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8 Inspirational Poems From Rupi Kaur’s The Sun And Her Flowers

8 Inspirational Poems From Rupi Kaur’s The Sun And Her Flowers

These inspirational poems from Rupi Kaur are going to give you that extra boost for when you really need it!

Rupi Kaur is an amazing poet who gained fame from her first collection of poetry titles Milk and Honey. Although her first work of poetry gained and continues to gain attention, her latest work, The Sun and Her Flowers, is just as good. There are poems of love, confidence, encouragement, and community. The Sun and Her Flowers is a book that you can pick up to help get you through any situation in life. Throughout the book you can find inspiration hidden in every page. Here are just a few of those inspiring poems.

Honor the Roots

This poem is all about remembering where you came from. With these words Rupi speaks of accepting and embracing that you are wholly yourself. This poem is also a remember that the people who helped you along your journey to discovering yourself are also a part of who you are.


A Simple Math

A Simple Math is a poem that sounds a lot like the Law of attraction. The poem basically says that what you put out into the universe is what you will receive in return from the universe. In this poem Rupi is encouraging you to surround yourself with love so that the universe will send loving people into your life.

Lift Them

Although this poem is short, it still speaks volumes. This poem is basically saying that even if you have never taken a stand against an injustice of any kind, you still have time to help. You still have time to speak up and take action for those who are oppressed.


Invest in the Right People

This poem reminds the reader that conserving your energy is important. Sometimes in order to do that you have to pick and choice who you invest your time and energy in. It’s completely okay not to waste your energy on every person you come across because not all of them will deserve it. But for the ones that do deserve your time, energy, and love, make sure to invest in them greatly.


The One

Everyone has some idea of the perfect person for them, for “the one”. In this short poem Rupi reminds the us of important qualities that our perfect person should be. The reminder isn’t that they should in fact be perfect but instead they should be someone that keeps you grounded, someone who helps minimize problems, instead of creating them.

Not Your Hobby

This one is basically a poetic version of the “boy, bye” phrase. Sometimes in life you come in contact with a person that thinks it’s completely okay to come and go as they please. In this poem Rupi explains that it’s not okay because you have so much greatness occurring inside you that you simply don’t have time to be someone’s sometime.

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Where the Satisfaction Lives

Where the Satisfaction Lives is a poem about appreciating what you already have. Sometimes people can get caught up in wanting what others have. This can be a distraction from the great things that are right in front of you.



This poem focuses on two things. One, it’s okay to need support from family and friends when you’re down. If they’re good people who genuinely care for you, they’ll always be willing to help. Two, that as people we should be just as present in someone’s life when they’re down as we are when they’re up. It’s cruel and unfair to only support someone when things are going well in their life, but desert them when they’re having a hard time.

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