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10 Instagram Nail Artists You Should Be Following

10 Instagram Nail Artists You Should Be Following

These Instagram nail artists will show you all of the greatest nail designs they have to offer! You definitely should be following them!

We all deserve to pamper ourselves with a good manicure and pedicure. It’s sandal and open toe season, expect to show off their feet. Whether you always have a freshly done feet or proud of showing off your undone claws. It’s important to promote healthy nail care because some people stare at your nails to depict if you take care of yourself. If you’re into gel manicures or outrageous nail art, there are a variety of creative nail artist who will slay your nails. Aspiring nail techs have used Instagram to network and display their art. Some nail techs take creativity to a whole other level but who doesn’t like looking at Lego inspired nails. If you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming nail appointment, I got your back to keep those nails fresh! Here are 10 Instagram Nail Artists You Should Be Following On instagram!

1. @ChaunLegend

ChaunLegend grew his popularity by doing nails on Instagram. Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Kylie Jenner, and Jessica Simpson have booked him to do their nails for events and award shows. Not only does he have a passion for doing nails but Chaun also teaches masterclasses to upcoming nail techs. Majority of his captions on Instagram involve a nail tip to help nail artist improve their skill. Most importantly, you should follow him because he has dope traveling pictures! This is one of the Instagram nail artists you should be following.

2. @Nailjob

Fariha Ali aka Nail Job is popular around the LA area and within entertainment industry. She’s known for doing artistic looks on all nail shapes and lengths. If you’re looking to do a tribal look or floral nails, she will slay the fuck out of your nails. Some nail techs think doing short nails is a challenge but it isn’t for Fariha. Her famous quote for her brand is “Nail Jobs Are Better Than Nose Jobs”, her work lives up to that quote! If you can’t take a trip to LA to get a manicure, she has a press on nail collection! She will paint a whole art canvas on your nails!


3. @TomBachik

Tom Bachik is a celebrity nail artist who has done the nails of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. He’s technique and style screams less is more. If a client desires a creative look, then he’ll use press ons. The purpose of him using press ons is to get clients ready quicker for the red carpet and performances. Majority of your favorite actresses and singers have gotten their nails done by him during award season. He is usually booked with tons of celebrity clients when award season starts. Imagine having 20 minutes to precisely paint a nails and have 10 other clients to take care of after.

4. @NailsByMei

If you’re down for a super creative hypebeast look, Please follow NailsByMei. Mei has done nails for Gigi Hadid, Teyana Taylor and guys who are well known in the hypebeast community. She has done nails with the Supreme and Gucci logo everywhere. She’s even done nails with condoms hanging at the tip. If you’re super creative, take the trip to NYC and have her slay your nails. She’s worth the wait and money. Honestly who doesn’t want to work with a nail tech who’s open to doing out of the box looks. This is definitely a nail artist you should be following on Instagram!

5. @TopKnotNails

I personally would fly out just to get my nails done by her. She’s creative and has incorporated the 60s into her nail designs. Sarah Kane is a must follow, If you’re looking for a creative look that involves pop culture and feminism.


6. @RiceKittyNails

Diana does amazing gel sets! If you’re located in California, I recommend taking a trip to get your nails done by her. Her Instagram feed has a huge variety of creative looks of all lenghts and shapes. She put a creative twist to the classic French manicure! French manicures usually look overdone or basic, her rendition to the manicure makes it look refreshing.

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7. @Paintboxnails

Paint Box Nails is a salon located in NYC within the trendy SoHo neighborhood. If you love vibrant colors and circular designs. Majority of the nails done at this salon are almond shape. Almond shape nails work perfectly with their color and shape theme. If you’re in the NYC area stop by and get your claws done! This is one of our favorite Instagram nail artists.

8. @Misspopnails

Miss Pop is a popular editorial nail artist located in New York. She’s done the nails of Ariana Grande, Demi lovato, and models for magazine shoots. Miss Pop has also been featured on many magazines like Allure and Teen Vogue. Expect to see her on your fave magazines Instastory doing a nail tutorial! This is one of the Instagram nail artists you should be following.

9. @Sweetandsavvynails

SweetandSavvyNails is a NYC based nail artist who specializes in cartoon inspired nail art. She is perfect, If you’re looking for cartoon inspired nails to DIY. There’s a variety of nail art involving fruits and plants such as cactuses and lemons.


10. @Nycchiaranails

Chiara Ambrosio is a NYC nail tech that creates all types of nail looks. Whether it’s the basic polish or geometric design, she has done them all. She occasionally travels to Italy to do nails for the locals out there. If you’re in NYC stop by Vanity Projects in Lower Manhattan to get your nails done! She will have your claws looking amazing! This is definitely one of the Instagram nail artists you should be following.

Are you planning to get some dope nail art your next nail appointment? Are there any other Instagram nail artists we should be following? Comment below and share with your friends!
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