10 Important Topics To Talk About With Your Partner

10 Important Topics To Talk About With Your Partner

A lot of people are at a loss on what to talk about after you have dated someone for some time. It can be quite difficult to gauge what needs to be talked about and what you want to talk about. This article presents a few important topics ideas for you to discuss with your partner to answer some questions that may have been at the back of your subconscious. 

10 Important Topics To Talk About With Your Parnter

1) Goals

Knowing our partner’s goals is the best way to know where you fit in their life in the future. The easiest way to ask this is the old line: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” If you and your partner’s relationship is still fresh this is still an effective way to see if you want to continue dating them or not, because you will see their values and if yours matches theirs. This is an important topic because it can also give you an idea of how ambitious your partner is or isn’t. 

2) Sex

Many couples make avoid this topic out of fear. The biggest way to get rid of this fear is to just bite the bullet, but once you know to alleviates all the pressure you put on yourself. You cannot fulfill or satisfy your partner when do you know how they view sex or even what they like. Not talking about sex with them also a disservice to yourself. Voicing what you would like with sex or things to try is just as important as pleasing your partner.

3) Aspirations/ Dreams

Talking to your partner about all your dreams and aspirations is probably one of the most intimate things you can do. Sometimes we as people have a fear of sharing parts of ourselves with others. Expressing your dreams to your partner make seem small, but when they give you the push you need or valid your aspirations it can give us the boost of confidence that we need. Suddenly everything that we thought was impossible or just a dream does not seem like a dream anymore. It will seem more tangible. Who knows, maybe they could help you fulfill your dream in some way.

10 Important Topics To Talk About With Your Partner

4) Who do they admire?

A big part of knowing somebody is knowing people they admire. If you think about your role models, they are an indirect view of your interests and values. We sometimes even emulate people that we look up to. Over time, you can adopt certain characteristics from people that you admire. Knowing your partner admires is a good indicator of how they could evolve as a person in the future. 

5) Childhood/ Past

Understanding and speaking your partner’s childhood can be very beneficial for you. Whether it was good or bad, it is nice to know what your partner was like as a child, or even in their younger teen years. People tend to grow and change over time, so it will be interesting to hear about how your partner was in the past.

6) How they handle $$

If you and your partner have talked about sharing a living space together or some other form of long-term commitment it would be in your best interest to talk about money, specifically how they handle their money. I am not saying you are going to marry this person, but financial issues are one of the leading causing of divorce in our country. If you and your partner are that serious about each other, it would be poor judgment not to discuss finances as well.

10 Important Topics To Talk About With Your Partner

7) Reminiscence about the early stage

Reminiscence about the old days can give you and your partner something to talk about. It does not have to be anything super far away. You guys could reminiscence about your first date, the first time you experienced something together, the first time you guys met, and/or your impressions of each other. It can also be fun to hear how accurate or how inaccurate you both were.

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8) Their friends/ family

When you bring up talking about your partner’s friends and family, that could show that you have an interest in their personal life. This is a good thing to do even if you are short-term. It shows you have an interest in their life. It could also give you a clue on how they behave around others. As the long term says, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Knowing your partner’s company can clue you in on the type of guy he is. Discussing friends and family is one of the important topics because their inner circle is an excellent way to notice and understand why your partner is the way they are. Your family and close friends mold and shape the person you become over time. 

9) Politics

This is one of those no-nos that everyone tells you not to talk about on the first date, but what about the 10th date? The end goal should not be to only date someone within your pollical affiliation. Politics is a very heated subject, but it is important to know what your partner believes in and stands for. If you both approach this topic with an open mind and not trying to sway the other person then you both could learn a lot.

10) Your Future together

If you have been dating your partner for a while now and you want to know what your future will look like, then you should just ask. You will never know if you do not ask. A lot of folks would be scared to bring this topic up, but it is better to know than to assume. Discussing the future of your relationship is an important topic because it could potentially eliminate a lot of anxiety about your relationship. Even if your partner and you are still unsure, at least you guys have both discussed it, and now you both are going to be thinking about it.

Are you going to discuss any of these important topics with your partner? Is there something we could add? 

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