I’m A Millennial And I Feel So Out Of Place For My Age

Being in the millennial generation is a lot different than all the other generations. These days it is all about social media and your status.

Being a millennial comes with a lot of judgement. We don’t want to work hard, we look for an easy way out, we’re not committed to anything and so much more on what people have to say about “US” millennial’s. I am here to tell you that I am none of those things, I am very committed in my work, friendships and relationships.

When it comes to my work ethic, I am a hard-working individual and enjoy working hard, not only for my employer but for myself. I pride myself on being a great employee and to not be taken as seriously as someone else or to be pre-judged because I was born into a certain generation is just not fair.

 1. Most people know all too well that our commitment to relationships is failing.

Our tendencies to make things work are broken. We live in a world of games and the price to pay is your heart. Again, this the type of behavior is not something that I can relate to.  I love, love and to live in a time where love may not be possible is heartbreaking. People don’t commit themselves to a challenging situation anymore, whether that be your work or relationships. They are only looking out for number one, themselves.

We live in a “Click” society that wants to fast forward through the difficult times and learning periods. We want everything now, there is no patience and why should there be? We have become accustomed to fast food, fast internet etc. I do have to admit I am at fault there, I do want everything now but I try set myself up with building blocks to get me where I want to be later in life, most people my age just expect greatness. They think that they are good enough the way they are with no need for change. They expect to make a millions of dollars even though they have little no experience in whatever it is they think they can make good money in and they demand respect right out of the gate, especially without paying it forward.

2. Another millennial trait that I just cannot seem to adhere too is technology.

I have a blackberry for god sakes (although I happen to love it.) I just got online banking a year ago, I do not have any game apps on my phone, I hate texting and being on my phone and I don’t have a twitter account, I don’t know how to use most things that are technological. I’m like an 80-year-old woman living in a 25-year old’s body, these technology luxuries just don’t excite me.

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3. The most depressing trait of being an out of place millennial though, is the music.

Now I don’t believe I am the only one who can attest to the shitty music that has come out over the decades but man how I feel sorry for those generations who will not know good music. Music today is not real, it is computerized and has no soul. They don’t make music like they did back then and now all we have is bad rap and electronic music you can’t get into, everything sounds the same!

I know that not every millennial is the same (obviously) but there are many people out there that I cannot relate to my own age, my best friends are my parents and I’m okay with that! As some would say it, it is that I have an old soul and for that I’m not sure what my future brings. I know I need to get with the times and catch up but I just don’t want to and I am not the only one, there are a handful of us that feel out of place here. So, for you millennial’s that feel out of place in this 2018 society, know that you’re not alone and your old soul bring uniqueness and character into the generations to come.

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