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10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Make A Pillow Case

10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Make A Pillow Case

10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Make A Pillow Case

Customizing a pillow case can be hard, especially when you want it to match the theme of the rest of your room – while still exemplifying your personality. That’s why we compiled these 10 incredibly cute ways to make a pillow case so that you don’t have to stress when it comes to decorating; instead, you can gain ideas, and make your pillow case look anything but bland.

1. Decorate Your Pillow Case With Some Colored Sharpies.

Sharpies are probably one of the most fun tools to use when it comes to crafts – especially since there are so many different colors that can be incorporated into the case itself. Not only that, but you can pick fine tip markers – or thick tip ones – based on what kind of style you prefer. Then – once you’ve decided on that – you can either use stencils or freehand, whatever illustration that you have in mind. Just make sure that you’re pleased with the colors you’ve picked cause one you’ve started there’s no going back.

2. Get Creative With Colored Thread For Your Pillow Case. 

If you enjoy patchwork than you’re sure to love this trendy technique for making your pillowcase the The best part about this one is that you can pick and choose what kind of colors you’d like to add into the mix – and exempt whichever ones you’re not fond of; this will also help you establish a theme before you even begin sewing. 

3. Personalize Your Pillow Case With A Picture. 

When you’re far from home – and start to miss it – what better way is there to remember those you love if not through a pillow case? In fact, you can pick and choose whichever pictures you’d like – making it all the more personal; not only that, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just family; you can incorporate close friends as well, and look back on all the cherishable memories.

10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Make A Pillow Case

4. Add Some Tassel To Your Pillow Case. 

Whoever said tassels can only be used during graduation is lying because you can add them to the edges of your pillow case for a fierce new look. This idea is great for when you’re getting tired of the same old case – that you’ve had for years – and want to spice things up. Not only that, but you can add as many tassels as you’d like – whether it be one or one hundred – as long as you can manage to fit them all.

5. Use An Old Piece Of Clothing For Your Pillow Case. 

We all know at least one person who has added several T-shirts – into one of their quilts – because they’d either gotten too small for them, the item was damaged, or the shirt was just too big. Well, you’re in luck because this same idea can be used for a pillow case; the only adjustments that need to be made – should you feel like doing so – is some sewing, trimming, and so on, depending on the style.

6. Get Festive For The Holidays With Your Pillow Case. 

Wrap it like a present during Christmas time, or add black and orange during Halloween; either way – no matter what you do – don’t be afraid to get festive. You’ll be glad that you did, and have a pillow that beats all expectations. The best part about this is that you can even go the extra mile and add felt – which brings me to point number 7.

10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Make A Pillow Case

7. Add Some Felt To Your Pillow Case. 

Want to spice things up and add a Santa hat – or maybe even a cute little pumpkin? If so then, felt serves as the perfect way to do this since it’s a flexible material that is ultra-soft – and a great addition to any pillow case. Fortunately, this allows you to layer – or cut – your fabric any which way; after doing so, you can easily sew on your design with little to no problem.

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8. Add Some Fur To Your Pillow Case. 

Now if you’re a sucker for fur – like me – then you’ll absolutely love this idea; but if you still want your pillow case to be comfortable enough to lie on – without a whole bunch of fur poking you in the ear – then you are more than welcome to incorporate fur that is shorter, or even cut it down till it reaches the height that is best for you. Either way, you’ll be overjoyed with the end result, and can even go as far as selecting a wide range of colors; you don’t have to settle for just one.

9. Add A Quote To Your Pillow Case. 

Quotes can be some of the most beautiful pieces of writing because what even one person has to say can influence others in a way unlike before – no matter whether it motivates, entertains, causes tears, raises a smile, and so on. In turn, put in the effort to find some of your favorite quotes so that you can attach them to your pillow case; just make sure that you think about how you want to do this – whether it be through sew-on letters, drawn on, or maybe even a different approach.

10 Incredibly Cute Ways To Make A Pillow Case

10. Add Some Bedazzle To Your Pillow Case. 

This might not be the most comfortable idea if you’re looking for something that you can lay your head on to sleep at night, but if you’re working on a case – for a throw pillow – then it might just be perfect. After all, several of us usually use our throw pillows as decorations; if not all of them, then at least one set tends to be so. In turn, just make sure that you’re using your best judgment when picking a pillow for this one; the more cushioned it is, the less appealing it will look once you’ve finished bedazzling it. 

We hope that these 10 incredibly cute ways to make a pillow case help you form a better plan – and even decide – what you want to do or what look you’re going for. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below! 

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