10 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Make You Seem Cheap

Much like Christmas, gifts are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’re worried about giving the appropriate gifts for your friends and family that are special and lovable. Especially after the holiday season, money is tight, and we often feel trapped of ideas when we just gave a bunch of gifts to our loved ones already! The best part about Valentine’s Day is that it’s less about the gift, (and less about the romantic Valentine’s in our lives) and more about the love and thought that goes into each sweet gesture, for the people we love most! Finding inexpensive Valentine’s gifts for your significant other, family and friends, is not hard to do, and we’ll make sure your Valentine knows he/she is loved regardless of the money spent! Here are 1o inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t make you seem cheap.

1. Rose Necklace

Jewelry is simple and cute, and also can be inexpensive Valentine’s gifts that are perfect for your siblings or mother on Valentine’s day! A rose is a beautiful flower most iconic for being given on Valentine’s day, so this precious rose charm necklace is equally delicate and special!

2. Long Distance State Necklaces

If you have a long distance sibling or best friend, these necklaces are at the top of the list for inexpensive Valentine’s gifts. You can customize which states you’d like the necklaces, each with a small heart imprint. This state necklace will remind your far-away friend that they’re always loved, and always being thought about!

3. Sound Wave Art

Inexpensive Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be edible or wearable. Most likely, you and your loved one have a special song or saying that is near and dear to both of your hearts. Presenting customized sound wave art will be a truly special (and romantic if it’s for your S.O.) gesture that will be unforgettable!

4. Customizable Men’s Boxer Briefs

For your significant other, inexpensive Valentine’s gifts can be humorous yet practical. Boxer briefs with a funny, customizable saying can’t go wrong! The thoughtful gesture of humor if often times romantic, and only you and your S.O. can truly basque in the glory of how sexy it can be taking your sweet gift off of him!

5. Personalized Crayon Set

Your family and friends are one of the most loved in your life, so finding inexpensive Valentine’s gifts for them can’t be that hard, due to the versatility that you’re working with! If you have younger siblings who love to craft, artistic friends, or professors and teachers in Art departments that you appreciate, this personalized crayon set is the perfect gift! You can transform the crayons into any name or word to show that special someone how much they’re loved!

6. Hand Stamped Spoon

If your significant other is a coffee or tea drinker, the inexpensive Valentine’s gifts are endless in possibilities! A hand stamped spoon with a cute, funny saying is an adorable (and can be made oddly sexy with an array of sexy-sayings) gift that will be extra special for that certain someone! Their morning cup of coffee will remind them of you whenever they stir in their cream or sugar. Black coffee drinkers can still use the spoon for cereal, oatmeal, soup…just about anything!

7. Candy Bouquet

Flowers aren’t the only bouquets to give on Valentine’s Day. Inexpensive Valentine’s gifts can include one of the most loved aspects of the day: candy! Getting together your S.O.’s, friend’s, or relatives favorite candy is fun and easy, and can be transformed into the cutest candy bouquet you ever did see!

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8. Post-It Note Heart

This one requires absolutely zero money (besides the cost of post-Its if you don’t already have any)! Creating a heart shape out of Post-It notes on the bathroom mirror for your S.O., or even your siblings, can be a cute and thoughtful way to get your Valentine’s Day started! Inexpensive Valentine’s gifts often cost zero amount of money, because a homemade craft is very special and most often times more near and dear to the heart than an expensive item! Writing sweet love notes and saying on each Post-It before adhering to the mirror is the sweetest gesture, and can be personalized for anyone in your life!

9. Milk Chocolate Soap Bars

For the loving ladies in your life, inexpensive Valentine’s gifts are best when they’re homemade and useable, like soaps or bath bombs! Creating soaps by hand is actually not as tricky as it looks, and using ingredients like milk chocolate really ring in the festivities of all things Valentine’s Day! Milk Chocolate soap bars are perfect for all your girlfriends and siblings who enjoy delicate hand-made gifts!

10. Map Glass

If your significant other enjoys traveling, has a special place in his heart, and enjoys a nice stiff drink at the end of a long day, I have just the gift for you. Inexpensive Valentine’s gifts are best when they have a personal touch, so knowing that your S.O. enjoys whiskey, scotch, or any type of dark liquor will surely make him melt when he sees this cute map glass!

You don’t have to have a S.O. this Valentine’s day to give inexpensive Valentine’s gifts! For the special loved ones in your life, treat them to something special that won’t make your wallet cry!
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Vanessa Passo

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