8 Instagram Shops To Buy The Latest Trends From

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When you’re scrolling through Instagram, you’re bound to find a number of Instagram shops. We’ve all heard of the super popular ones like Fashion Nova, Boohoo, and Pretty Little Thing, but there are others that are just as great. Many of them offer the latest trends at reasonable prices. However, with so many Instagram shops out there it can be hard to pick which ones are truly worth spending your money on. So, here is a list of Instagram shops to buy the latest trends from to help narrow down the search for you.

1. Frankie Phoenix

@shopfrankiephoenix, Followers: 64.6k

Frankie Phoenix offers a variety of stylish items. Their line consists of pieces that would be considered basics but with a flare. The items come in a variety of colors and are great pieces for any wardrobe. They also have super cute and affordable bralettes. If you’re looking for some cute basics to add to your closet this is definitely one of the Instagram shops to check out.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

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2. Love Street

@shoplovestreet, Followers: 170k

Love Street is one of those Instagram shops that gives off major free spirit vibes. This shop has everything from swimsuits to cozy sweaters. If you’re on the hunt for pieces that are loose and flowy, while keeping up with the trends, Love Street has something for you.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

3. Motel

@motelrocks, Followers: 562k

This is one of those Instagram shops that can fulfill all your edgy girl dreams. Motel has super trendy pieces like sexy bodycon dresses. Many of their items come in dark colors or wild prints. Just about any item from Motel can be combined with combat boots and a cool leather jacket.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

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4. Sabo Skirt

@saboskirt, Followers: 1.6m

If you’re into frills, cute off the shoulder looks, and rompers then Sabo Skirt is the Instagram shop for you. This shops line gives off major vacay in Greece vibes. There are a lot of white and blue items, flowy sleeves, and trendy patterns to buy from this shop.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

5. Clad & Cloth

@cladandcloth, Followers: 171k

This Instagram shop sells everything from flowy dresses to structured jeans to comfy sweaters and jackets. Clad & Cloth gives off a bit of rustic vibe with many of their pieces. However, everything is still super trendy and many pieces are unique which would make them great additions to any wardrobe.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

6. Spell & The Gypsy Collective

@spell, Followers: 937k

Spell & the Gypsy Collective is probably one of the most popular Instagram shops that sells great bohemian styles. When scrolling through their feed you’ll find many flowy items from dresses to shirts. Beautiful boho patterned items, comfy loose fitting jeans, sandals, and hats.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

7. Lirika Matoshi

@lirika.matoshi, Followers: 251k

This is most likely one of the most unique Instagram shops you’ll ever see. This shop specializes in tulle. Tulle dresses, tulle skirts, even tulle socks. Along with the tulle you’ll find beautiful embellishments placed on the tulle; from glitter stars to sparkly sequins.  Lirika Matoshi has some trendy items you definitely won’t find anywhere else.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

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8. Ego

@egoofficial, Followers: 1m

If you’re a shoe addict, you need not search any other Instagram shops besides Ego. Ego is a UK based online store that sales a variety of shoe. No matter what type of shoe you’re into, you’ll find a great pair at Ego. They’re all super on trend and fairly affordable.

8 Instagram Shops to Buy the Latest Trends From

Will you shopping from any of these Instagram shops for your next trendy shopping spree? Let us know in the comments below!
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