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5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

Celebrating birthdays is usually one of the biggest events of the year, besides Thanksgiving and New Years that is. Counting down the days and starting to plan everything gives us something to look forward to and an amazing exhilarating feeling. However, the closer the date gets, the bigger the panic. All the fears and insecurities kick in, and you start making up excuses to downgrade from whatever you had planned to a simple BBQ at home or going out to your favorite restaurant like you always end up doing.

There’s actually and absolutely nothing wrong with that! Sometimes we don’t have time, sometimes we don’t feel like spending the money, or sometimes we’re just not in the mood. However, after a few years of giving up on birthday plans and just celebrating at home with dinners, get-togethers or pool parties, you deserve a genuinely fun and original birthday party.

We all need one of those every once in a while and don’t get it wrong, having a fun and creative party is not that hard. Here are five innovative ideas to celebrate your birthday in a different way!

1. Lasertag

Easy, exciting and affordable. Although Lasertag has been in the market for quite a while already, it’s usually forgotten or underrated. However, it’s more than fun! Nowadays the technology has improved in such a way that you’ll feel like you’re inside of one of your favorite action movies, or actually…sci-fi, since the laser guns, the equipment, the neon lights, and the galactic futuristic sound effects will give you serious Star Wars feels.

Played in teams, this makes for a perfectly exhilarating way of celebrating your birthday with your closest and most daring friends. You’ll be able to work together in a single team fighting against random people, or if you dare, you can also form two teams and fight against each other. Losing team buys the birthday girl or boy whichever cake they want!

Almost every town in the U.S. has a Lasertag venue, may be outdated, maybe new. But it’s up to you to make this year’s birthday the most fun and galactic ever!

5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

2. Escape Room

Escape rooms are super popular right now, and there’s nothing that screams birthday party celebration like doing an escape room with your most favorite team ever: your friends! There’s no winning an escape room without a team, and what better way of putting your BFFs and your group’s dynamic to test than in a creepy yet fun escape room. Would you rather have a BBQ a home, or work together with you as the team captain to figure out how the hell to get out of there before time runs out?

Would you rather blow out the candles and call it a night, or have to guide your blind-folded friends via walkie-talkie through a maze from a control room? Yeah, I think we’ll go with the latter.

 Require players to navigate a hidden maze with a radio-controlled car using a camera feed or a teammate’s directions.

3. Archery Lessons

Who doesn’t wanna feel like Katniss Everdeen and Oliver Queen? Either if you have outdoorsy friends or not, this is your chance to become the all-time champion of original birthday celebrations. No matter where you live, there’s always an archery professor or archery ranges nearby. Some are indoors and some are extensive outdoor ranges with fun different targets spread along with the property.

We recommend going with the outdoor range. It will not only feel more legit, but it’ll also feel good to spend some time in mother nature with your friends after a hard week of work or school. Make sure you clarify that you’re celebrating a birthday, that way the instructors will come up with fun ideas (besides the ordinary targets) like paint-filled balloons or some kind of competition to keep your party entertained.

5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

4. Cocktail Mixology Class

Although this idea is a bit more far-fetched than the others, it’s still doable and extremely original. There’s probably nothing more amusing than learning how to prepare fun cocktails with your friends on your actual birthday. Besides, what could go wrong with a plethora of alcoholic concoctions and your best friends?

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Just make sure someone brings cake and some candles, and then you’ll be good to go, everything you need will be in one single room. Tip: make sure you do your research with enough time since these mixology classes are increasingly popular and might either be full or scarce depending on where you actually live.

5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

5. Retro Roller Blading

Back in the day, ice-skating used to be the go-to option for a fun birthday with your gang. However, nowadays thanks to the ’80s craze caused by nostalgic TV series like Stranger Things, Glow, and others, ice-skating is out, and indoor rollerblading is making a huge comeback. Most of the rollerblading venues are still from the ’80s, guaranteeing original music, lights and funky colorful carpets that will make you feel like you’ve just entered another dimension.

No matter if you’re good at it or bad if you’re a guy or a girl, going rollerblading for your birthday will make everyone have a run for their money. Make sure you enforce a full-on ’80s outfit rule: tights, curls and neon leotards included. No cheering allowed. 

5 Innovative Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In A Different Way

Make this year the year of an unforgettable birthday. The options are endless and the variety is outstanding. Even if you don’t feel like physically going to these places, you could still take these places home. Rent rollerblades and invite your friends to ride around the neighborhood. Watch mixology tutorials with your friends and practice at home. Maybe even create your own escape room if you’re witty and daring enough.

Which of these innovative ideas will you choose? Share with us below! 

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