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Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lately, the indie music scene is better than ever. The indie genre encompasses a wide variety of sub-genres, and there are many distinct sounds to be found within this music category. Because this genre is so broad, this list presents indie music recommendations based on your zodiac sign!

Aries: The War on Drugs

The Aries zodiac sign is known for being ambitious, energetic, and adventurous. Their enthusiasm for life is contagious, but, at times, they can also be a little melancholic. One of the indie artists with the perfect blend of energy and sincerity is The War on Drugs. 

This indie rock band is Philadelphia-based, and their music is vibrant, melodic, and candid, which should appeal to the Aries sign. Especially in regard to their most recent albums, The War on Drugs manages to capture feelings of ecstasy, nostalgia, and peacefulness. Their songs tend to be a little long, but this definitely isn’t a bad thing, considering the band is consistently able to hold interest.

Recommended songs: “Pain”, “Red Eyes”, and “Thinking of a Place.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Taurus: Angel Olsen

Many people with the Taurus sign are serene and warmhearted, but they also have a slight edge to them. This sign tends to be overlooked or misunderstood, when in reality, they deserve to be appreciated for their relaxed and dependable personalities. Because of the tranquility they often exude, an indie artist for this sign is Angel Olsen.

This singer-songwriter has a distinct indie folk sound. Her lyrics are strong, artistic, and emotional, and the backing instruments add to the unique vibrancy of her music. Angel Olsen captures all sorts of emotions and messages in her songs while still keeping her music rather understated, and the serene but determined Taurus should find this appealing.

Recommended songs: “All Right Now”, “Lights Out”, and “Shut Up Kiss Me.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini: Arcade Fire

Geminis are versatile, lively, and dynamic. Geminis may find themselves to be quite outgoing and adaptable, but they might also struggle with indecisiveness and impulsivity. Really, though, this sounds like a recipe for a fun night. The perfect background music for all the adventures of a Gemini is Arcade Fire. 

This indie rock band has been around for almost twenty years, but with each album, Arcade Fire establishes its relevance again and again. This is an incredibly dynamic band, and throughout the years, their sound and style have developed a lot. Arcade Fire has songs for every mood, and in this wide array, Geminis should be able to find something new to listen to!

Recommended songs: “Crown of Love”, “Ready to Start”, and “Creature Comfort.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Cancer: Cigarettes After Sex

The Cancer sign is imaginative, emotional, and intuitive. Oftentimes, they have an intense appreciation for their romantic and platonic relationships. As a sign that understands the importance of sensitivity, one of the best indie artists for Cancers to listen to is Cigarettes After Sex. 

Recently rising in popularity, Cigarettes After Sex have an ambient, melodic, and dreamy sound. Their specific genre is labeled as “dream pop.” This band is easy and enjoyable to listen to; between the soothing vocals and dreamy instruments, anyone can enjoy Cigarettes After Sex, but especially a Cancer. 

Recommended songs: “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”, “Sunsetz”, and “Affection.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Leo: Florence + the Machine

Leos are known for being vivacious, enthusiastic, and creative. Their personalities, styles, and hobbies all tend to be complex and embellished, because Leos realize how important it is to know themselves and express themselves. Because they’re arguably the most florid of the signs, the indie artist for Leos is Florence + the Machine. 

Florence + the Machine is a British indie rock band with a style that’s often described as “Baroque pop” or “art rock.” Honestly, this band transcends genre. Over the course of a decade, Florence + the Machine has come out with four full-length records, and each one is an absolute masterpiece. Between the beautiful and powerful vocals of Florence Welch, the poetic and mythical lyrics, and the resounding assortment of instruments, Florence + the Machine is a band you don’t want to sleep on, especially if you’re a Leo.

Recommended songs: “Delilah”, “Patricia”, and “What the Water Gave Me.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Virgo: Spiritualized

Virgos can be very artistic people. Oftentimes, when people think of Virgos, analytical and systematic traits come to mind, and while these are certainly prevalent, a Virgo’s artistic side often goes unnoticed. Because of this, one of the best indie artists for Virgos is Spiritualized. 

This is an English indie rock band, although their genre has been labeled as “space rock” before. Although the meaning of that term is ambiguous, it’s undeniably compelling. Spiritualized is a band that’s difficult to categorize into a single genre, because their music compiles aspects of several genres. Some of their songs are upbeat and catchy, while others are slow, drawn-out, and melancholic. Regardless, Virgos should find themselves appreciating the complex artistry of Spiritualized. 

Recommended songs: “I Think I’m in Love”, “Hey Jane”, and “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Libra: Lana Del Rey

Libras are known for being dreamy, romantic, and idealistic. They’re often quite balanced and easygoing, and they tend to value harmony and equilibrium in all areas of life. Because of their charming, romantic nature, the artist for Libras is Lana Del Rey. 

If you don’t already know, Lana Del Rey is an increasingly popular artist. Her music is modern while still utilizing elements from the past. Her vocals, instrumentals, and visuals create a unique experience with a blend of modernity and nostalgia. With each album, her aesthetic shifts ever so slightly, but all of her albums are fantastic for different reasons. The dreamy Libra should relate to Lana’s romantic and melancholic music. 

Recommended songs: “Cruel World”, “Born to Die”, and “How to disappear.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpio: Phantogram

The Scorpio sign is passionate, exciting, and magnetic. Their energy isn’t easily contained, but they often express themselves in unique and surprising ways. Because of their dynamic and charismatic traits, one of the best indie artists for Scorpios to listen to is Phantogram.

Phantogram is a duo based in New York. They have a modern style that spans across several genres, with electronic elements, catchy pop chords, and, of course, an indie sound. Phantogram has music for any mood and occasion, and their masterful resonance should appeal to many Scorpios. 

Recommended songs: “When I’m Small”, “Turning Into Stone”, and “Black Out Days.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarius: LCD Soundsystem

The Sagittarius sign tends to be quite curious, with an inclination for adventures and philosophical musings. They may find it difficult to focus solely on reality, because the physical world can get boring. Since this sign is adventurous, jovial, and even restless, a great band for them is LCD Soundsystem.

LCD Soundsystem is a Brooklyn-based electric rock band. They’ve been around for a while, but with the release of their most recent album, they’re back and better than ever. Their music merges electronic melodies, nostalgic synths, and experimental vocals. LCD Soundsystem is a band that everyone should get to know, but especially the curious Sagittarius. 

Recommended songs: “black screen”, “oh baby”, and “call the police.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: Peach Pit

Capricorns are ambitious, humorous, and tend to be a bit reserved. They often appreciate the steady and practical aspects of life, but they still know how to have fun. As such, a great band for Capricorns is Peach Pit. 

Peach Pit is an indie pop band that’s new to the scene. Based in Vancouver, this band is fun, melodic, and relaxed. They only started releasing music in 2016, but are already gaining so much momentum. Peach Pit is a band every Capricorn should be paying attention to, especially while they’re gaining traction as a relatively new band. 

Recommended songs: “Peach Pit”, “Alrighty Aphrodite”, and “Drop the Guillotine.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius: Mac Demarco

The Aquarius sign is friendly, honest, and original. They tend to be independent, and their inventive nature often leads them to pursue interesting hobbies and career paths. Because of their creative tendencies, the best indie artist for the Aquarius sign is Mac Demarco. 

Mac Demarco is an offbeat artist with a genre described as “blue wave” or “slacker rock.” This Canadian artist is unlike any one else in the scene, which should be appealing to the Aquarius sign. Mac Demarco’s music is creative, original, and nonchalant. It can attract all sorts of people, but especially the original and inventive Aquarius. 

Recommended songs: “Chamber of Reflection”, “Ode to Viceroy”, and “On the Level.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces: Beach House

Pisces are incredibly imaginative people, with an inclination toward compassion, sensitivity, and selflessness. They also have an appreciation for intuitive strength, and many Pisces place importance on reality and fantasy. Based on the dreamy nature that Pisces often exude, Beach House is the best indie artist for this sign. 

Beach House is a dream-pop band based in Baltimore. This is a band that nobody should be sleeping on! Their dreamy sound is melodic, imaginative, and consistently creative. Between their strong vocals and psychedelic instrumentals, Beach House creates an immersive experience unlike anyone else, and Pisces should find themselves falling in love with this underrated band. 

Recommended songs: “Myth”, “Wishes”, “Dive”, “Drunk in LA”, and “Elegy to the Void.”

Indie Artists To Listen To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hopefully this list introduced you to some new indie artists. How do you feel about the artist chosen for your sign? Leave a comment below and let us know who your favorite indie musician is!

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