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10 Incredible Smoothies to Change Up Your Smoothie Routine

Trying to get more smoothies in your diet but tired of the same ol’? Look no further than this fabulous list of rich, creamy smoothies. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast smoothie to energize you, a post work out smoothie for recovery, or a smoothie bowl for a light yet satisfying dinner, all of these smoothies are bound to ignite your tastebuds and keep you feeling satisfied all day long. Mix up your smoothie routine and pack in the most delicious fruits and veggies with this list!

1. Chocolate-Covered Cherry

Does anyone remember the chocolate-covered, cherry candies that Starbucks sold about a decade ago? This smoothie tastes like the creamier, sweeter version of that. It’s juicy with dark, fresh cherries, and lush with raw honey and fresh cacao (which can be replaced with chocolate protein powder. This is my favorite one!). Since frozen cherries can be hard to find in grocery stores year-round, a wonderful seasonal alternative is replacing the cherries with strawberries and making it a chocolate-covered strawberry smoothie. This smoothie is especially wonderful as a bowl, topped with fresh cherries (or strawberries), raw cacao, and a big spoon of almond butter. One bite and you’ll forget you aren’t eating dessert. 

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2. Blueberry-Oatmeal Muffin

This is the perfect breakfast smoothie. It literally tastes like a blueberry muffin, just without all the added sugar and carbs. Packed with antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and Vitamin C, you’ll start your day powered up and guilt-free. You can even add vanilla protein powder to really charge up your day! Include chia seeds and hemp hearts and you’ll be bursting with energy through sundown.

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3. Creamy Carrot Cake

If you like carrot cake at all, this smoothie immediately deserves a place in your smoothie rotation. It’s creamy, spicy, sweet, and delightfully fresh. It literally tastes like carrot cake, but as a smoothie. The best part? It’s so good for you! The only sugar in it is naturally occurring (banana and dates), and the rest is just veggies (carrot shreds), protein (optional vanilla protein powder—I added it and loved it), and healthy fats (almond milk, raw walnuts, and fresh coconut). This smoothie is especially good as a dinner bowl for nights that you want a light, satisfying meal. Top it with more carrot shreds, fresh coconut, and toasted walnuts and you won’t even realize that you aren’t eating cake. 

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4. Strawberry Pina Colada

Anytime you’re feeling the need to lay out on a sunny beach with a frozen cocktail in hand, this is the smoothie for you. Bursting with fresh pineapple, strawberries, and coconut, it’ll transport you to a glittering beach and a sun-soaked afternoon. It’s juicy, sweet, and just tart enough. Blend this baby up to feel relaxed and get your tropical fruit fix!


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5. Peach Cobbler

If you’re like me and can’t not eat an entire peach cobbler out of the pie tin, make this smoothie immediately. It’s luscious, juicy, sweet, and absolutely divine. It also has the added benefit of not being packed with sugar like an actual cobbler, so you can gulp this down guilt-free. If you want to dress it up further, make it into a bowl with fresh peaches, toasted pecans, and fresh-baked maple granola. This is the perfect breakfast, dessert, lunch, literally anything. I dare you to just make one!


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6. The Best Green Smoothie

While I usually make a smoothie to feel like I’m lapping up dessert, this green smoothie knocks all other green smoothies out of the park. It’s creamy, sweet, optionally tart, and incredibly fresh. I adore the added mango, and I love that this recipe provides optional versions to change things up. Make this first thing in the morning and your day is sure to be powered up. 


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7. Orange Creamsicle

If you just plain need to eat a popsicle, this smoothie will knock it out of the park for you. It’s bright, creamy, citrusy, and impeccably sweet. I love making this as an after-dinner treat, but it serves perfectly as a lovely morning or afternoon pick-me-up as well. You’d never know that it’s full of carrots and raw sweet potatoes, as the oranges, banana, and vanilla yogurt wrap it up with the sweetest, dreamiest flavors. Packed with these fruits and veggies, it’s abundant in fiber, potassium, complex carbs, and Vitamins A & C, making it the perfect post work out smoothie as well.

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8. Breakfast Cinnamon Roll

As expected, this is the perfect breakfast smoothie. The warm cinnamon notes make you feel toasty and cozy just like a cinnamon roll, and the whole oats and healthy fats from the nuts keep you feeling fuller longer. I love that this recipe gives an optional “health” factor, meaning you can go with the brown sugar as the recipe lists, or you can go a little cleaner with stevia or coconut sugar. Personally, since I always make this in the morning, I replace the sweeteners with vanilla protein powder. This keeps the smoothie sweet and supercharges my day! Top it with a little dash of cinnamon and you’re good to go!

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9. Strawberry Shortcake

This smoothie is an absolute dream. It’s luscious, juicy, and has a vanilla undertone that perfectly rounds out every sip. While I just love strawberry shortcake, I actually don’t know what’s better—that, or this smoothie. Skip the loads of sugar and indulge in this whimsical treat. Packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, complex carbs, and healthy fats—this smoothie will not only be an absolute treat to your tastebuds, it will keep you feeling satisfied all day long!

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10. Mocha Cappuccino

If you can’t decide whether to have your coffee or a smoothie first, skip the indecision and make it a two-in-one deal! For us coffee addicts, this smoothie is utopia reincarnate. Personally, I love making it with freshly brewed espresso, making those coffee notes especially robust. Between the dark, earthy, coffee and the rich, chocolatey flavor, you’ll have everything you need in one cup. It’s packed with superfoods including chia seeds, raw cacao, and unrolled oats making it the perfect breakfast smoothie to energize your day!


Which smoothie are you going to try first? Let us know your favorites and which one of this list you end up loving the most!

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