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5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

On Instagram, we find ourselves scrolling past photos of people showing off their greatest outfits and look of the day. Did you know most of these outfits are similar and actual show up on the trending list? Whether you are looking for a few outfit pieces to buy, wanting inspiration for the next outfit, or needing a new pair of pants, this list could help you get an idea on what so many people are going after and wearing in the year 2019. Here are 5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019.

1. Feathers On Clothing

If you like the texture of feathers and the looks of them, you may already know that fashion designers have made effort to add such a thing to their clothing themes. A feather skirt has been praised as trending on Instagram, whether a woman wears mini, midi, or maxi length. This is one of the Instagram Fashion Trends because not only does it look good on camera, but it is very contemporary and acceptable. Perfect for Spring or fall, the feather skirt is stylish and never outdated. Pair the skirt and high heels, and call it a day. The feathers give a plain skirt the boost it needs. If you want to dress fancy or impress your boss at work, the feather skirt is trending at its finest and it is rather unique.

5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

2. Utility Pants

This next item may be familiar. You wouldn’t think it would be on the list of Instagram Fashion Trends of 2019. Popularized in previous years, the utility pants have made a comeback in 2019. Women on Instagram are comfortably and confidently wearing utility pants as they are not only made for men now. These pants give you the cool chic look you have been wanting. Because it is quite baggy, an outfit for this would be a nice basic tee and sneakers or sandals. Intended for warmer weather, these pants will not be bothersome and are beneficial as they have additional pockets which all pants for women should have. You can find utility pants or utility joggers just about anywhere. Find the one for you today.

5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

3. Neutral Tones

Sometimes, we all have those days where bold and bright colors just won’t do for the day. This next Instagram Fashion Trend focuses on color. Neutral tones set our moods and can be available for any garment. If you want a fresh look, try wear a beige shirt with tan pants or a tan shirt with white pants. There is no hassle in deciding what to wear because neutral toned clothing looks good for any occasion and on anyone. You may find yourself gravitating toward whites, grays, browns, and khaki colored garments because they just speak to you and you deserve a calming outfit look.

5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

4. Camera Bag

Marc Jacobs released a unique-looking handbag in 2019. The Snapshot Camera Bag collection has women posing with them. Could this be the next belt bag? With its simple yet colorful design, this camera bag will go with any outfit you choose for any occasion. Are you needing an everyday purse? Do fanny packs seem outdated and boring? The camera bag seems be one of the Instagram Fashion Trends that have influenced many people.

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5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

5. Fringed Skirt

If you have seen a fringed skirt worn by someone on Instagram, you would probably think it wouldn’t be Instagram Fashion Trend worthy. In fact, this kind of skirt has been circling around for a while. A fringed skirt resembles a keychain you would place on your handbag, does it not? This type of skirt is unique and have become one of the top boho-inspired garments of 2019. You can wear a plain shirt or button-up with this skirt and still look fashion forward. This type of look is best with high heels and heeled sandals to allow the fringed design to sway freely.

5 Instagram Fashion Trends Of 2019

Do you agree with this list? Are there other trends to discuss? Leave a comment!

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