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18 Insanely Cute Outfits For Your Freshman Year

Freshman year is your chance to make a great first impression and stunting in some cute outfits is the way to do it. Finding cute outfits doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to find. We have a list of some insanely cute outfits for your freshman year.

1. Oversized knit sweaters

Talk about cute and comfy. Oversized knit sweaters are so trendy right now and can go from class to after-school hang-out sessions anywhere. You can also pair them with cute black leggings or some ripped jeans.

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2. Button skirts

These button, corduroy skirts are so trendy. They give us a flashback to the 90s and we are living for it. You can easily pair this with a plain v-neck tee or a plain long sleeve.

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3. Ripped skinny jeans

Ripped jeans add some texture and a little something extra to your otherwise simple outfit. These can pair well with anything from a comfortable hoodie to a dressy blouse. They are a great piece to have as you can constantly mix and match with.

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4. Oversized knit cardigans

A cardigan can not only be super warm and comfy but also be paired with many other items like a simple tee, a plain tank top, jeans, leggings, boots, or sneakers. They can dress any outfit up or down and complete your whole look.

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5. Flannel

Most cute outfits involve layering. Layering is totally in, especially in the fall. This can be easily achieved with a flannel. These are good to wear from summer to winter and can also be dressed up or down.

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6. High-end hoodie

A nice, quality hoodie can be used not only to keep you warm and looking casual but a hoodie can make you look put together too. Dress up this comfy look with some nice, skinny jeans and clean white shoes.

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7. Jean jacket

You can’t have a list of cute outfits without including jean jackets. Jean jackets have always been in style. However, figuring out what to pair them with has changed over the years. To stay on-trend, these can easily be paired with a plain hoodie or a simple black or white tee. This is definitely a must-have in your closet.

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8. Faux jacket

Another comfortable piece to add to your closet of cute outfits is a faux jacket. These come in all kinds of colors, but we recommend a neutral one like black, gray, nude, or white. This way to can pair with lots of other pieces like jeans, leggings, boots, sneakers and so on.

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9. Name-brand T-shirts

We’ve all heard of Champion, Thrasher, Addidas, and many more of these name brands. They are pretty expensive, but if you shop at local retailers instead of the high-end places, you can find some great deals! These brands make some comfortable, stylish T-shirts that make casual look trendy AF.

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10. Black skinny jeans

Let’s face it black skinnies look classier than leggings. They can dress up and casual outfit and make it more of a statement than a plain blue jean or leggings. If they have a few holes in the knees, the better! This trend is super cute and can also be added to almost any other piece you have from hoodies and T-shirts to sweaters and cardigans.

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11. Floral tops

Simple floral tops are so in this year and can make any outfit look classy, sweet, and even professional. This can go from class to important meetings, to dinner. Definitely grab one of these for your closet.

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12. Botton down front tie shirt

You can find these shirts at any local retailer for a really good price. These button-down front tie shirts come in all kinds of colors and textures. This seems to be a popular new trend that mixes a cardigan and sweater with a front tie that mimics a casual t-shirt. This can be dressed up with boots and scarf or worn casual but still cute with jeans and some white shoes.

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13. Elastic waist shorts

You’ll definitely need some cute outfits for summertime or when it’s warm during the school year. That’s where elastic waist shorts come in. These shorts are not only super comfy, but can make your whole look sophisticated, yet casual. Pair these with a v-neck tee, or a plain blouse.

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14. Simple crop tees

If you’re not feeling a baggy T-shirt and want to throw on a cute, flirty top, try a simple crop tee. These come in a variety of colors and pair best with some high-waisted skinny jeans or shorts.

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15. High waisted jean shorts

We’ve all seen this trend take off a few years ago. It is still popular today! These shorts are not only perfect for summer but they go with anything from T-shirts to cute, flowy blouses. Denim-washed shorts are the ones we recommend as they texture and the color looks the best on everyone.

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16. Floral dress

We all need a cute, go-to dress in our closet for whenever the occasion presents itself. Whether it’s a presentation for school, picture day, or you just feel like being extra cute. A floral dress is a way to go. They are cute, simple, but also fit most occasions without being too over the top.

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17. Flowy blouse

Besides all the comfy hoodies and T-shirts, we all need one or two cute, classy blouses. Not only can it be nice to dress up every now and then but it is also nice to have some nice pieces to make outfits that look well-put-together and professional. Flowy blouses come in all colors and patterns and are super comfortable.

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18. Casual joggers

Joggers are not only comfortable but they are also super cute and can make your “lazy outfit” look well-put-together.

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Which one of these cute outfits are you going to rock at school this year? Comment your favorite down below!

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