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5 Instagram Travel Accounts To Follow ASAP

5 Instagram Travel Accounts To Follow ASAP

5 Instagram Travel Accounts To Follow ASAP

Stop the mindless Instagram scrolling and follow these 5 Instagram travel accounts ASAP. These five travel accounts will give you a sense of wanderlust and give you that extra nudge to finally book the grand trip you’ve been daydreaming about forever.

1. Travels Tribe

This Instagram page has over 233K followers with over 1,000 different travel posts all around the world. Travel Tribe features mind-blowing images of humankind interacting with mother earth. All of the destinations on Travel Tribes’ page are beyond gorgeous and lend insight into different parts of the world that you don’t get to see on a daily basis. Follow @travelstribe for beautiful shots and serious travel withdrawals.

2. Forbes Travel Guide

The Forbes Travel Guide is the ultimate Instagram travel account with huge credibility from Forbes magazine. Forbes Travel Guide has over 503K followers on Instagram and almost 4,000 shots of beautiful cityscapes and gorgeous architecture. This Instagram travel page will give you a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) with beautiful city views from an enormous clawfoot bathtub and real-life Disney castles. Follow @forbestravelguide if you have a serious travel bug.


3. Travel In Her Shoes

Travel In Her Shoes is a travel Instagram page with over 880K followers and almost 1500 posts. This account is run by Aggie, a photographer living in LA with serious travel experience having visited 53 countries to date. Travel In Her Shoes provides a unique and creative point of view. Her photos really make the viewer feel like they are traveling alongside her. This Instagram travel account is perfect for travelers that don’t make it out of the country quite too often but love to escape through the digital world. Follow @aggie to really travel in her shoes.

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4. Do You Travel

Do You Travel is a travel Instagram page ran by Jack Morris, famous travel Instagrammer, and photographer. Do You Travel has 2.7M followers with a little over 750 shots. Each shot on this travel Instagram is breathtaking. Usually, each post features Jack alongside famous and enormous architecture from around the world. The way he shoots his images makes the wonders of the world look monstrous compared to human life. This gives a sobering feeling compared to what is going on in the world. It’s nice to stop and admire just how beautiful our planet is. This travel Instagram account also features couple posts for those travel couples that need a little inspiration for their feed. Follow @doyoutravel for out of this world travel Instagram photos.


5. Tara Milk Tea

Tara Milk Tea is a travel Instagram page with 1.2M followers and a little over 1,700 posts. Tara Milk Tea is a traveler originally from Sydney with a lot of Australian influences in her feed as well as influences from other parts of Europe. Tara’s travel Instagram feed is aesthetically pleasing with color-coded posts and fun asymmetrical shots. There is a whole row of pictures that are filled with nothing but pink followed by a row of blue-hued pictures. Tara puts a lot of effort into her feed and it really shows. The travel aspect in her feed is very mellow, it’s not in your face as much as some other travel feeds but it definitely has the travel theme throughout all the pictures. Follow @taramilktea for creative and colorful travel images.

Get lost in the digital world of traveling, foreign architecture, mother nature and landscape shots with these 5 Instagram travel accounts to follow and do it ASAP. What Instagram travel accounts do you follow? Comment down below!

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