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5 Incredible Cruelty-Free Brands And Their Best Products

5 Incredible Cruelty-Free Brands And Their Best Products

5 Incredible Cruelty-Free Brands And Their Best Products

As consumers become increasingly conscientious about the companies they are choosing to buy from, cruelty-free brands and vegan makeup options are becoming more and more popular. When animal testing has been proven unnecessary for cosmetics, buying these cruelty-free products not only rewards you with a great look, but also one you can feel good about. You can easily search for a list of cruelty-free brands and try to opt for their products moving forward, but here are some guaranteed incredible purchases if you want to test the waters before going completely cruelty-free. From mascara and eye shadow to full-coverage foundation, you really can have it all in a completely ethical manner.

Tarte Cosmetics

This popular mid-range company is completely cruelty-free and they also have a wide array of vegan options in everything from face and eye makeup to deodorant and skincare products. One favorite is the Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint which comes in 26 different shades, applies smoothly, and lasts all day. For $20, you get a solid product and a timeless and effortlessly chic look without paying more for the cruelty-free label.



Another dependable brand is Smashbox. They are on the higher end of the scale and can be found in stores such as Sephora, but you definitely get what you pay for. Their Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation is an all-time favorite with intense coverage and powerful lasting power. At the $36 price point, it’s comparable to Mac foundations and some of Benefit’s foundations – both of which are not cruelty-free brands. For the same price and quality of product, supporting this cruelty-free brand results in full-coverage you can smile about.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna is known for shining brightly – both on stage and in her 100 percent cruelty free beauty line. While Fenty is known for its forty shades of foundation, it also boasts incredibly pigmented, stunning highlighters. The Kilowatt highlighter in Trophy Wife is a golden shade that provides an effortlessly sun-kissed look (that no animals had to suffer in the dark for!). This product is one of four metallic highlighters, but if you don’t want to drop $36 on such a bold choice, there are five more natural, champagne colored shades to choose from.

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e.l.f is a completely cruelty-free brand which just goes to show that cruelty-free does not have to mean expensive. While e.l.f provides an abundance of affordable cosmetics, one particular favorite is the Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow. This $4 product comes in six metallic shades which slide onto your eyelid easily and provide a lasting, glamorous look. With browns all the way to an almost silver shade, buy the whole collection and transform your day and night looks to cruelty-free knockouts. E.l.f. also does baked highlighters at this price point which are equally shimmery, subtle, and lovely for a day out.



Covergirl was a all-time favorite of mine that I stopped purchasing years ago because they weren’t a cruelty-free brand. That all changed last year when they became an official cruelty-free brand as certified by Cruelty Free International. Now, they offer the same affordable, stunning products and formulas in a completely ethical capacity. The bright orange tube of their Lash Blast Volume Mascara is now a staple of mine, providing length and volume in one fell (dramatic) swoop. This bold lash booster is available in three different shades as well as a waterproof version and usually comes to around $9 at drugstores.

Do you have any cruelty-free brands you love? Or have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section!

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