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18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

Ah, Halloween. Fall is an amazing season and is filled with pumpkins, dress up, and great parties. Here are 18 ideas for your Halloween costume that you can wear at your next college party without breaking the bank. These ideas can be paired with you and your friends or you and your boyfriend/girlfriend or even just yourself if you’re going to a party solo.

1. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny

Fairly simple outfits and quite affordable. Also iconic. For the Hugh Hefner look all you need is a captain hat, a robe, and if you so desire a pipe. The playboy bunny all you need is a black one-piece, tights, and bunny ears. Each outfit shouldn’t cost more than thirty dollars in total.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

2. Pirates

Be a cute pirate. All you need is a white off the shoulder top, black high waisted tops, a reddish headscarf and if you want to add a prop you can add a plastic sword from party city or Spirit. These outfits are super cute and affordable because you probably already have most of what the outfits need at home.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

3. The Power Puff Girls

This is a cute idea if you have a friend group of three. One can be Blossom and dress in in all pink and put their hair up in a high pony and add a pink bow. Bubbles will be all blue and even add pigtails if they want. Butter cup could be cute edgy with black and green. Together these outfits will look adorable in photos and would definitely be a crowd-pleaser. This will so cute be added onto your Instagram feed as well. This outfit idea is a great group theme whilst also being inexpensive since it’s more of a color scheme of wearing one of the three colors.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

4. Doctor or Nurse

This is such a simple idea that you need is a lab coat and stethoscope and if you’re going as a nurse than scrubs. A pair of scrubs at the uniform store should only cost about thirty dollars and a white lab coat cost around the same. A stethoscope can be purchased on Amazon for around the same price. If you’re looking for a cheaper option purchase a fake needle. The good news is that this costume has pockets so you can bring a flask of your favorite drink so you don’t have to worry about setting it down. Bonus points if you’re premed or already in medical school and go like this.

5. Hippie

All you really need for this idea is a flower crown and a tie-dye shirt. If you want you can pair it with bell bottoms and round frame glasses. Simple but cute. This outfit also has to be one of the simpler and budget-friendly costumes on this list whilst still being cute.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

6. Blues Clues

This is such a cute and unique idea. I’d hardly doubt that anyone will copy your outfit. You need a blue T-shirt and darker blue construction paper cut up dots to stick onto the shirt. If you have floppy ears you can add those too. Your boyfriend, significant other, or best friend could put on a green striped sweater and this could be a cute duo costume idea. Great idea for costume parties.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

7. LifeGuards

This one might be a bit of a copout but all you really need is one of those red hats that say Lifeguard and a whistle and the outfit could be a basic oversized white tee over some biker shorts. If you have it you can add the Lifeguard sweatshirt. This one is definitely a lazy outfit but it works if you’re going to a costume party last minute. Add some sunscreen on your nose for a little razzle-dazzle as well.

8. Cowgirls and Cowboys

All you need are your cowboy or cowgirl boots and the hat to match. Most girls like to go with a cute space cowgirl look so if that’s the route you would like to go for then add holographic makeup and highlighter to your look with some gems. If not add then just put on a pair of denim shorts and a tied-up flannel with your hats and boots and you’re good to go. 18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

9. Wizard

Calling all harry potter fans. This idea is perfect for you. Put on a black robe with the class that you’re in (if you have one) and a wand. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin. At the party, you can ask the person you’re interested in what Hogwarts House they are and use that as a pickup line. You can even add a witches hat if you so please.

10. Cheerleader

This is a cute simple idea. If you were a cheerleader in high school pull out that costume if it still fits or your pompoms and get ready to cheer. If not just purchase a skirt and wear a cute crop top along with some pompoms and your hair in a high pony or pigtails. Do your makeup as the colors that match the skirt for a little extra pep or bonus points if you add the colors of your university to your costume.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

11. GoGo Girls

Relatively easy to recreate. You need a dress with bell sleeves preferably a dress that is colorful and has paisley print and white knee-high boots. Add a bit of volume to your hair and a thick headband to add a little more to this costume and boom! You have a cute retro vintage vibe outfit in a matter of minutes.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

12. Fairies

This one is simple but it’s cute and girly. You can be Tinkerbell if you want or Silvermist or you don’t even have to cosplay as an actual fairy character you can just put on a plain simple dress that you like and add fairy wings and you’re good to go. You can customize your look by being creative with your makeup. If you want to be a flower fairy you can also add a flower crown to your head.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

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13. Angel And Devil

This is a cute duo costume idea. If you’re the angel just use a white dress, white shoes, and add a halo. Put on some body glitter and gold sparkly eyeshadow and you have a cute easily affordable look that you can match with your best friend. The devil costume you need a pair of red horns and a red dress with some dark heels. Use sultry eyeshadow and make a smokey eye with winged eyeliner and a deep red lipstick to add to the bad side. There you have the perfect duo costume.

14. Cave Women

If you have anything animal print in your closet now it’s time to put it into good use. Add a big, fake, plastic bone in your hair and tease your hair to give it a messy voluminous look and you’re done. This is great if you procrastinated getting ready for the party.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

15. Princess

All you need is a flowy or puffy dress and a tiara. Your old high school prom dress could work for this or you can even go to the thrift store to look for a dress to fit the princess vide. Add a tiara you can order a metal one on Amazon or go to party city for the plastic fake tiaras. Add high heels and you’re a princess so make sure your date treats you as one.

16. The Incredibles

We all love this movie as it shaped a part of our childhood so wear the Incredibles logo shirt and pair it with red tights, leggings, or a red skirt to give off the vibe of their costume and you’re done. This costume is great when worn with a group of other Incredibles. If you have an extra-large group more than the family of the Incredibles you guys can go as superheroes from the movies as well so you can include everybody and be on-brand.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

17. Cosmo and Wanda

Amazing, need I say less? You will have to purchase either a pink or green wig and DIY the fairy star wand but overall if you’re going with a boyfriend or friend this couple style costume is great for parties. It’s also unique so you know the party won’t be oversaturated with lookalikes.

18. Frat Guys

This is a great idea if you’re going with a big group of girls and all of you guys dress as Brads, Chads, Johns, and Kyles. All you need is a baseball cap put on backward, a button down and shorts.

18 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas That Are STUNNING

Which of these ideas are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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