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Inspiration And Where to Find It

Let’s face it at some point, everyone needs some inspiration in their lives. Artists seek inspiration constantly, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t search for their own form of inspiration as well. Seeking inspiration can come in many forms, such as looking for textures, architectural lines or spaces, leading groups of people, topics to write about, visuals to draw, sketch, or replicate in some manner, or travel, as well as many other areas. You get to decide what kind of inspiration you are seeking, but hopefully, we will cover some topics to get you thinking.

Inspiration, as we have already determined, comes in many forms. The exciting part is experiencing new places and things to help you feel inspired. Inspiration does not just mean visual elements. We can feel inspired by those around us. Don’t be afraid to try new things to feel the euphoria of inspiration. The biggest takeaway here is to try everything to find inspiration while simultaneously living an exciting life.

Identifying Inspiration

More often than not, we seek inspiration in our everyday lives without even realizing it. Sometimes this can feel mundane, which is likely because at the moment, you are not thinking about inspiration, or you are not living in the present. To start, think about what you are trying to achieve. Go into it with a goal in mind. Are you looking for something specific? Are you seeking a feeling? What would make you feel complete? When you have an idea of what you are searching for, evaluate your previous experiences and try to determine if you have ever felt this way before. If you can identify a time where you think you achieved this feeling, perhaps revisiting that location or re-doing that activity will help you find that inspiration you are looking for. If not, then you have countless opportunities to find it!

So you have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of inspiration. If you cant, seem to narrow it down, be open and listen to your inner guides. They will likely point you in the general direction you should follow. While you search for inner guides, let’s get started on some helpful ideas.

Inspiration Through Visuals

We are very visual creatures. We rely on our vision to determine where we are, what is around us, and determine things about other people. It will not come as a surprise that inspiration can often be found visually. Many creatives seek out visual inspiration. This could mean looking at the texture of an item that lives underwater such as a barnacle, or perhaps it is the color of a brick wall in the city. Sometimes inspiration strikes from a location. Many people think inspiration occurs when we travel, and that is very true, but the distance of travel does not have to be significant. Inspiration can be found at new coffee shops, nature parks, museums, malls, bodies of water, etc. If you feel the need to be inspired by new locations, seek them out. The more places you go to, the more experiences you can utilize and draw from when reminiscing about applying to something new. Don’t heavily rely on google here. Move through your local area, stay present, and analyze the things around you. You might be surprised to find inspiration in things you see every day.

Inspiration from Connection

Humans are meant to thrive on connection and communication. Many people rely heavily on self-expression through clothing, jewelry, make-up, or a whole aesthetic outfit. Individuals’ presentation of themselves can be inspiring, especially if you are seeking to understand them, apply their style to your own, or learn from them. When seeking inspiration, note those around you, especially if they are new to you. Sitting in a coffee shop and observing people can be quite informative and inspiring if you are lucky.

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Inspiration Through Sound

While on the topic of senses, we are also very auditory creatures. As a result, we can often feel inspired by the things we listen to. You are probably thinking, “oh, this is just music.” While music is an amazing way to be and feel inspired, we can be inspired by much more than music. The word people speak are often times when we feel most inspired. Think of someone you really look up to. Was there a moment where their words really impacted you? Could those words have also potentially inspired you? There are countless podcasts, videos, movies, and other forms of communication that rely solely on auditory interpretation. When seeking inspiration, listen just as much as you watch.

Inspiration Through Movement

This next one might be an unexpected topic. Movement. Let’s break this down a little bit. Subconsciously we pay attention to movement. Things moving around us tell us when we are safe, when we should be scared, what kind of movements we like, and movements we don’t. Perhaps you really enjoy the way that person carries themselves and are inspired by their confidence and the energy around them. Often, that is observed via their movement. Of course, other things can be inspirational in regard to movements such as dance, running, physical fitness, walking, an individual at work, hiking, and more. Participating in movement yourself is another great way to feel inspired. Maybe you decide to go rock climbing for fun and watch someone beautifully scale a wall. In turn, you can do the same thing. Not only are you inspired by that person, but maybe you are inspired by yourself for doing something you previously thought you couldn’t. Paying attention to movements around you or moving your own body might just leave you in a state of shock but also could make you feel inspired.

Inspiration can be found anywhere. We can get so caught up in social media, work, family, or other activities that we forget that we need inspiration. Taking the time to sit down, focus, and see the inspiration around you is critical.

What are some ways you feel or have felt inspired? What are some new ways you can try to feel inspired again?
Kaylee Dellert

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