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30 Incredibly Awesome Versions Of Everyday Products

30 Incredibly Awesome Versions Of Everyday Products

Incredibly awesome versions of everyday products that will make your life a whole lot better. You may not need them, but you'll definitely want them!

Do you ever randomly come across awesome versions of everyday products and think, “OMG. I need this” ? We’re all guilty of it. You know it’s true. How many hours have you spent surfing the web for things you don’t really need, but want for the satisfaction of your heart? Your Pinterest boards are full of things that look beautiful and that you really really want, but already have less elaborate versions of. Etsy and Amazon might be two of the sites you came across on your procrastination time. Your wallet has probably lost some weight because of them, because you decided you just had to have that hedgehog cheese grater for your next bowl of pasta. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, and check out these 30 incredibly awesome versions of everyday products!

1. These Adorable Panda Planner Clips

Who knew planner clips were a thing? I guess they are now. This panda is just itching to hold your place for you until the next time you open your planner.


2. A Personalized Reusable Starbucks Mug

At least this is good for the environment. If you’re going to drink all that coffee, might as well do it in style, and go green while you’re at it.

3. Elf Props So Your Elf On The Shelf Won’t Be Bored

When it’s time to put up the Christmas decorations, don’t leave your Elf feeling bored on the shelf. These Elf-sized books are too cute to pass up, right? That’s what the Elf thinks.


4. Marilyn Monroe Throw Blanket

If you have a Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall, you might as well complement it with this throw. You need to be warm anyway, so why not take the extra step and show your inner fan at the same time.


5. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

There it is! Cuz’ cheese tastes better when it’s grated with a hedgehog. You gotta’ garnish your mac n’ cheese in style.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep Mask

If Holly Golightly’s standards match your own, this sleep mask might help you get your beauty sleep, finally.


7. Hershey’s Kisses Salt and Pepper Shaker

For all those people who name their dog “Cat,” this one’s for you. These are meant for the trickster, who just loves to be contrary.


8. These Cute Brain Sticky Notes For the Closet Geek

These brain shaped sticky notes are perfect when you need to give someone a piece of your mind. Or, if you’re the type who likes to leave notes for yourself, it can be a quirky touch of personality.

9. Flower Patterned Salad Tongs

These would come in handy for when your friends come over for dinner next week. Salad might be something you eat because you know it’s good for you, but it doesn’t have to be boring.


10. These Octopus Wall Hooks

Forget your keys often? Need to keep them by the door? With this Octopus wall hook, you can have form and function, because it looks good enough to be art, but it still does what you need it to.


11. A Gold Dinosaur Hook

Alternatively, if you are more turf than surf, use this gold dinosaur hook to hang up keys or jewelry. It certainly looks like an antique treasure.

12. A Nautical Rug For The Ocean Lovers

Going back to the sea, here is a nautical knot bath mat. It could also be a Celtic knot, depending on how you look at it. But, your bathroom would definitely be incomplete without it.


13. Nautical Knot Door or Book Stopper

Continuing the nautical theme, this door stop will stop your door from swinging shut and locking you. Now you won’t have to prop the door open with the garbage can.


14. A Set Of Map Push Pins For The Traveler

For when you’ve got a case of wanderlust, move these pins to where you want to go. They really do have a touch of the antique style with their scroll mapmaker vibes.

15. A Playstation Clock For The Gamer

There’s got to be an inner gamer in everyone, right? With this, you’ll never lose track of time because of gaming again.


16. An Ice Ball Mold To Make Cute Chilled Drinks

Round out those rough edges on your ice cubes with an ice ball maker. It doesn’t matter that you already have 3, or maybe 5, ice cube trays in your freezer.


17. Hedgehog Dryer Balls To Soften Your Clothes

Let the hedgehogs take over your life. You’ll never find anything cuter than these dryer balls to soften your laundry. Hey, you won’t even have to buy dryer sheets now.



18. A Mandala Floor Cushion To Brighten Your Room

If you need a place to sit and there’s no chair space left, this floor cushion might solve your problem! The mesmerizing pattern will leave you relaxed and comfy.

19. A Stylish Adult Bean Bag

Or, if the floor cushion doesn’t suit you, get this adult bean bag. Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you have to give up the joys of bean bags. Your cats may just love it too.


20. A Pillow With A Touch Of The Wilderness

If you’re a fan of things that look like something they are not, this pillow’s for you. The log shaped pillow gives you the ability to sleep with a piece of the outdoors in the comfort of your own bed.


21. A Ruler That Will Last A Lifetime

Don’t want to mark the walls but still want to keep track of growth? This solves your problems and lets you take the growth chart with you when you move.

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22. Gorgeous Handmade Agate Coasters

You certainly don’t want your furniture stained with the rings of coffee mugs. These agate coasters will probably cost more than the mugs you place on them, but at least they can add to the treasure trove of items you’ve collected at this point.

23. A Crochet Mermaid Blanket

These mermaid blankets have been going around on the internet for a while now. Let’s be real..I’m sure we all dreamed of being Ariel when we were younger, and now we finally can!


24. Adorable Sunflower Bakeware

Move over basic cupcakes. This set of sunflower bakeware will enable you to make chef-worthy cupcakes. The only problem is, these cakes might be too realistic to eat.


25. A Donut Shaped Coffee Mug 

Donuts and coffee anyone? This mug is perfect for that mid-afternoon coffee break, or anytime break. You might already have a shelf full of collected mugs, but who says you can’t have this one too? After all, it’s too cute to pass up.

26. A Camera Lens Mug For The Photogs

This camera lens shaped mug speaks to the photographers out there. It looks so real you could fool anyone. Don’t be surprised if you start getting weird looks from strangers.


27. Fox and Raccoon Ice Cream Spoon

The fox says it’s time to scream for some ice cream. Any bowl of ice cream would be even more satisfying if you eat it with these spoons. Come on, who can resist these?!


28. A Wall Mirror Suited For Captain America Fans

Every time you look into this Captain America wall mirror, you’ll see the hero within. While you may not see your whole self, you will see what really matters.

29. A Wine Bottle Lamp

This “lamp” is perfect for a gift for friends. It’s more art than lamp, but that’s the point anyway. This will light up your night while bringing the stars to you.


30. A Macrame Curtain To Decorate The Windows

Macrame Curtain or stringed room divider? Whichever one you choose, the intricate knot details just hint back to the nautical theme, with the knots. This time, they go more bohemian, though.


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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