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10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer


Everyone knows that purses complete an outfit, but so many of them have a large price tag. What if I told you that you can find look-alikes for many of these designer purses that have caught your eye. Here are 10 good-quality inexpensive purses that look designer.

1. Botkier vs Sonoma

This Botkier hobo bag is made from real imported leather and retails for $298 plus tax. Hobo bags are very practical and trendy so you can find a look-alike just about anywhere. This bag made by Sonoma can be found at Kohl’s for only $29.99 and it’s available in six different colors. The front zipper detailing is similar on the two bags, and the Sonoma one has both a shoulder strap and top strap included.

Botkier:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer


Sonoma:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

2. Thom Browne vs. French Connection

Hatbox purses are so trendy, but this Thom Browne stunner can be found at Nordstrom, but comes with a $1,000 price tag. Head over to Nordstrom Rack to get this look-alike from French Connection. Again, it comes with the top handle that the designer does not have, making it not only more affordable but more practical as well.

Thom Brown:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer


French Connection:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

3. Bruno Cucinelli vs. Anthropologie

This is a simple belt purse, so why pay almost $2,000 for this Bruno Cucinelli? You can find a look-alike just about anywhere that sells purses, but my favorite is this one from Anthropologie. They have a history of being pretty high-quality and for just $48 you can have your pick from four different colors.

Bruno Cucinelli:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer


Anthropologie:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer4. Mulberry vs. Keenor

Bucket bags are all the rage, so there’s no reason to spend $1,550 when you can get a very similar one off of Amazon. Sometimes Amazon isn’t the most reliable, but this bag from Keenor is made with cowhide and manmade leather and lined with a polyester blend, making it fairly reliable. Both bags possess the ability to be pulled open and closed, so you may as well purchase the one that is 1/25 of the price.


*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer


Kenoor:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

5. Mansur Gavriel vs. Street Level

A leather-style tote is another necessity, but let’s face it, no one will be able to tell that is Mansur Gavrial from Nordstrom is worth $700. Opt for the way less expensive, but similar style Street Level bag. It’s from Bloomingdale’s so you know it’s good quality, but it retails at only $50.

Mansur Gavriel:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

Street Level:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer6. Nancy Gonzales vs. 2E-Youth

Crocodile leather is absolutely gorgeous, there’s no arguing with that, but it is also extremely expensive. This Nancy Gonzales bag is made from genuine crocodile leather and comes in both red and black. It is also one of the most expensive purses on this list, retailing at $3,700 (WHAT). This dupe from Amazon is made from faux leather but has a finish that creates the crocodile leather look. It is only $25.99 and comes in 5 different colors.

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Nancy Gonzales:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

2E-Youth:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer7. Alexander Wang vs. Street Level

I’m not 100% sold on the fanny pack trend, but designers know what they’re talking about more than I do. This Alexander Wang belt purse retails at $650. In my opinion, you can buy one exactly like this minus the name at the dollar store. If you’re looking for something a little more high-quality, check out this Street Level belt bag listed at $38.


Alexander Wang:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

Street Level:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer8. Givenchy vs. Guess

A pouch is a must whether you’re using it solo or as an organization tool for inside your bag. This pouch from Givenchy is made from quilted leather and retails at $680. Guess, who is a designer but not designer, makes a similar leather pouch with a different quilt. It comes in both black and burgundy just like the Givenchy pouch does, but is currently on sale for just $29.

Givenchy:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look DesignerGuess:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer9. Moschino vs. I.N.C.

Who doesn’t see one of those small leather backpacks and instantly fall in love? This backpack from Moschino is super adorable but costs $1,195. Although it is made from pebbled Italian leather and has the designer tag on it, paying that much for a backpack is just not practical. At Macy’s, you can find a very similar one, even down to the color, made by I.N.C. They have seven different colors to choose from and each one is on a different promotion currently.


Moschino:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look DesignerI.N.C.:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer

10. Christian Louboutin vs. Alessia

Finally, the Louboutin cork bag. It’s hard to find a dupe for Louboutin because well, it’s Louboutin, but if you’re willing to ditch the signature red I have the perfect bag for you. Instead of paying $1,690 for this beautiful yet super expensive Louboutin, check out this Stein Mart bag made by Alessia. It is only $39.99 and looks almost identical, even down to the matching wristlet pouch.

Louboutin:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look DesignerAlessia:*10 Inexpensive Purses That Look Designer Overall, all of these designer purses can be found in a much cheaper fashion. Which purse are you going to go out and get? Comment below!
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