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Incredible 90s Hairstyles You Can Rock Today

Many 90s hairstyles and fashion trends have been making a comeback in recent years, such as loose mom jeans, cardigans, bandanas, and many more. There are plenty of ways you can rock a retro look with your hair with just a few simple accessories or heating tools. Here are a few 90s hairstyles that we love that you can easily rock on an everyday basis.

The Skinny Fringe

This look was bound to make a comeback at some point. This look is classy but also slightly relaxed, with your hair pulled back in any form and pulling a few small sections out to dress it down slightly. This look is a classic and can be worn added on to almost any look where your hair is pulled back. I personally wear this consistently with my ponytails and messy buns.

Half Up, Half Down Styles

There are so many wearable looks that fall under this category that you can easily wear today. Whether you’re pulling off a half up top-knot, pigtails or a ponytail, this adorable look adds a bit of variation to a basic hair look and will pair well with any outfit. To add to the 90s look, add a scrunchie to hold up your bun or ponytail or add a bit of volume to your fringe. 

Crimped Hair

This look was everywhere in the 90s and gave people a very unique and creative look. With the big statement fashion trends you see these days, crimped hair has made a comeback and gives people that same creative look while also giving off a more retro vibe. People would achieve their crimped looks with a crimping iron, but you can also french braid wet hair in order to achieve a similar look without the heat damage. 

High Ponytail With A Scrunchie

This look is classic 90s and very easy to rock on an everyday basis. Although it might seem like a simple look, there are many ways you can make the look your own by curling your ponytail, adding additional volume, and pulling hair strands out in the front to achieve that skinny fringe look. You can also dress this look up with your scrunchie and add a bright colored or patterned scrunchie. This also gives you an opportunity to match your scrunchie with your outfit to create a more cohesive outfit. 

Banded Pigtails

Also known as bubble pigtails, this hairstyle was huge back in the 90s and is extremely cute and playful when worn today. This is a popular hairstyle for people to wear at music festivals and other high-fashion events. In order to pull this look off, you just need a couple of small clear hair elastics to secure around your pigtails to create that bubbly and fun look. You can leave the bubbles looking smooth and chic for a fun party look or mess up the hair a bit in order to create a more undone, modern look.

Natural Hair With Clips Or Barrettes

Hair accessories like clips and barrettes were hugely popular back in the 90s, as they were a cute and simple way to keep your hair out of your face while still wearing your hair down. This look has made a comeback recently, with people incorporating colorful butterfly clips or barrettes into their hairstyle. These clips add a youthful, girly look to your natural hair and are still very functional to keep your hair out of your face.

Top Knot Messy Bun

This look is a classic and has been around for years, but was very commonly worn in the 90s. This hairstyle is very fun and there are several ways you can dress it up or down. You can make any top knot bun slightly messy by making your bun a bit looser, or pulling small sections of hair out of the bun. You can also bring back the skinny fringe to help frame your face a bit more. To make this hairstyle even more 90s, you can finish off your top knot messy bun with a fun scrunchie. 

See Also

The Middle Part

For the last decade or so, voluminous side parts were the huge thing. Nowadays, you see more and more people rocking a middle part, whether their hair is down or in a ponytail. The sleek side part helps symmetrically frame your face and makes any look more classy and sophisticated. Models and celebrities are constantly seen with a middle part, and it is extremely easy to pull this off and combine it with any of your hairstyles. Even if you normally part your hair to the side, try switching it up and give the middle part a try.

Two Side Buns

Side buns, also known as space buns, are a huge festival trend and were a huge trend back in the 90s. You can wear all of your hair in two side buns or you can pull it off with a half up, half down look. You can also pair this look with 90s accessories to make your hairstyle even more retro, such as scrunchies, scarves and barrettes. Even if you’re not attending a festival, this fun and playful hairstyle is perfect for a weekend daytime adventure or a lunch date with your friends.

Short Bangs

Bangs have made a huge comeback in the last year as people want to make a simple, but showstopping change to their look. Many people who have cut their bangs opted for a shorter look, which is one of the many classic 90s hairstyles. This look could be super cute and fun, but could also be tossed with some products to create a messy, more grunge look. Grunge men and women from the 90s were not afraid to take a risk with their hair, and that energy is coming back as more people opt to cut their own bangs. 

90s hairstyles are extremely wearable and add a super cute and retro vibe to whatever look you’re wearing. I hope this list opened your eyes to how many trendy hairstyles stemmed from such an iconic decade in the fashion and hair industries.

Lara Hill

Lara Hill is a senior Public Relations major at Emerson College from Groton, Massachusetts. She has contributed to several college publications, holding multiple editing positions and focusing mainly on sports journalism. When she is not in class or writing, she loves to sail, watch sports with her friends and family, sing with her sisters, and play with her dog, Cassie.

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