5 Insanely Cheap College Trips To Take If You Go Abroad

Think you might have the wanderlust gene? While traveling can be expensive, this travel guru has a list of some of the most affordable college trips you can take abroad. Here’s a list of some seriously cheap college trips you and your friends can take this fall. Just cause us college students are on a budget doesn’t mean we have to rule out places like Mexico, Thailand, Paraguay even Laos.

1. Barcelona, Spain

This travel hot-spot can absolutely be done cheaply for college students. Many of the famous landmarks in Barcelona cost under 10 Euros to see and most museums are free. This city has insane street art and visiting Las Ramblas is a must! La Boqueria is heaven; there’s candy, bread, fresh meats and anything you could ever imagine eating at this market. I still dream about this place so you have to go. The Garden House is the perfect place for college students to stay, with rooms available for $30 a night! Tip: beware of pick-pocketers. These guys are pros and you won’t even realize you’re wallet was stolen until you pull it out to use.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

If you love hiking and nature, this Italian city is the spot for you. The breath taking pastel homes alongside the shore aren’t to be missed. The quaintness of the fishing villages will have you eager to stay and experiencing the true charm of Italy. Hotel Gianni Franzi, located in Vernazza, costs 45 Euro a night. It’s located a short walk away from the train station so hitting up the five coastal towns is a breeze.

3. Tara River Canyon Located between Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is no joke. Get in touch with nature and spend hours walking along rivers and scenic views. If you are into rafting that is always an option here. For roughly 2900 rubles ($45), you can stay at The Friends Loft, earning you a private bathroom and amazing room. This hostel is located near metro stations and the city so you can absolutely explore!

4. Tulum, Mexico

This is a serious must-visit destination. Tulum is cute, quaint and full of culture and beauty. You can visit the Mayan ruins for free and the beaches are to-die-for. That is no exaggeration! For only $50 a night you can stay at Las Palmas Maya. You are located near a strip of hotels and restaurants so your nights can absolutely be a blast.

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5. Bali, Indonesia

By far my favorite place in the world; thus far anyways. It’s no joke when I say you can stay in some of the nicest hotels for absolutely NOTHING. For starters the Bliss Surfer Hotel has rooms available for $30 a night. No, I’m not joking. Single Finn bar is one of the best spots to visit at your time in Bali. If you can get there on a Sunday, do it! Everything from housing to food is insanely affordable! You’d also be surprised at how fun the night-life is here. Tip: if you visit the rice terraces, wear shoes you do not care about because my shoes were full of mud by the end.

Let us know what you think about these insanely cheap college trips you can take! Drop us a line!!
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