15 Instagram Hacks You Never Knew About Until Now

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites of the moment. Almost everyone has an account that they post on pretty frequently, and some people even make a living using the account. Even if you’re not an expert Instagrammer, there are a lot of Instagram hacks you can utilize to increase your popularity and engagement on the site, and there are hacks for the casual user to make your time on Instagram a lot more personalized and smooth.

1. Add all the hashtags on your story

You probably know that you can add a lot of hashtags. In fact, you can add ten hashtags. Add them ALL, and make them really small so no one can see them and it doesn’t clutter the image. Instagram will still consider them there and you’ll get more exposure without looking like you’re trying too hard.

2. Add a poll

People love taking part on polls, even if they know very little about them. Try to find an excuse to use a poll in a lot of your stories!

3. Less may be more

Quality is better than quantity. Don’t try to post a million times daily in order to clog everyone’s feeds. It’ll get annoying really quickly, and people will hit that “unfollow” button in a snap. Focus on creating really good content instead of a lot of content.

4. Do a takeover

Takeovers are excellent Instagram hacks. They are a good way to get others incredibly involved, and it’s great for engagement.

5. Review what you know you like

In a creative slump? Look over images you’ve previously liked to get inspiration!

6. Cross-platform

Put your Instagram on Pinterest, which shares a lot of its user-base with Instagram.

7. Keep the hate out

No matter who you are or how big or small your page is, there will always be internet trolls who feel the need to throw random hate and negativity around in your comments. Try to remove these people: delete the negative comments and block the people who posted them (to the best of your ability).

8. Cull your older posts

Have some really old posts that don’t necessarily need to see the light of day? Remove them without deleting them by utilizing Instagram’s archive feature. Save those old posts that (hopefully) many people don’t know about for a #TBT!

9. Take advantage of Instagram’s grid

Use a lot of smaller photos to make one big photo thanks to Instagram’s gridded format! One of the most practical Instagram hacks!

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10. Remove the sound on your videos

If you’ve taken an aesthetic video but there’s some weird audio in the background that’s messing with the vibe, don’t forget you can remove the sound!

11. Keep it in the drafts

Just like Twitter, Instagram has a draft feature. If you have the perfect image but don’t yet have the caption or the timing isn’t right, then save it for later!

12. Make your pictures look a little more professional

With Instagram’s camera, you can use the “focus” tool to blur the background of an image while the subject stays in focus. It makes everything look a lot more professional.

13. Get aesthetic with your story

Like on Snapchat, you have the option to change the color of individual words or letters in your text! This makes it a lot easier to make words match your images and for everything to be much more aesthetic.

14. Share another person’s post in your story

Similar to re-gramming, you can take another person’s post and put it in your own story! Give a shout out to someone who shares a similar aesthetic or brand!

15. Check your stats

On Instagram, you can check the stats on your story by swiping up on your screen. Use this data to change how you present your stories to your audience!

What do you think about these Instagram hacks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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