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10 Instagram Accounts To Follow To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

10 Instagram Accounts To Follow To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

These Instagram accounts will help get you in the holiday spirit like nothing else can! Here are our favorite ones to follow now!

Instagram is the go-to place for just about any kind of inspiration. With the holiday season right around the corner what better why to use Instagram than for some holiday inspiration? Whether you’re looking for gorgeous winter scenes, pretty shimmering lights, or delicious looking drinks Instagram has an account to get you in the holiday spirit. Here are just a few of those accounts that are already decking the halls with lots of holiday inspo.


Followers: 18k

This Christmas Instagram account has everything to satisfy your Christmas inspo needs. With photos of warm drinks topped with whipped cream and beautiful snowy locations, this account can no doubt get you in the mood for the holidays.



Followers: 3k

This account has a nice variety of holiday snacks, decorated houses and snowy scenes. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for holiday decorating check out this account.



Followers: 6k

If you’re a lover of Christmas trees and ornaments, this is the account for you. This holiday account has great pics of decorated Christmas trees to help inspire your tree decorating goals for this year. Regardless of the size of your tree or the theme you’re going for this account will provide some helpful ideas.


Followers: 390

Not only is this holiday account aesthetically pleasing but it also provides a countdown to Christmas. Consisting of a variety of photos from Christmas trees to cozy socks this account is creatively anticipating the arrival of Christmas.


Followers: 42k

There’s no doubt that this account will spark some sort of holiday fire in you. This account has a variety of holiday inspo starting in the fall. If you’re looking for a smooth transition from fall to winter, check out this account. Not only are there pictures to inspire great holiday decorating, there’s also pics of pumpkins and brightly colored leaves to get you in the mood for fall as well.


Followers: 18k

This account embraces holiday coziness. Filled with fuzzy socks and warm sweaters along wit some holiday treats this account will have you ready for the coziest of winters. Pictures of soft beds and yummy looking cookies add to these warm cozy winter vibes.


Followers: 66k

This is account was made to provide you with any and all interior Christmas decorating inspo. There are so many pics of rooms decorated beautifully for the holiday season that you’ll find yourself double tapping every picture you scroll past. From bed rooms, to living rooms, and even outdoor sitting areas, you’ll find holiday decorating ideas for every room in your house.

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Followers: 26k

This account is for anyone who would love to walk around and view that pretty snow-covered houses in their neighborhood but doesn’t want to endure the cold weather. Since this account is a collection of snow covered streets and houses, scroll through it will make you feel as if your actually there in the different locations.


Followers: 24k

Christmas lights is what this holiday account is all about. There are an endless number of photos of houses covered in twinkling Christmas lights. Not only do they feature exterior lights but interior as well. If you’re in need of some inspiration on how to brighten up any area of your home for the holiday season, check out this account.


Followers: 120k

This account is a bit different from the other accounts because it doesn’t focus only on the holiday. Although this account offers other things every photo here still gives off a fall or winter vibe. Because of this the actually holiday photos are even more inspiring.

What are some Instagram accounts that get you in the holiday spirit? Comment below!
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