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5 Independent Poetry Authors That You Didn’t Know About

Poetry is a lifelong passion of mine. I love reading it when I need answers about the world and writing it when I need answers about myself. Being an Independent Poetry Author myself provides a more insightful perspective on the World of Poetry and the extraordinary artists that still make it hold relevance. I just recently released my debut Poetry Collection, Bravery, Heart, and Red Shoes, which allowed me to publish my work to the world and introduced me to a fantastic community of writers. I have discovered 5 Independent Poetry Authors:

1. Joey Doherty

“Writing is perhaps my most reliable doorway to truth.”

One of the 5 Independent Poetry Authors that you maybe don’t know about (yet) is Joey Doherty. He is an Author, Counselor, and Hiking Guide. His work includes: Wild Compass, Subtle Medicine, Remember to Harvest, Color the World, and Student of the Moment. Self-taught and self-published, Doherty expresses the voice inside his head through Nature, Relationships, and God. 

“Six years ago, I felt something within me wanting to bubble up, and I
unintentionally started writing poetry to give this feeling a voice. Five books later, I couldn’t imagine

How is his poetry different from other poetry out there? His unique approach to spirituality, love, and nature is portrayed in a childlike way that often reaches deeper than too much seriousness can. He also is a therapist, which gives his poetry a clinical perspective. His clinical career has helped him develop a better understanding of humans, allowing him to broaden such analysis. Analytical minds like Doherty’s are always in search of providing accurate answers to their questions. In this case, he actually prefers to create more focus on the questions created by life itself. 

“I am more interested in questions than answers,
and poetry provides a space to ask potent questions without needing an answer. Where curiosity and
bravery are the only necessary credentials. Writing reveals pieces of myself that I didn’t know where
there, so I owe much of my growth as a human to the process of writing.”

Instagram: @joeydoherty

2. Flor Ana

“My poetry focuses on nature and the world around us in a refreshing way. “

Miami local, founder of Indie Earth Publishing, and Author of Perspective, The Language of Fungi & Flowers, Nourish Your Temple, and the upcoming release, A Moth Fell In Love With The Moon. Flor Ana is a young entrepreneur that has an undebatable passion for poetry. She is not only paving her own artistic path but is also helping others fulfill their publishing dream. As she can help you become the Independent Author you want to be. She is also in charge of editing and connecting Authors with many resources, such as talented Cover Art Designers. She is a very active member of the Miami Poetry Scene and is always offering advice to Aspiring Indie poets: 

“Never give up on your dreams and have the tenacity to go after them. I always say the answer will remain no if you don’t ask. It’s the same thing with your dreams. You’ll never know if you can achieve them if you don’t try. Oh and read! You need to read a lot to write a lot!”

Her poetry is easily told apart by its harmonious rhyme structures and her intimate connection with nature which translates into beautiful imagery. Ana could dive into heavy topics or pose mental-collapsing existential questions, but her words will still evoke beauty and balance. She has dove into diverse projects that have made her stand out as a writer. She collected a guide to the world of mushrooms and flowers for Language of Fungi & Flowers, which has never been done before by just one poet, and Nourish Your Temple: Self-Love & Care Poetry is a poetry collection that is a part-journal and part-poetry book aimed at helping readers connect and develop their self-love. Her connection to this art stems from deep introspection and her desire to create:

“Writing to me is everything. It was my way of finding myself when I was younger and continues to be my preferred outlet of creativity, whether it’s writing poetry or diving into the world of fiction… “

Instagram: @littleearthflower

3. Kendall Hope

“We are complex and beautiful and I love putting that to paper.”

Colorado native, Artist, and Poet. Kendall Hope has taken Indie Earth Publishing by storm with her collaboration in The Spell Jar with her poem Twin Flames and debut Poetry Collection: Pockets of Laven.der 

Her work has been described as “Breathtaking and awakening from the first page” and “Beautiful. That is the word that describes the poetry in this book. Beauty.” Hope is characterized by her unique portrayal of personal perspective. Her latest work takes the reader through “the states of feeling, being, and loving.” She also has a deeply enrooted connection with nature and the peace that it offers her: 

“I would say my poetry is different from other poetry out there because of my connection to my emotions. I feel that I have had an eye for beauty in everything my whole life. Sure, poetry in general invokes a ton of emotion, but I feel mine really processes the deep to the mundane of living and what is around us. I LOVE feeling, and being connected to my senses as well. My poetry really touches concepts of our natural beings and the natural world”

Publishing has taught her a lot about her writing, but it has also provided an enriching opportunity in her life. She has been able to fully express herself in a channel of emotional release that she is open to sharing with her audience, which is something that she enjoys: 

“Communication really makes me feel in my element. I feel sharing who I am allows me to reach people similar to me, whether they know themselves deeply yet or are just scratching their surface. “

Instagram: @kendallhopepoetry


4. Amelie Honeysuckle

“Genuine energy and love is what I work to share with others.”

Student, Writing, and Upcoming Published Poet. Honeysuckle is a second-year college student that writes purely through her stream of consciousness. This is an exciting method of writing; she will have all her work compiled in her forthcoming collection, What Once Was An Inside Out Rainbow,  which is coming out on April 14th, 2023.

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“What Once Was An Inside Out Rainbow is a raw and beautiful book of poetry, strictly created from the soul. Written in a stream-of-consciousness style of writing, Amelie Honeysuckle’s debut collection is an art gallery of appreciation for others, awareness, love, and excitement for life.”

Her connection to the subconscious allows her to piece words together and connect their meaning in her head. If I had to make a prediction, introspection would be definite in her work. This inherent passion for writing drives her to put pen to paper while connecting with herself. She also advocates this technique for aspiring writers who want to communicate with their inner selves. What do you think? 

“Don’t think when putting pen to paper, just let it flow out. You’ll surprise yourself when you go back and reread your artwork.”

I can’t wait to read her work!

Instagram: @wordsbyamelie

5. Jazz Kaur  “Vevna Forrow Ink”

“Writing is an everlasting bridge to air to
the past, present, and future. “

Founder of Hummingbird Blink: Nectar Poetry Podcast and Dipity Literary Magazine. Kaur uses her creativity, ty along with her entrepreneurial spirit, to uplift other voices. Her literary experience has enhanced her awareness of the struggle of breaking through the Writing industry; she states, “you will face a ton of declines and rejections when trying to grow further but know that you should keep trying,g and self-publication requires a lot of marketing effort overall.” Her community-building projects have helped her achieve her connection with the poetry community:

“My primary goal has been to help share the voices of other spectacular writers through my latest
community building projects such as the Hummingbird Blink Nectar Poetry podcast consisting of
over 100 episodes on Spotify, reel spotlight designs and my Dipity Literary Magazine. I do my best to
share the poetry of primarily others not just my own.”

Vevna Forrow Ink has become her Author name,e with which she published Colibri Kingdom – A Petaling Mad Poetry Collection this past October 2022. She also started the Jazzy Hummingbird Project in 2021, consisting of 50 self-published mind titles in rhyme, haikus, or free verse in eBook format. Her enigmatic charisma will be unveiled by her words and ability to associate extravagant contexts with complex human emotions. Her connection to poetry is deep as she describes it as “vital as the blood and oxygen coursing in our bodies.” Furthermore,  she enjoys dabbling in all forms, such as haikus and visual poetry, whether in a nutrition facts format, receipt, or reel and loves to put humor in most of her writing to bring a smile to others’ faces. 

“I think a lot of the
times we as human beings are worried about what others think about our work and I show the silly
side of myself but also the most painful bizarre gut-wrenching things I faced through my work, so all
sides / layers of me.”

These were 5 Independent Authors you didn’t know, but now that you know their names are you willing to dive into this fantastic artistic expression?
Sofia Iriarte

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