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Inspirational Artists To Add To Your Workout Playlist

Inspirational Artists To Add To Your Workout Playlist

These inspirational artists have music that you need to listen to ASAP! If you add these arists to your workout playlist you'll feel so motivated!

Music is a large part of our lives, and rightly so. Music is the friend that we grew up with, it gave us advice when we had no where else to turn. Music lyrics became our anthem of hope, voicing the pain we most oftentimes couldn’t express ourselves. Music reminds us that we’re not alone, it’s our lighthouse leading us to empowerment, and inspirational artists are a big part of that.

When we workout, we want something that not only gets us pumped, but also something that inspires us to keep moving forward (whether on the treadmill or in life). Here is a list of music artists whose music was literally created to inspire and uplift. Each music artist has multiple songs they’ve recorded, all to motivate you. When you’re at the gym, you need a beat that inspires you to keep your body and heart strong. You will find what you’re looking for with these inspirational artists.

Lecrae (because he only needs one name, he’s that great)

Lecrae Moore, or just Lecrae to his fans, is a hip-hop songwriter, singer, and record producer. He started his own record label, Reach Records, and has built it into a beacon of inspiration for artists and fans, near and far. Lecrae’s goal was to turn hip-hop music away from the stereotype of violence and drugs, and bring it back to its roots.


Hip-hop was originally created to talk about real problems that people were going through; it was designed to give people a community, and to let them know they weren’t alone in their problems. Lecrae is accomplishing his goals by releasing multiple albums and mixtapes and winning 2 Grammy Awards and 7 Dove Awards. His music isn’t just inspirational, its workout approved. Some of his best songs to sweat to include: Coming In Hot, Get Back Right, and Hammer Time.

Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly is a singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Tori Kelly is killing it. She is killing it more than most people probably even know. She won a Billboard Award in 2015, and a BET Award in 2018. She has been quietly working hard in the background the past few years, and her newer music is a departure from the genres of her earlier work.

However, her success has only grown, as her music becomes more authentic to who she is as an artist. We know that the mark of a real leader is that they are humble; that’s why Tori is successful and hasn’t flaunted it (so we’ll do it for her)! She is on our inspirational list of workout playlists, because she is fiercely authentic in her music. We love her song, Anyway, where she talks about being herself, whether anyone approves or not. We love a strong woman, who is inspiring to create more strong women with her music. Some of her best material to sweat to includes: I’ll Find You, Expensive, and Anyway.



I first discovered Gawvi and his hypnotic instrumental beats, when I attended one of his shows. Gawvi spun his sounds as a featured DJ for hours and hours nonstop, taking no breaks and taking no prisoners. I’ve always carried the opinion that music “isn’t really music” unless the bass is so loud that it literally moves you. So, I was in wonder at the art that Gawvi created through sounds.

His career started out as a music producer, appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and worked with popular artists like Pharrell. Then, in 2016, Gawvi stepped out with his solo career in electronic pop music. He now inspires people to write their own unique narrative, to be inspired by his music, and to know that they aren’t alone in their problems. Some of his top tracks you can add to your workout playlist include: Free, Get Em, and God Speed.



Tedashii is a hip-hop artist with some of the most authentic beats I’ve ever heard. Tedashii’s edgier beats were what I ran to when I needed something positive to drown out the emotions of high school. His music was the mentor to my younger self, constantly reminding me to never give up and to work hard. His music helped to shape me into the persistent and passionate person I am today.

In the past, Tedashii has been willing to let his fans walk through his hardships with him; Tedashii showed his fans transparency through his music and albums, especially within the last few years. His motto is Never Fold, which he defines as celebrating life in the middle of adversity. He believes that is what shapes us into something greater, like coal into diamonds. He is a symbol of strength and inspiration in the music community, to this writer, and to fans everywhere. Some of his hardest beats to sweat to include: Gotta Live, Jumped Out The Whip, and Way Up.

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Steven Seminara

Steven Seminara is a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist. Steven shares his personal story through his songs and lyrics. As a young artist, Steven toured up and down the East coast singing about what he thought people wanted to hear. After the stage-lights dimmed and the crowds went home, Steven found himself feeling lost in all of the empty accolades. In 2007, Steven’s life changed when he found hope; he then decided to dedicate his music and life to spreading hope to his community and the world. Steven’s music inspires people to tell their authentic story, just as he does in his music.

He believes that it is the life story, of a truly authentic person, that will encourage and uplift people. Now, Steven’s unique fusion of rock and blues music inspires and features his local community. His dedication to the empowerment of his hometown is what inspired this writer to put him in her article. He currently works with organizations and groups to further inspire the world with music and hope. Because we all know, it is ultimately an empowered person who will change the world. When you listen to his music, you will be empowered to change your world too. Some of his best songs to add to your workout playlist include: Stand, Out Like That, and When Love Comes To Town.

Music is not just something that we turn on in the car, it is shaping our communities and our own world, every single day. The songs we listen to become background music to each moment of our lives; the music we choose to listen to either encourages us or has the opposite effect. These artists inspired me to go harder, live deeper, and be more involved in the community around me. Whether you’re killing it at the gym or in life, these artists’ songs will comprise an inspirational playlist for you to put on repeat.


Will you check out any of these inspirational artists? Which inspirational artists do you suggest? Tell us in the comments!
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