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Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP

Immersive bars are on the rise, and we are all here for it. Immersive bars are more than just a themed bar; it is an experience. Think costumes, decor, music, drinks, and more! Immersive bars are the new best thing to do on a night out because they tend to be more fun and interactive than standard bars. 

And since immersive bars are becoming so popular, cities seem to be adding them in left and right. While many immersive bars are pop-ups and are temporary, there are lots of permanent immersive bars you can visit right now! Check your state and see if there are any immersive bars in your area!


1. The Shelter Cocktail Lounge (Tucson)

Next time you’re in Arizona or in the area, make sure to check out this vintage-themed bar designed to look like a fall-out shelter. This immersive bar has lots of vintage ’60s memorabilia and pinball machines to keep you occupied while in the sanctuary! This bar is famous for its unique atmosphere, low prices, and quality happy hour!


Address: 4155 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


1. Beetle House LA (Los Angeles)

If you’re a fan of Halloween, this is the bar for you! Beetle House LA pays tribute to the man who made Halloween what it is, Tim Burton. The immersive bar also pays tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stroker, Washington Irving, and Edgar Allen Poe, just to name a few. 


Beetle House LA is one of the most immersive bars you can visit with themed drinks and food, a gothic atmosphere, and everyone is in costume, so make sure to dress the part!

Address: 1714 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


2. The Edison (Los Angeles)

Not only is The Edison themed, but it is also a renovated power plant that only adds to the experience! The steam-punk themed bar has one of the coolest atmospheres in downtown LA, and the actual location is something everyone should see. The bar is on the more pricy side, but you should definitely check it out for a date night or special occasion!

Address: 108 W 2nd St #101, Los Angeles, CA 90012

3. Redwood Bar and Grill (Los Angeles)

If Captain Jack Sparrow had a favorite bar, the Redwood Bar and Grill would definitely be it. This immersive bar in LA has a pirate theme, and the actual bar itself looks like it is on a sunken ship. The bar is known for its themed menu and drink selection and, of course, its unbeatable atmosphere. 


As an added bonus, you can book a table on Open Table to guarantee a spot for you and your friends!

Address: 316 W 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

4. Black Rabbit Rose (Los Angeles)

At first glance, you’d never know that Black Rabbit Rose is even a place. This hole-in-the-wall bar is one of the best experiences in LA and is perfect for a night out! The bar itself resembles a 1920s speakeasy with impressive and unique drinks.


If you’re looking for drinks and a show, look no further! The bar also doubles as a magic show for those who want to participate. The acts are phenomenal and fun, and you will want to be a regular to the bar once you’ve gone!

Address: 1719 N Hudson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


5. Three Broomsticks (Los Angeles)

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter (and who isn’t?) one of the best immersive bars is Three Broomsticks located in Harry Potter World in Universal Studios LA. Yes, you do need to be in the park to access it, but the park and the bar will be totally worth it for you!

Three Broomsticks looks like a bar right out of the books and the films, and they serve food and drinks that match their Harry Potter theme. Ever want to try Butterbeer? Now you can!

Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608



1. The Cruise Room (Denver)

The best theme for any bar is a Prohibition theme, and that’s exactly what The Cruise Room is except only better! This bar in Denver started up in 1933 and is one of the city’s longest-standing bars. So not only is it themed, but it is also authentic. This historic bar’s architecture and decorating are gorgeous and a definite must-visit!

Address: 1600 17th St, Denver, CO 80202

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP



1. Conspiracy (Middletown)

Another bar inspired by the pre-Prohibition era, Conspiracy is one of the best immersive bars in Connecticut! While space in the bar is limited and reservations are recommended, you won’t regret putting your name on the list! This classy bar is perfect for an authentic Prohibition feel, and the drinks are fantastic!

Address: 350 Main St, Middletown, CT 06457


1. Moe’s Tavern (Orlando)

Any fan of The Simpsons will probably already be familiar with this bar in Orlando, Florida. But if not, now you know that there is, in fact, an immersive bar inspired by The Simpsons! This bar has some of the most iconic food and drinks from the show, including Homer’s favorite, Duff Beer. The tavern does offer alcoholic beverages, but it also serves yummy food perfect for the whole family!


Address: Exposition Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

2. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar (Orlando)

Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic films in movie history, so it only makes sense that there is a “dive” bar themed after it! This bar located in Walt Disney World is a 1940s hang-glider turned bar, and you will instantly be transported into a whole different world!

Address: Pleasure Island Boat Dock, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


3. AbracadBar (Orlando)

Another bar located in Walt Disney World, the AbracadBar is a must-visit for magic lovers everywhere! This bar is one of the most immersive bars in Walt Disney World with fun themed drinks and an incredible atmosphere. Next time you visit Orlando, be sure to check out this incredible bar!

Address: 2101 Epcot Resorts Blvd, Orlando, FL 32830

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP



1. Little Trouble (Atlanta, Georgia)

While this bar may be slightly more pricy than your average bar, Little Trouble in Atlanta, Georgia, is worth every penny! Little Trouble was inspired by Blade Runner, and the atmosphere totally reflects that with a futuristic feel and themed food and drinks. Transport yourself into the Blade Runner future and have an unforgettable experience!

Address: 1170 Howell Mill Rd NW Suite P-10C, Atlanta, GA 30318


1. SafeHouse (Chicago)

Named one of the most unique and immersive bars in Chicago, SafeHouse is a must-visit for anyone in or visiting the area! This spy-themed bar welcomes guests of all ages and transports them into the world of espionage. The bar itself will not let you enter without the secret password, but don’t worry! If you don’t know it or can’t figure it out, they will still let you in after you take a fun quiz! Most people say the challenge to get in is part of the fun, so even if you know the password, you should do the challenge anyway!


Address: 60 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


1. Cheers (Boston)

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. Lucky for you, there’s a bar for that, and you may have heard of it. While many people think this iconic bar was modeled after the famous TV show Cheers, it’s actually the other way around! The TV show was modeled after the renowned bar Cheers in Boston! So while this isn’t technically an immersive bar on purpose, it definitely can be if you’re a fan of the TV show! Step into the world of Cheers and have a beer at the place people go to feel like they belong!


Address: 84 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108


1. Mad Hatter Bistro (Birmingham)

Alice in Wonderland tends to be a common theme amongst immersive bars but the one in Birmingham, Michigan, is one that definitely stands out! This high-concept bar is modeled and themed after one of the most psychedelic stories in history, and the bar definitely channels that perfectly! 

What’s cool about this bar is that it also doubles as a restaurant and they do weekend brunch, and the restaurant itself is totally kid-friendly! Their brunch menu features many themed meals such as a Mad Queen’s Omlet and a Mad Hatter Breakfast Burger. But if you’re going for the bar, be sure to go to the Mad Hatter Happy Hour and get $2 off on cocktails and $1 off on all Draft beers!


Address: 185 N Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, MI 48009

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


1. Prison Brews (Jefferson City)

With a 4.3/5 rating on Yelp, Prison Brews is one of the most unique microbrewing experiences in Jefferson City! Not only are the drinks phenomenal, but the prison-theme is something incredibly unique that you will only find in Missouri. The food is also extremely inexpensive, and the staff is said to be one of the best around! You’ll be wanting to stay in jail instead of leaving it!


Address: 305 Ash St, Jefferson City, MO 65101

2. The Haunt (St. Louis)

If you’re a horror movie fan, then The Haunt located in St. Louis, Missouri, will be your next favorite bar! Many people love this bar because it is laid back and has a small-town feel while also being very themed out and immersive. The bar is also said to have fantastic food and drinks for a very low price with some of the best pizza around. Horror, inexpensive alcohol, and great pizza? What more can you ask for?

Address: 5000 Alaska Ave, St. Louis, MO 63111


3. Thaxton Speakeasy (St. Louis)

Thaxton Speakeasy is a gorgeous nightspot located in St. Louis that is one of the only password protected bars. To get the password, all you have to do is sign up to be on The List found on the website. When you have the password, your cover charge is less, so why wouldn’t you sign up? Experience some beautiful art deco and phenomenal drinks and be a part of Gatsby’s private party!

Address: 1009 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63101

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP



1. Millennium Fandom (Los Vegas)

Las Vegas is known for their bar scene, so it only makes sense that they have some of the most immersive bars around! Perfect for nerds, geeks, and fans everywhere, the Millennium Fandom is a spacious bar for a fun time with drinks, games, trivia, and more! Millennium Fandom knows their audience and will have themed nights for big TV shows such as Game of Thrones (RIP) and movie nights. 

Not only is the bar a super fun place for young adults, but it is also decorated in such a unique way that even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars or comic books, you will still have lots of fun and enjoy the experience! 

Address: 900 S Las Vegas Blvd #140, Las Vegas, NV 89101


Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP

2. The Golden Tiki

Cities everywhere have tiki-themed bars, but The Golden Tiki in Las Vegas is by far one of the best. This is one of the best-reviewed immersive bars, according to Google and for a good reason! Not only is this bar open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but they also commit to their theme. When you walk in, this bar will totally immerse you making you feel like you just stepped off the plane to Hawaii. The bar is completely decked out like an adult version of The Tiki Room, The Rainforest Cafe, or The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. Enjoy quality drinks and entertainment all night long, and you will find yourself becoming a regular! 

Address: 3939 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102


Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP

New York

1. McGee’s Pub (New York)

Maybe you will meet the future mother or father of your kids at this How I Met Your Mother inspired bar in New York! Any fan of HIMYM would recognize the iconic bar the friends frequent in the show, and if you say you never wanted to go, you’re lying. Lucky for you, you can now visit the famous pub and transport yourself into the show!

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For anyone who didn’t watch the show, this might not seem like an immersive bar experience. However, if you did watch the show, you will be totally obsessed with this spot! Either way, the bar is a fun place for watches and non-watchers to visit! Grab a booth and make sure no one takes it from you… you know if you know…

Address: 240 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP 


2. The Way Station (Brooklyn)

With the affectionate second name as the “Nerd Bar,” the way station is perfect for nerds and geeks everywhere who want to experience an authentic Dr. Who night out! This bar is not only Dr. Who themed but also steampunk, so it’s a fun experience for everyone, not just Dr. Who fans (although that does add to the fun if you are)! Try out some themed drinks from one of the many costumed bartenders and listen to some great live music from local bands!

Address: 683 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

3. Beetle House (New York)

*See Beetle House, LA above for more information*


Address: 308 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003

4. Jekyll and Hyde Club (New York)

Said to be one of New Yorks only haunted bars, the Jekyll and Hyde Club is a must-visit for anyone in or visiting the area! The bar definitely took full advantage of its title and created one of the most immersive bars you can visit in New York! Not only is the decor themed, but the food and drinks are as well! Try out some of their signature cocktails such as The Bermuda Triangle, Twin Sisters, or Death By Poison. If nothing else, visit this bar during October to really get into the Halloween spirit!

Address: 91 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014


Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP

5. Apotheke (New York)

Maybe you weren’t so great in chemistry at school, but at Apotheke, chemistry will become your new favorite subject! Pharmacists are your bartenders, and they will create some of the most unique and yummy drinks you’ve ever seen or tried. Their menu is formatted to look like medications or shots you might get at the doctor, but they are nothing to be afraid of! With drink categories such as Pain Killers, Stimulants, and Aphrodisiacs, there’s something for everyone at Apotheke in New York.

Address: 9 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013


Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


1. Overlook Lodge (Cincinnati)

Even though The Shining takes place in Colorado, Cincinnati has an incredible bar that really captures the Overlook Hotel vibe. All work and no play can make you a very dull person, so go to the Overlook Lodge to have some fun! While the bar isn’t exactly inspired by the creepy side of The Shining, it does take after the rustic feel of the Overlook Hotel. Try out some signature craft cocktails and look for the hidden REDRUM markings while you’re there!

Address:  6083 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45213


2. The Dark Room (Broadview Heights)

There must be something in the water in Ohio because most of their immersive bars are inspired by horror movies and The Dark Room is no different! The Dark Room is inspired by all things horror and has drinks to match that such as the Crystal Lake, Jack Skellington, and the Frankenstein. Join the bar for fun themed nights on Friday the 13th and Halloween as they go all out for the special occasions!

Address: 1100 W Royalton Rd # I, Broadview Heights, OH 44147

3. Funhouse (Cleveland)

The circus can be a little scary, but that’s what makes the Funhouse in Cleveland so unique! This circus-themed bar looks like you’re stepping right into the big tent and are about to be surrounded by animals, clowns, and maybe even a freak show. At the same time, this bar has a fun nostalgic feel that makes this a fun place to frequent and get some fun themed drinks that everyone will enjoy!


Address: 1539 W 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44107


1. The Lovecraft Bar (Portland)

One of the most famous horror-themed bars is located in Portland, and it is a crowd favorite! With almost a 5 star review on Google, the Lovecraft bar is said to be one of the most fun and immersive bars you will ever visit! The bar itself has a gothic noir vibe to it, and it feels very Halloween. Not only is the bar decked out but the themed drinks are to die for with some horror-inspired names like Sleepy Hollow, Grim Grinning Ghost, and Romeo’s Distress. The staff is also said to be extremely kind and welcoming, which just adds to the fantastic experience!

Address: 421 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214


Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP


1. Mad Rex Restaurant and Virtual Reality Lounge (Philadelphia)

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Philly, look no further than the Mad Rex Resturant and Virtual Reality Lounge. This post-apocalyptic themed bar is one-of-a-kind with an incredible atmosphere. The bar itself feels like an outpost, and you can even participate in virtual reality experiences while enjoying amazing themed cocktails. The experiences you will have at this bar are unlike any other and should be on everyone’s pre-apocalyptic bucket list!

Address: 1000 Frankford Ave #1, Philadelphia, PA 19125


South Carolina

1. The Chemist (Myrtle Beach)

Similar to Apotheke in New York, The Chemist in Myrtle Beach will make chemistry your new favorite subject. The Chemist has a laboratory theme with lots of sciency references such as the periodic table… you know that thing you were supposed to memorize once upon a time? But what really sets this bar apart from the rest are the themed drinks! The bar serves classic beer and wine but also has fun cocktails such as the Flux Capacitor, Sixth Element, and the Labtini!

Address: 300 9th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Immersive Bars You Need To Visit ASAP



1. SafeHouse (Milwaukee)

*See SafeHouse, IL for more information*

Address: 779 N Front St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Is there an immersive bar in your city that we left out? Would you visit any of these places?

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