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15 Insanely Affordable Date Ideas Near Kent State University

15 Insanely Affordable Date Ideas Near Kent State University

Kent State University's affordable date ideas are great! If you want to go on a cheap date near Kent State these are your go-to's. Kent State cheap dates!

Hi guys!! I am so excited to be writing my second article for society19. This article is going to be 15 date ideas near Kent State University!! Going on a date doesn’t have to be with your boyfriend, so if you don’t have a significant other, DON’T WORRY!!  You can still do these things with your friends and have so much fun!!

1. Pinterest perfect drive in movie theater.

I’ve never been to a drive in movie, but you know that I fall for those pictures on Pinterest of the cute decorated car set up for the perfect drive in date. luckily there is a drive in move theater so close to KSU!! ( 2736 State Route 59 Ravenna, OH 44266 ).

2. Did someone say movie theater popcorn?!

If its a rainy night and you don’t want to be outside to watch your movie, (or of course its $5 movie Monday) there is a theater right in Kent (University Plaza Theater
152 Cherry St)!


3. Handel’s!

WHO DOESN’T LIKE ICE CREAM? Take a break from studying for a hot second and go to stow to try Handel’s ice cream (3048 Graham Rd. Stow, OH 44224)! My favorite flavor is graham central station, but you honestly can’t go wrong.


4. Mini Golf.

Let your competitive side show with a little mini golf date!! I am personally terrible at mini golf but i still have fun and you can too!!!Don’t most guys love golf? Go show off your skills…or at least pretend (Birdie Shack  2567 OH-59, Ravenna, OH 44266).


Go karts are honestly the best. Don’t pretend that just because you’re in college that you’re to good for them…


6. Bowling

Again, i am horrible at bowling (honestly do i have any cool talents?) but it is still so fun and my friends and I love to do it. Some nights bowling is $1-3 so definitely check it out (AMF Twin Star Lanes 2245 State Route 59 Kent, OH 44240).


7. Fall into Fall.

Fall is the perfect season for dates. Pumpkin patches, and hay rides?? SO CUTE! Kingsway Pumpkin Farm is the perfect place to start off your fall fling!

8. Apple picking.

Since i am just overly excited for fall, lets stay on the  topic lol. Beckwiths Apple Orchard is another perfect fall hot spot to walk around, eat from their bakery, drink apple cider and pick some apples!!


9. Making my way downtown…

Downtown Kent has great food and my personal favorite… SHOPPING. Downtown at night is really pretty with all of the lights, so go down and get some dinner and then go shopping after… and ALWAYS finish with some froyo.


10. Breakfast dates are the best dates.

I’m sure driving around Kent you have probably passed Mike’s Place. Its super busy on the weekends but such a nice place to go for a good breakfast. Its decorated really fun on the inside and outside, but the food is even better!

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11. The healthy and trendy date,

If your trying to be healthy, or just take an Instagram worthy picture, try out a cute breakfast or lunch at Restore in Hudson. Its not exactly in Kent, but it is so worth the short drive to get an amazing acai bowl, a healthy juice, or avocado toast!

12. But first…coffee.

Whether you run on coffee like I do, or just like cute coffee shops to catch up with people and do some homework, Tree City Coffee is the perfect place! Tree City is located right in downtown Kent.


13. Portage Hike and Bike Trail.

Hiking can be the perfect first date or a date to catch up! Hiking gives you a beautiful scenery, a workout, and time to learn all about someone (and it totally shows your adventurous) Try hiking at Portage Bike and Trail!!


14. Aurora Farms.

I had to put another shopping date on here…sorry. Aurora Farms is perfect for a nice day to walk around outside and go to your favorite stores. Learn about your dates style and maybe pick up a few hints for future birthdays?

The Cleveland Art Museum.

If you or your date is into art, or you just want a good excuse to go to Cleveland, try the Cleveland Art Museum! It is a perfect date for exploring different eras and appreciating amazing famous artists.


Let us know what you think about these insanely affordable date ideas near Kent State University?! Drop us a line!!
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