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I’m A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

I’m A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

Here are some dating tips for women given by a guy. These tips will give you clarity and give you a look inside the mind of a man.

When dating you probably seek advice from the people you trust the most, be it your girlfriends, sister, mum or online magazines. It’s always good to look at the bigger picture and hear from other perspectives when you’re looking forward to improving your love life. Women are often deemed as being “too complicated”, but in reality, men are exactly the same. If you call us too much you’re pushy, if you don’t do it, you’re cold. It’s a complex game to play and often, you can feel unsatisfied by the outcome. If you wish to improve your dating game, why not entering in the male psyche and get advise from a guy himself? These are my dating tips for women.

1. Be Bold

Make the first move, be bold. When at a pub, club or any other social setting, don’t wait for a man to approach you; take the lead. It’s the 21st century and we do love when women are this confident, it’s hot. Sometimes men are oblivious to obvious signs, other times they just think you are out of their league and silence is just a self-defense mechanism. By taking the first step, you show your interest and personality, which is definitely a plus.

I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

2. Keep An Open Mind

In this modern age of tinder, is easy to go out there and find yourself the serious relationship you’ve been looking for. Honesty is important, so, if you are looking for a serious, committed relationship, don’t be afraid to say so and pursuit. While you’re at it, don’t forget that is hard for a lad to meet all the characteristics you’re looking for. If you don’t’ feel the spark right at the first meeting or can’t find that something you want in him, don’t just pass him. Take the time to meet him first and something else can happen.

I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

3. Talk About What You Like

A great way to bond is to talk about your hobbies and all the things you like, it also prevents awkward silences. You’re giving a taste of your personality and sharing a part of your life, which also helps us to relax and feel like you’re somebody we can talk to. Don’t keep quiet or omit stuff about yourself because you think you’re acting like the kind of woman he wants. That’s though work and not realistic, so yes, although it sounds cliche, just be yourself.

I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

4. Do Your Own Thing

You got a new boyfriend or you’re at the early stages of dating. It’s understandable you want to spend as much time as possible with him, but don’t overdo it and don’t make him the centre of your world. Men (with exceptions, of course) like to do their own thing, have time for themselves and their mates and we want women who like to do their own thing as well. So balance your time between your relationship, your friendships, work, and the time you spend on your own.

I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

5. Don’t Call Every day

It’s not only men, people in general don’t like to feel like they’re wearing a leash and you certainly don’t want to be the person holding it. If you haven’t heard from him for several hours or perhaps a day, is tempting to call for updates, but you should just wait. If he hasn’t heard from you in a while, he will call you. And if he doesn’t, maybe he’s not that interested and you should start rethinking your options.

I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

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6. Forget About The Past

The past is in the past and it should stay there. You have had past relationships that were amazing or perhaps terrible, and they ended after leaving a mark in our lives. The lad you’re dating know doesn’t want to hear about your exes, trust me. He wants to focus on the present, but most importantly, he wants you to focus on him. So leave the exes talk for much later, when you know each other better and there’s trust between you two.

I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

7. Speak If Things Aren’t Working

Honesty is key in any kind of relationship. If you think things aren’t working and you are not a good match for each other, just say so. Don’t ghost your problems away, that isn’t nice and nobody likes being ghosted. Have a proper talk and he will understand.


I'm A Guy, And These Are My Dating Tips For Women

Can you think of any other dating tips for women? Tell us in the comments below!

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