10 Insane Drinking Games To Try With Your Friends This Summer

10 Insane Drinking Games To Try With Your Friends This Summer

Drinking games are a great way to be entertained with your friends in summer. Here are a few simple but insanely effective games to get you and your friends drunk.

1. Vodka Or Water

This is one of the most brutal drinking games. You need four people and two shot glasses. Two people are drinkers, one person a guesser and one person the bartender. The bartender pours a shot of vodka and a shot of water out of sight of the players and then hands the drinkers their shot randomly. The guesser then has to guess which one of them drank the vodka. If guessed incorrectly, they have to take a shot of vodka as punishment!

2. Red Or Black

All you need for this drinking game is a deck of cards and willing participants. Each player makes a prediction of red or black before drawing a card, get it wrong and you have to drink! Simple but effective.


3. Medusa

Drinking games are more fun with more people. This one can be played with as many people as you have shot glasses. Fill them up with straight liquor and sit around a table. Everyone starts with their heads bowed and on the count of three need to look up and stare into someone’s eyes. If two players are staring into each other’s eyes they need to shout MEDUSA and take a shot from the table, everyone else is safe.

10 Insane Drinking Games To Try With Your Friends This Summer


4. Fuck You

For this drinking game, everyone needs a drink, basic math skills and to sit in a circle. Everyone goes around counting from 1 but any number that ends with 7 (such as 7, 17, 27, etc) and multiples of 7 (14, 21, 28, etc)  has to be replaced with “Fuck you!” and the direction changes. Whoever messes up or hesitates has to drink.

5. Most Likely

Want to play drinking games with your closest friends? This game is great for getting to know people or to expose those you know best. Everyone has a drink and sits in a circle and each player asks a “most likely” questions such as “who is most likely to be caught having sex in a bathroom” and on the count of three everyone points at someone. You have to take one drink for every person who points at you, which is perfect if you ask a specific question aimed at someone.

6. Centurion

This drinking games can be dangerous or fun, depending on what alcohol you choose. Any amount of people can play and the simple rule is take a shot every minute for 100 minutes. So up to 100 shots.


Definitely don’t choose straight liquor for this, choose beer, wine or punch. Get someone to set a timer on their phone so everyone at the party is reminded to take their shot.

10 Insane Drinking Games To Try With Your Friends This Summer


7. Figgin

This game is similar to beer pong as you need all the same equipment but is a little different.

Place a cup in the middle with a little bit of everyone’s drink in it. Then each player puts their own drink around the middle cup. A ping pong ball is used to bounce into cups. If bounced into your cup you drink the contents then refill and replace.

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If the ball lands in the middle cup everyone downs their own drinks and starts playing flip cup. The last person to flip their cup has to drink the middle drink!

8. Paranoia

The person to your right whispers a question in your ear that the answer has to be someone playing the game. For example, someone could whisper “Who is the hottest in the room?” in your ear and you have to answer that person’s name out loud. If someone wants to know the question, they have to down their drink.


9. Drunken Artist

This game involves a version of Pictionary that will get you drunk.

Players take turns being the timer and the artist. The timer whispers a word to the artist and starts a timer. The artist then draws the word and other players have to guess what it is. Once someone has correctly guessed the artists drawing the timer is stopped. For every 20 seconds that passed, you drink. For instance, if it took 1 minute and 20 seconds for the picture to be guessed, the artists have to take 4 gulps of their drink.

10. Spin The Bottle

Make a circle of various drinks such as beer, wine or shots. Place a bottle in the middle and take turns spinning it. Whichever drink the bottle lands on you have to down!


10 Insane Drinking Games To Try With Your Friends This Summer

Which one of these drinking games will you play with your friends this summer? Let us know!

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