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Here Are 8 Incredible Chocolate Recipes You Need To Try ASAP

Here Are 8 Incredible Chocolate Recipes You Need To Try ASAP

It’s Saturday night and you’re about to divulge in your weekly Netflix binge, or you’re finally getting around to watching all those films you promised yourself you’d try out. Or, maybe it’s a weeknight and you’re looking for a decadent dessert to engorge your taste spuds in. And what is a perfect dessert without chocolate? So, here’s 8 chocolate recipes you need to try out! 

1. Fudgy Chewy Chocolate Brownie Cookies 

Nothing says snacking like some beautiful, chewy, oozy chocolate brownie bookies. These cookies from houseofnasheats are simple to make: about 10 minutes to prepare and 8 minutes to cook! Now that’s some prep time we could get used to! The secret to evenly sized cookies is to use an ice cream scoop to evenly distribute batter across the pan. These cookies look delicious and are guaranteed to be the face of your Instagram story!

chewy chocolate brownie cookies

2. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Crunch Doughnuts

Something very tempting about chocolate coated rice puffs … can you say crunchy, chocolatey goodness? These chocolate crunch doughnuts from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen are not only easy snacking, but the added bonus is that these are vegan! 3 ingredients, and no baking! Crunch, crunch, crunch these look absolutely mouthwatering and fit for your couch date! 

chocolate crunch doughnuts


3. Twix Cookies

Say what? Twix in cookie form? Yes please! These Twix cookies from Dinner at the Zoo are beautiful to look at and a great way to replicate the beloved chocolate bar. They’re light, airy and covered in caramel goodness. Save us a piece please! 

Twix Cookies

4. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Sick of the regular old hot chocolate on these colder nights? Why not try this frozen hot chocolate from Tastes Better From Scratch? They’re something like a chocolate milkshake but with all the chocolatey goodness of a hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream, chocolate curls or chocolate pieces! Let yourself go wild on the chocolate with this one! 

frozen hot chocolate


5. Salted Caramel Fudge Truffles 

These little fudge truffles are so petite and adorable we’re wondering whether we should really eat them or not! If you’re a fan of salted caramel, chocolate and fudge, then these salted caramel fudge truffles from Sweetest Menu are just made for you! Decadent, luxurious, rich and creamy, these could be a perfect date night in a snack. Or of course, a treat yourself recipe! 

salted caramel fudge truffles

6. Chocolate Coconut Caramel Bars 

What’s not to love about this recipe? Chocolate, coconut and caramel in one recipe? Yes, please! If you’re a fan of all these ingredients, then these chocolate coconut caramel bars from Half Baked Harvest are perfect for you! They can easily be made with vegan chocolate if that’s important to you, and don’t require any baking! Just make sure you chill them in the fridge for at least an hour! 

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chocolate coconut caramel bars

7. Chocolate Mug Cake

Now, this is what you came here for, right? An easy recipe to satisfy your chocolate cravings? Well, this chocolate mug cake from Just So Tasty is just what you need to get your chocolate fix in! Chocolate cake in a mug, and easily ‘baked’ in the microwave? Genius! Try it out and have your chocolate cake ready in literally five minutes! Now that’s amazing. 

chocolate mug cake


8. Chocolate Cupcake

We couldn’t finish this decadent list without at least one chocolate cupcake recipe, and this one from Cupcake Project is a perfect addition. The best part of a chocolate cupcake, of course, is the frosting, and this one looks absolutely divine, with a heavenly dollop of that goodness right on top. The creator of this cupcake recipe has a great selection of frosting recipes for you to choose from when making these cupcakes! 

perfect chocolate cupcake

Will you be trying out any of these chocolate recipes to satisfy your decadence cravings? Which one looks the most delicious to you? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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