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11 Inspired Ways To Wear Your Favorite Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have been a staple of every woman’s closet since the 80s – they’re comfy, they’re easy, and they match everything. But mom jeans can be a big risk – are they going to look cute, or are you going to look like…well, someone’s mom. Mom jeans and sweatpants share a very similar problem, sometimes they’re too comfy for their own good, and if you don’t try to dress them up a little you can end up looking lazy and frumpy. Not a sexy look for anyone. So how do you take your mom jeans from plain to Pinterest goals? Here are our best tips for upgrading your look so you’ll be iconic and retro!

1. Keep It Simple

Simple is best with any look, but a simple aesthetic works really well with mom jeans. There are a couple ways to do this – you can pair your jeans with a plain black or white tank top or t-shirt, with a cozy sweater, or with a cute bandeau. You’ll probably want to choose plain white tennis shoes or black canvas shoes. At the end of the day, the individual pieces are your choice – just remember that lowkey and simple looks are classic and match almost any activity you might have planned.

2. Roll Up The Bottoms

I am a firm believer that if you can cuff your jeans, you should. Obviously, with a boot cut or flared bottom, that’s impossible and would look pretty dumb. But for any straight-leg mom jeans you have, try rolling up the legs. It will make your overall aesthetic cleaner and more visually appealing and will highlight any cute shoes you’re wearing. I would also suggest tucking in your shirt to really make your look cleaner and to emphasize the shape of your body.

3. Try A Fun Distressed Design

Plain mom jeans not your look? Not a problem! Try to find some distressed and ripped mom jeans, or even some acid or light wash ones. If you’re feeling really crazy, add some paint splatters or fun patches to make your jeans more unique and completely yours. There’s no right way to wear anything, so if you want your mom jeans look to be more modern and distressed, go for it! Fashion is all about fun, so make sure your individual pieces make you happy and bring more fun into your life.

4. High Waisted Mom Jeans and A Crop Top = Iconic

I am a strong proponent of embracing crop tops for every available opportunity, so of course, I have to send love to the crop tops and mom jeans look. For me, I prefer to choose high-waisted jeans so I can help a little more coverage of the areas I’m less comfortable with. But if you feel super comfortable, try a true retro 90s look and choose low-waisted mom jeans! You can keep it simple with a plain crop top and tennis shoes, or create layers by adding button-down shirts or oversized jackets.

5. Pair With An Open Button Up And Cute Bralette

This is one of my favorite mom jeans looks – it’s both simple and elegant, and you can wear it for almost any occasion. Pick your favorite mom jeans and cutest bandeau or bralette, then add a white button-down on top. For the button-down, you can go for the completely open, oversized look, or you can button one or two buttons around the middle of your stomach, tucking or tying the bottom so you get rid of the extra material and leaving the top half open to show off your cute bralette. This look is elegant and sexy, and is great for shopping during the day or going out at night.

6. Say Yes To Ankle Boots

If you’re not feeling heels or tennis shoes, mom jeans pair really well with a pair of classic ankle booties. For the best look, you’ll definitely want to choose ankle boots instead of tall boots – usually, mom jeans have way too much material to tuck into your boots, and covering your boots with your jeans kind of takes away from the overall look. Ankle boots are perfect because they stop right before the bottom of your jeans start, and if you roll the bottoms, you can bring attention to how cute your shoes are.

7. Add A Dramatic Jacket

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: layers and accessories are your friend. Layers add depth to your look and allow you to create the illusion of having more than one outfit if you decide to take your coat off. Some top mom jeans and jacket combos are short leather jackets and cardigans, oversized faux leather coats, trench coats, and bomber jackets. You can pair them with a cropped t-shirt or a plain tee to create different length dynamics in your overall look.

8. Go Full Femme

If you really want to make your mom jeans look iconic, try a full femme look. Find your cutest blouse, your best heels, your favorite necklace, and your statement bag. Do your hair up and take a few extra minutes to make sure your makeup matches your aesthetic. The femme look is both modern and retro, so there’s a lot of versatility in how you dress yourself up. Your whole look will be cute and ultra-feminine, so you’ll have to find the prime photo spot for your newest Instagram profile picture.

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9. A Blazer And Heels With Add A Professional Touch

If you want to really turn your mom jeans look up a notch, try for the professional woman, business casual look. You can accomplish this super easily by just throwing on a simple undershirt, cute blazer, some nice accessories, and a pair of comfy heels or loafers. It’s not hard to look like a boss babe – all you need is a few closet capsule pieces that you can turn to for any occasion. I would probably choose a form-hugging plain white or black top and a simple gold necklace and earrings so you can really let the blazer and heels take center stage.

10. Choose A Patterned Shirt

For those looking for a fun-loving and colorful mom jeans look, patterned button-downs are where you should look. Personally, I like to have three or four colorful patterned button-down and overshirts at all times because they make every outfit a little more fun and unique, but one good patterned overshirt and some mom jeans are all you need to have that iconic 90s look. Add some fun accessories and cute sunglasses to really bring the look home.

11. Accessorize With A Cute Statement Piece

When in doubt: accessorize! Most mom jeans are pretty simple, so there’s a lot of room to incorporate fun accessories and styles into your look. Whether it’s a statement belt, necklace, or bag, having one centerpiece for your outfit will give you that added upgrade to really take your mom jeans from blah to babe status. You don’t want to have more than one or two big pieces at a time, so make sure not to over-accessorize or you might take away from the overall look. But one good piece is all you need to make a look truly iconic.

Know of other ways to upgrade our mom jeans? Tell us in the comments!

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