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10 Inspiring Health And Fitness Instagram Pages You Should Follow

10 Inspiring Health And Fitness Instagram Pages You Should Follow

10 Inspiring Health And Fitness Instagram Pages You Should Follow

Have you ever wanted to start eating healthy and work out, yet you were always finding excuses to eat another bag of chips and binge the latest season of your favorite show? I know I have, and I’ve found that a bit of inspiration is often all you need to get back on the grind. Here are ten amazing health and fitness Instagram pages you should check out if you want some encouragement for your own fitness journey.

1. @itschloeting

Australian fitness YouTuber Chloe Ting creates at home workout videos and runs a dynamic fitness Instagram where she shares full body and mirror shots that will definitely inspire you to start working on those abs. She throws in occasional travel and food photos that promote a healthy lifestyle as well.

2. @pamela_rf

Another fitness YouTuber, Pamela Reif also posts pictures in exotic locations often with cute outfits as well. Her page will make you want to travel and stay fit at the same time. Follow her as she travels around the world while looking absolutely amazing.

3. @marillewellyn

Mari’s page includes videos and photos of her workouts at the gym as well as progress and travel photos. Her weight loss story is truly inspiring and shows you that anything is possible! Instead of reaching a particular goal, she encourages working out and healthy eating for true self-enjoyment.

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Vacation 2016 ➡️ Now. Around a 50lb difference. A little reminder to myself of why I started. – Honestly the left photo makes me feel so sad. Traveling is a huge passion of mine & Greg’s. We went to Costa Rica and it was STUNNING. I wish I could say that I was running around, experiencing everything I possibly could 😞But my physical & mental health was at an all time low. I remember napping all the time, feeling foggy and drowsy. I didn’t have the energy or stamina to do any of the things we wanted to do. Honestly, it wasn’t even really about how I looked…it was about how I felt. I completely missed out on everything around me. – It’s memories like this that remind me WHY I started and WHY I keep going. Feeling strong, able and confident is everything to me. It allows me to travel the world with my boy 😊 and make myself proud everyday 💕 PS Costa Rica I will be back!!!

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4. @toneitup

Tone It Up is a fitness community founded by Karena and Katrina, two women who strive to share others’ fitness journeys, as well as sharing parts of their own lives. The page is all about spreading positivity, so follow if you’d like to see other amazing women like yourself.

5. @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn Stanley shows us that yoga can be for anyone and to feel completely confident in your own skin. You’ll learn to appreciate the beautiful art of yoga in breathtaking locations through her page. She is also a published author and hosts her own podcast; talk about goals!

6. @nude_yogagirl

Another page to follow if you love yoga, this anonymous artist and photographer posts beautiful shots of her in yoga poses all over the world. While @nude_yogagirl isn’t your classic fitness Instagram page, you’ll definitely be inspired by her work. Who knew fitness could be an art in itself?

7. @blogilates

Popular workout YouTuber Cassey Ho shows us that you don’t need a six pack or to eat salad everyday to love your body. She’s incredibly real and entertains with fitness memes and cute messages. Check out a few of her workouts on YouTube while you’re at it!

8. @stephanie_buttermore

Fitness model and scientist Stephanie Buttermore shares her results of working out everyday, as well as the science behind different diets and habits. Her progress will definitely inspire you, and teach you more than to simply work out and diet. And did I mention she and her boyfriend are absolute fitness goals?

9. @themindfulfoodie_

Sometimes we all need some food in our feed too; @themindfulfoodie_ is the perfect health food account to follow. She makes healthy bowls, from smoothies to meals and fruits, you’ll find inspiration for your next healthy and delicious meal.

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Blue Majik 🦋💎💠🔹🔷✨ #stayinyourmagic . To make, blend: 1 cup steamed frozen cauliflower 2 scoops Blue Majik 1/4 cup frozen blueberry 1/2 frozen ripe banana 1/4 ripe avocado 1 chunk pineapple 1 inch cube ginger 1 Scoop Tocos 1 Scoop Vegan Vanilla Protein 2 teaspoon coconut oil 1 teaspoon Maca powder 1 teaspoon Camu Camu Powder . Blue Majik is harvested only from one lake in Oregon where 17 different streams of water deposit. Because of this, Blue Majik is extremely high in minerals, making it even more healthy than the green spirulina we all know and love . Blue Majik can be pretty pricey at $50 bucks a bottle but it’s nutrient dense and strong tasting to boot, so a little goes a long way. I switch between my green and blue spirulina depending on my mood, so I find I can have a bottle for months! . Find Blue Majik and everything else you need for this bowl on the “Shop Superfoods” tab on my site. Link in bio 👍 . . #bluemajik #e3live #spirulina #spirulinarecipes #bluemajikbowl #acaibowl #fruitbowl #smoothiebowl #spirulinabowl #veganfood #veganrecipes #grainfreefood #smoothiebowls #smoothiebowlrecipes #smoothiebowlrecipe

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10. @cleaneatsbytay

Another healthy food instagram, @cleaneatsbytay features meals along with recipes so that you can make the mouthwatering eats as well. Tayler McKellop also sprinkles in occasional life updates as well. Who knew eating healthy could be so delicious?

Who’s your favorite fitness and health Instagrammer? Let us know in the comments below!
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