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7 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

7 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

7 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

2019 is your year, people! It’s going to be a time of freedom, fun, and adventure and road trips are one of the best way to do all that and make some amazing memories. Whether you’re a homebody, a beach bum, or just a virgin to the travel life, we put together a list of 10 incredible road trips you have to consider taking this year. It will change your life!

1. Cross-Country to California

We didn’t even have to think twice about what to list first for incredible road trips. Everyone dreams of going to Cali at some point in their life, so go! What are you waiting for? Instead of just flying there, driving across the country would make things that much more adventurous and exciting. If you decide to make stops along the way or just haul ass all the way to the West coast, it is guaranteed to be a lifetime memory you will cherish forever.

10 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

2. Colorado

This road trip is definitely for our more adventurous fans. If you want to go in the Winter, the Rocky Mountains are right there for you to ski or snowboard your heart out. For the Summer, it’s a hiker’s dream destination. There are so many national parks and trails and the whole state is just beautiful. Take the trip and go get right with nature. It’ll be one of the most incredible road trips of all time.

10 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

3. Florida

Of course Florida was going to be towards the top of our list. It is a great place for beach bums and party-goers. There are literally endless possibilities down there. Race tracks, amusement parks, beaches, piers, endless shopping during the day- and then at night all the cities spring to life. Especially Miami! The night life and clubs are incredible, and don’t be surprised if you see some celebrities during your adventures!

4. Virginia Beach

Another one of our incredible road trips for the beach bums of America. Virginia Beach might be small in comparison to places like Cali or Florida, but it is absolutely gorgeous. The water is crystal blue, the white sand is perfect, and the pier food is some of the best eats you will ever come across in your life.

5. Texas

We’re sure when you see Texas, you just think of cowboys and farms and a lot of square-dancing. Well, you’re wrong! (Kind o f-Texas does have all those things too.) Houston and Dallas are home to some of the most creative, artistic people and places. They have everything from national parks to zoos, museums to aquariums, the Space Center, the Alamo, and some of the greatest musical venues in the country. Texans make one thing very clear- you don’t wanna mess with them… but we’re telling you that you definitely want to party with them!

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10 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

6. Canada

Don’t be afraid to sneak outside of the US for another one of our incredible road trips. Canada is actually a very beautiful place- more specifically Niagara Falls is a must-see, must-go-right-now road trip. Start off with the incredible light shows and Maid of the Mist boat ride under the falls first. Then venture around to all the amusement parks, aquariums, museums, etc. after that. If you’re looking for a gorgeous vacation spot, especially if your taking these incredible road trips with your partner, Niagara Falls crushes the competition.

10 Incredible Road Trips To Take This Summer

7. Maine

To be honest, most people prefer Maine in the Winter time because it’s so beautiful. However, Old Orchard Beach is one of the hottest spots on the East coast in the Summer. They even have roller coasters and amusement rides literally right on the beach. How awesome is that?! The pier has everything from food, bars, concerts all the way to clothes and tattoos, and then some! Also, there is a firework show every Wednesday night on the beach too. Go! Now!

Like we said, Summer 2019 is -your- time. Don’t waste it inside all season. Get out there and see the world while you can! Then when you get back you can comment below and let us know what incredible road trips you went on!

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