, as it is beautiful and very unique. You’ll love strolling the streets here and seeing all the famous sights in the famous city of love. Because the city is super romantic and big, it’s definitely worth a visit or two.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

6. Bali

The large and beautiful paradise known as Bali is worth seeing at least once. The tropical island is full of great sights and things to do. You’ll love cooling off in the ocean, or visiting one of the island’s many lush resorts.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

7. New York City

The city may be popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. The city is popular for a reason and so it is a good idea to visit the city. The city has lots of things to do from seeing a new broadway show to exploring the famous shops and food places. 

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10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

8. Hawaii

Whichever island you choose, you will find yourself pleased with the number of beaches to explore and all the things you can do here.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

9. Swiss Alps

For a cooler destination, head to the Swiss Alps, where there is a lot of great skiing. You can do plenty of things here from taking great pictures to hitting the famous slopes.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

10. Seattle

This destination is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its beautiful views and the famous Space Needle. Places like Pike’s Place will also look amazing on your Instagram feed. It is truly a city worth seeing.

10 Instagram worthy travel destinations.

Are there any other destinations that are Insta worthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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