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8 Important Self-Care Tips To Keep In Mind During Finals

When you’re a college student, finals are arguably the most stressful time of the year. Even though we’re all struggling to keep our heads above water, self-care is still a very important thing to keep in mind. Here are eight tips to help you prioritize self-care and love during your busy week of finals!

1. Eat well

Hundreds of studies have shown us that food is incredibly important in allowing our brains to function properly. Good nutrition has been proven to help students learn better and is essential for proper focus, memory, and mood.

In college, it can be particularly hard to eat well; healthy foods tend to be more expensive, and often times if you’re eating in your school’s dining hall, there probably aren’t many options available. However, simply eating healthier foods will help your brain function better during exams.

Fruits, vegetables, and proteins are especially necessary for sustaining energy throughout the week. By eating food that is good for you (rather than cheap junk), you can give yourself the energy you need to make it through finals and show your body some love!

2. Keep your room/desk tidy

Having a cluttered room or workspace can feel super overwhelming and can cause your motivation to go down and your stress levels to go up. I know that everything already seems very overwhelming during finals, but I promise that by taking just a few minutes to clean up your room and your desk, you’re showing a lot of love to yourself and caring for your mind.

This doesn’t have to be a deep clean by any means; just take five minutes before you start studying to put clothes away, reorganize your workspace, and make your bed. I can guarantee that this will instantly make you feel more put together, and then you’ll be able to focus on your work and not on your messy room.

3. Prioritize hygiene

Sometimes, a simple shower or bath can do wonders for your mental health. This can be a nice, long, luxurious shower or bath, too; don’t be afraid to take some relaxation time for yourself!

Feeling clean and ready for the day ahead (or for a good night’s sleep) will help increase your motivation and make you feel well taken care of. Add in a face mask afterward and you’re golden!

4. Call or FaceTime a loved one

I’ve found that just talking to my mom over the phone can be really helpful when I’m feeling stressed. Hopefully you have at least one person in your life that can help you feel a bit better when you’re down, and I urge you to reach out to them during finals as an act of self-love.

Self-care can be hard when you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed, and it’s okay to ask someone else for help. Just talking to someone you love for a few minutes on a study break can help boost your mood and make you feel rejuvenated.

Remember, self-care is simply knowing what you need to feel loved and taken care of! Whether it’s doing this on your own or utilizing your friends and family, a positive message is always helpful.

5. Do a quick workout or yoga routine

Finals are an incredibly busy time and working out might not be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list (or it might not even be on there at all). However, making time for a quick and simple workout or yoga routine will do wonders for your mood, motivation, and energy.

We all know that exercise gives us endorphins, and endorphins make us happy; this is crucial to remember especially during stressful times! While being active may be the last thing in the world you want to do during finals, getting in a 15-minute cardio routine or doing just 10 minutes of yoga in the morning will help you feel more energized and prepared to take on those papers and exams.

6. Get at least eight hours of sleep

It’s suggested that college students need about 8-10 hours of sleep every night in order to function properly. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen and many of us (including myself) don’t always think of sleep as self-care.

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Good sleep is very important for cognitive health, and that means it’s even more important during finals. Even though it might be hard, try to get to bed early enough so that you can get at least eight hours of sleep.

This is a way of showing love to your brain and body and will help you sustain energy throughout those long exams and study sessions.

7. Spend some time outside

No matter where you go to school, chances are that you’re able to get outside every day. It can be tempting to spend your last week or so of the semester locked in your room studying or writing papers but getting some fresh air at least once a day is a great way to take care of yourself.

Whether it’s cold or warm, sunny or rainy, spending time outdoors will give you more energy and leave you feeling a bit happier and more motivated. It’s also a good way to give yourself a break from studying or from taking exams.

8. Don’t stop having fun!

While finals are important and good grades are crucial for your future, it’s also important to remember that you’re still in college and it’s okay to take breaks and have a good time.

If you have a big exam coming up, study hard but take breaks in between and hang out with friends or watch your favorite show and just relax. This is actually the best way to retain information; cramming is a much worse method than intermittent studying over a longer period of time.

College is supposed to be fun! Finals can be stressful, but one to practice self-care is by not putting so much pressure on yourself and taking the time to rest, too.

During finals, remember to keep in mind that self-care is still important and that showing love to yourself matters more than a grade. Let us know which self-care tips are your favorite in the comments below!

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