The 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots In NYC

There’s something special about New York City. Its blend of urban development, luscious parks, historical monuments and modern artistry make it stand out as one of the most unique and recognizable American cities. Due to this, it doesn’t just have some of the most interesting locations in the entirety of the United States but some of the prettiest as well. Liven up your profile and your followers Instagram feeds with photos in these fantastic places in New York City. They deserve it. Here are the 10 most Instagram worthy spots in NYC!

1. Central Park

The highlight of NYC’s natural side, Central Park offers various dazzling locations to snap some pictures, share some memories and accompany your selfies. Want to show off an unmatched view of the city? Try a photo atop the park’s famous Umpire Rock. Want to show off the various lakes scattered in the area? The North-End’s Reservoir, Harlem Meer and Wagner Cove provide bountiful amounts of water. Want to capture the architecture? Belvedere Castle and the park’s two bridges are readily to be photographed. There’s so much to see in Central Park that I can go on all article about the pretty sights there!

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2. The Brooklyn Bridge

With a pedestrian walkway running right through the center, the Brooklyn Bridge provides one of the most interesting experiences you’ll ever have in your lifetime: walking directly in the middle of two lines of busy traffic! If that’s too much though, don’t worry, it’s visible from other parts of the city as well. Either way, get your pictures with it. Your followers would love to see such a poignant cultural landmark as this one!

3. New York Public Library

Perhaps this is a bit too English major-y for most but, book nerd or not, the New York Public Library is still one of the most beautiful locations in all the city. Whether it’s the books themselves which range from old copies of The Canterbury Tales to English-Celtic language dictionaries or the impressive ways they are stacked and organised, you’ll find something to like about this place. The palace-like architecture is a pretty good reason too, I might add.

4. Roosevelt Island

Once you’ve boarded the tramway, located in the Upper East Side, you’ll find yourself on a small island in the East River. From here, you can get wonderful views of the city, of the United Nations and of the Queensborough Bridge. This is one of the lesser-known attractions in NYC so don’t miss an opportunity to do it!

5. Grand Central Station

Famous for its stunning, roman-esque architecture, Grand Central Station has earned itself a reputation as one of the city’s most beautiful buildings, appearing in many films. Of course, as far as symbols for NYC go, it’s a little bit cliché. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still snap as many pictures as you want here. Whether it’s of the outside, the ceiling, the ticket office or the concourse as a whole, your profile and you follower’s feeds are bound to be improved with the presence of such a well-known NYC landmark.

6. The High Line

Running down 10th avenue, the High Line combines the decrepit with the ecological. Stroll down it or rest at one of the many benches scattered throughout it. You’ll find plenty of beautiful fauna, plenty of abandoned railroad but overall, you’ll find a fascinating experience and a model for how old urban structures can be brought back to nature and stay fun for humans too!

7. The Met Cloisters

If you’re looking for a little history on your profile, check out the Met Cloisters, located in Fort Tryon Park, way up in Northern Manhattan. Representing architecture and artistry from the Middle Ages, the Met Cloisters offers a chance to experience culture from those dark, dark times. But if that’s too grim, the various gardens, which look like they were plucked straight out of Tuscany, are a great mood lightener and a more wonderful photo spot too. Live the villa life (or appear to) for a little bit and have fun doing it! It’s quite the sight.

8. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

One of the most, if not the most, famous cathedrals in the United States, St. Patrick’s brings the style of Notre Dame de Paris to fifth avenue. One step inside and it feels like you’ve been magically transported there. Rest at one of the pews or gander at the ceiling, murals and pillars. Even for the non-religious, it truly is a work of art.

9. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center is one of the most fascinating complexes in the city’s history. Its architecture is modern yet roman-esque, imposing yet welcoming and all-around beautiful from every point of view. The three main buildings and plaza in between them make the perfect backdrop for a formal night-out. And if you stick by the fountain in the center, you’ll get a picture that’s just as fun as it is fancy. So check out Lincoln Center and don’t worry about looking your best. Even a peek is worth it, no matter what you show up in.

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10. Rockefeller Center

Most well-known for being the location of the GE building (which houses NBC Studios) as well as the location of the city’s Christmas tree, Rockefeller Center is not something to miss in person. Pick up your skates and hit the ice rink or walk around and gander at the flags. This holiday hot-spot is not one to miss.

Are there any more Instagram worthy spots in NYC that we missed? Leave them in the comments down below!


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