5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind

5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind

Digital publishing is an on-demand and popular industry that has become a staple for many of us. Whether it is to enjoy content published by a dozen of brilliant minds or to explore our own talent, it is a good source for learning and indulging in fruitful information that can be impactful. The Internet is a resourceful medium when used for the right reasons, and a humongous receptacle flooded with options powerful enough to amaze us.

Thus, I’m determined to introduce to you 5 insightful publishing platforms that will, most definitely, stimulate your mind.


Medium, founded by Ev Williams in 2012, is a place that cherishes insightful thinkers and storytellers as they get to share their stories and smart takes on this platform. Medium provides a space for writers to write content that is exclusive and important to share online. I have recognized its amazing growth especially lately, as I spot its brand name almost everywhere on the Internet now.

Medium delivers a built-in audience that automatically connects writers to based on their connections on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, readers are allowed to highlight their favorite parts of an article as well as comment on them on the side which I found to be a brilliant feature because, more often than not, I tend to take notes or copy-paste my favorite sections of an article that I’m engaged in, but now that we are able to practice that on the platform itself makes it significant to me as a reader.

5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind


Issuu, founded by Michael Hansen, Ruben Bjerg Hansen, Mikkel Jensen, and Martin Ferro-Thomsen, is another great electronic discovery and publishing platform that lets publishers and creators pick their favorite pieces to share or write about, which enables them to distribute, measure and monetize the content they publish.

Writers are only able to host or distribute content through Issuu, instead of creating a digital publication on the platform itself.

5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind

The Economist

Founded by the British businessman James Wilson in 1843, The Economist is a leading online magazine-format newspaper that is packed with sophisticated content that challenges your thoughts. Its content involves opinions on politics, international news, business, and finance, and the idea is to endure the writers’ anonymity purposefully to divert the reader’s attention to the content, as it is systematically more important than focusing on those who wrote it.

The Economist renders a content that elaborates on crucial every-day issues without having to halt and interrupt the reader with random scripts that are often too distracting and irritating. The Economist is by far the most adequate platform that covers international affairs and a wide range of insightful topics that are enjoyable and stimulating to read.

5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind

The Mission.org

As podcasts perpetuate to become more popular and the newest form of information seeking for students and young adults, The Mission.org is a form of online publishing and podcasting that includes your daily dose of news and interesting topics important for self-growth and increased wisdom.

5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind

Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon is a spectacular online publication with great curated content by real tech professionals about software. The apparent technique used for publishing popular articles is through syndication, by which is established when submitting the posts on Medium to Hacker Noon for free and giving writers free means of distribution while supplying Hacker Noon with free content.

“But why was it worth it for Hacker Noon to spend time curating content? That syndication process takes time. You have to read through lots of submissions, sometimes you have to send it back to the author to have it edited. And this is all to build a following on Medium”. Jeff Meyerson.

5 Insightful Publishing Platforms That Will Stimulate Your Mind

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