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10 Instagram Ideas to Add to Your Feed

10 Instagram Ideas to Add to Your Feed

Instagram – our modern-day photography portfolio in the age of social media. The more you post the more ideas you use and the higher the chance you might not know what to post. Here’s a list of ten ideas of what you should take your next photo of.

1. Flowers

You probably buy flowers from the grocery store or flower shop to add to your dining table and arrange them in a vase. Well, how often have you stopped to admire the flowers and snap a photo? The flowery aesthetic will brighten up someone’s feed and will be a nice filler between your usual post. 10 instagram idea feeds - flowers

 2. Your Hobby

Painting, drawing, creating music, etc. take a photo of you doing it. It’s a great way to show a closer part of yourself to your Instagram followers. Taking photos is a craft and it can show a closer part of what you like to do and what catches your attention. You can show your followers the process of your craft and have a memory of a piece or moment of time you really enjoyed. It’s a great way to show your personality and allows them to know more about what you like. If you enjoyed the photo you can even print it out and scrapbook it.


3. Grunge Aesthetic Photo

A simple photo with you in a basic outfit with a flannel or a night sky. It adds character to your profile. Add a vintegette filter with grain to make the photo look more gloomy. Caption it with lyrics to your favorite sad song or the first line of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. There’s plenty of photos you can take that you don’t have to show your face either if you have more of an edgy aesthetic but want to get creative. These types of photos work well with social media Tumblr but can be posted anywhere. Get creative. Even if you don’t like this style at least you went out of your comfort zone to try it.

Photography Ideas to Add to your Instagram Feed4. Animals

If you got a new dog or saw a cute bunny in your backyard. Take a photo and post it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cooed and awed at the cutest lizard or peacock. Pets are family too and you can show them love and have your friends jealous of how cute your dog is. You can get so creative with your pets. Take a photo of your chubby cat taking a sun nap. This is a sure way to get others to double click your photo and boost your engagement.

 5. Shoes

You probably have your favorite pair of shoes and you don’t need a reason to wear them (even if they are six-inch heels) but if you want a reason take a close up photo of you just wearing your favorite sneakers or heels and call it fashion. Put an Instagram filter (Aden is a personal favorite) and it adds a nice flair to your feed.


Photography Ideas to Add to your Instagram Feed

6. Cosplay Outfit

Cosplaying is such a creative way to show your style, shows, and favorite characters. You don’t even need an elaborate outfit. It can be a simple Disney bound look and you can ask your followers to guess what character you’re cosplaying as. You can cosplay with some simple pieces you have in your closet. This will allow you to challenge yourself and really think outside of the box when trying to style looks that an animated character would wear and you don’t have to break the bank to accomplish the look either. Hopefully, it will even allow you to boost your confidence and have you trying new outfit styles more often.

Photography Ideas to add to your Instagram Feed


7. Sunday Dinner

Everyone loves a good food picture but show off more than your usual avocado toast. Throw a feast fit for a king and snap a few photos to make sure you get the right one. Have the whole spread and what you chose to put on your plate. Bake a pretty and yummy looking dessert. Feel free to go the whole nine yards. Add a tablecloth that fits with your aesthetic and congratulations you have a photo that fits seamlessly with your feed. Post a collection photo and show the aftermath of you putting the dirty plates in the dishwasher and add a funny caption. This is also a great way to bost about your cooking skills and it gives you an excuse to try out a new recipe in your cookbook.

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You must at least one favorite quote that you prefer then all the others or a saying that you live by. Look for a photo of it – just search the quote on Pinterest or google so you can download and save it. It’s a nice artsy way to show your favorite poem by Rupi Kaur or Denice Frohman. There are tons of quotes out there that you don’t have it posted in your bedroom already I’m sure you can find a photo that the background fits the color scheme of your Instagram or take this chance to start a new color scheme. You can even use this quote as a filler as you move your Instagram feed into a new aesthetic or era.


Photography Instagram Ideas to Add to your Feed9. Nature

Mother nature can really surprise you. Sometimes it’s nice just to stop and relax and breathe in that fresh air. Sit down in your back yard and watch the sunset and fireflies fly around you. Pull out a picnic blanket and take your time to relax. This is just one easiest way to destress yourself from a busy life and put things into perspective. Watch the colors of the sky mix together and watch stars appear as the sky goes into black. Pull out or Cannon or iPhone and take a minute to take a photo of the sunset so you can remember the moment. Later on, during the week you can post the photo and encourage others to take time out of their week and step outside for a moment. Nature can be so memorizing and relaxing. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and the modern age. We really need to appreciate the wonders of our world more.

10. College Pride

Take a photo of you wearing your college sweatshirt or getting ready for game day. It’s a simple photo that you’ll back on in the later years. Be proud and rep your school. These are some of the greatest moments of your life. Enjoy it.

Photography Instagram Ideas to add to your feed


Let us know which Instagram ideas you already have on your feed and which ones you want to incorporate into your Instagram feed.