20 Signs You’re An Indian Studying In The USA

If you’re an Indian studying in the USA or if you will be soon, you couldn’t not relate to at least a few of these signs.

1. The minute after you get into college you will be told that your grade 12 finals are still EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

2. Your entire family will go to bid you farewell.

3. You’re one of the keenest to create a group chat for anything and everything.

4. You either prefer to stay clannish and completely stick to your kind, or you don’t want anything to do with them.

5. When it comes to money, you’re always converting every dollar you spend to Indian rupees and basically regretting all your expenses.

6. You’re going to try to bargain with every shopkeeper before you remember that in the USA no prices are made up.

7. Let’s face it. You’re probably an engineer. STEM sums up your life?

8. You carry hot sauce everywhere.

9. Spicy food is one thing, but having to deal with bland and tasteless food is another.

10. Despite all the Indian (American) restaurants around you, you’re always going to want to go back to the place where Indian food is just called ‘food’.

11. You’re always going to worry about sounding like ‘Rajesh Koothrappali’.

12. You’re always going to be confused about what the whole fuss behind being ‘MUR-ican’ really is?

13. You’re going to need to actually realise what it means to cross a road (while following rules and traffic lights).

14. You’ll forget that you can’t tell people who your father is to get out of problems.

15. You’re struggling to get used to doing your own work – cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc..

16. The time difference between you and your parents is ridiculous, your alarm is basically going to be the sound of VERY ANXIOUS parents.

17. If you’re ever caught sleeping late by your parents, their first assumption is that their child is on drugs.

18. Every decision you make is calculated to try to secure your future in the country.

19. Hooking up with a foreigner is the holy grail.

20. At least before it all starts, you’re really hoping all those movies you’ve watched, become reality.


What are some other signs you’re an Indian studying in the USA? Let us know down below!
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