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20 Insane Things That Can Only Happen In Dorms

Living in dorms is a unique experience that has a multitude of good things and bad things associated with it. The atmosphere is one that cannot be found anywhere else and likely wouldn’t work in different places anyway. Below are 20 things that could definitely only occur in a dorm, and shout out to my amazing section-mates and friends who came up with some hilarious suggestions!

1. Karaoke Parties in the Community Showers

Shakira is the only thing that makes the showers that have mysterious hair on the walls a little bearable.

2. Random Pizza Parties at 2 a.m.

No one would turn down pizza on a Saturday night, and eating it with 20 of your closest friends makes it even better.

3. Someone playing “Don’t Stop Believing” on a Tuba outside the dorms at 1 a.m.

They really should stop believing that that isn’t bothering someone before a football player decides he’s had enough.

4. Convincing yourself that if you lick the spoon clean enough you don’t have to wash it.

The sink designated for dishes is all the way downstairs…sorry, Mom.

5. Debating whether or not you should wash your sheets this month (or semester).

There doesn’t seem to be bedbugs…

6. You wear flip flops in the shower and still manage to get someone else’s hair on the bottom of your feet.

One of the worst things that could possibly happen is having someone else’s wet hair latch onto the bottom of your foot… Take it from personal experience.

7. Alarms from rooms three doors down will wake you up half an hour before your alarm is supposed to go off.

That last half hour of bliss is the best…and they’re refusal to stop the constant beeping has ruined that for you.

8. Fire drills will either happen at 5 a.m. or right as you’re getting out of the shower.

Never will it ever be at a convenient time.

9. People will be sleeping underneath the table in the common areas…and still be there two hours later.

The floor looks comfortable for someone who has been up for 20 hours because of a paper and an exam.

10. Twenty people will squeeze into a room with 12 by 10 foot dimensions just because the person who lives there has cable.

There’s always that special person who somehow got cable and has a kind enough soul to let the entire floor watch their favorite show.

11. Leaving a bag of half-eaten popcorn in the common area and coming back five minutes later to finish it and it being gone.

It’s not like I wanted the rest of the popcorn I popped for myself.

12. Coloring parties that last more than two hours.

It really is as de-stressing as they say!

13. A full reenactment of any given High School Musical song at any given moment, dance moves included.

Troy Bolton was our number one man from day one, what can we say?

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14. Closets getting all mixed together and nobody caring.

This shirt looks so good with my leggings…she won’t mind if I keep it for another couple months.

15. Rollerblading through the halls of the dorm and still using the stairs to get to a new floor.

It’s harder than it sounds.

16. A full-grown man wearing a gorilla suit longboarding through the halls of the dorm.

Halloween doesn’t have to end on the 31st, folks.

17. Widespread panic about a wasp in one of the other sections.

Word moves fast in a dorm, and wasps move even faster.

18. 2 a.m. study sessions under florescent lights that don’t stop buzzing.

The sound drives you almost as crazy as your calc problem.

19. Someone laughing at a story you’re telling two doors down.

Knock knock, who’s there? Paper thin walls and neighbors with great senses of humor.

20. You get to live just doors away from most of your best friends.

And what could be better than that?

Do you know of any other crazy things that can happen in dorms? Let us know in the comments!
Featured image source: Fuck Yeah, Cool Dorm Rooms
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