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I’m A Former Sugar Baby And This Is What You Need To Know

I’m A Former Sugar Baby And This Is What You Need To Know

A lot of people don't truly understand what it's like being a part of the sugar baby and sugar daddy community.This is everything you need to know.

People hear the term “sugar baby” and they instantly think about a younger person having sex for money. While there may be sex involved on some occasions and a sugar daddy is older, that’s not all it is. It’s also not this magical world where young girls are being taken on flights every week in return for sex. I was a former sugar baby and this is really what you need to know about the business.

I'm A Former Sugar Baby And This Is What You Need To Know

It takes a lot of strategic planning

You don’t just sign up to every sugar daddy website and sit back as the clients pour in. You have to do a lot of research and find the type of men that align with your rules and guidelines. To be the highest paid sugar baby, you also need to be in places where sugar daddies are likely to go. These kind of places are high-end bars, fancy restaurants, corporate events, etc. If you are taking this serious as a job, you want to invest the time so that you can get the highest quality clients. You also have to make yourself desirable to the right crowd of men. It’s all about your image, interests, aspirations, etc.

It can take months to actually get a client

When I started out as a sugar baby, it was so frustrating to deal with the type of sugar daddies I was communicating with. Many were just there to ask for nudes and play a lot of games. I also had a big issue with a lot of men backing out of dates, which is annoying if you have other responsibilities like college or a job.

Getting emotionally invested is more common than you think

The fourth man that I dated was the sweetest and most handsome man I had ever been on a date with. We would meet up twice a week and I felt myself falling for him. He definitely started to see it because after 6 months of seeing each other multiple times a week, he suddenly decided to end our arrangement. It was really heartbreaking for me. After that I tried not to get emotionally connected to the clients, but it’s hard when there is a genuine connection between you. Just remember that this is business dating, not serious relationship hunting.

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Many men are married

That was always the biggest no no for me. It was a deal breaker if the client was married. They will try to hide it a lot of time, but you can always pick out the married ones.

The pay is NOT always thousands of dollars

Many stories you will read will tell you that women are getting paid over +$10,000 a month when in reality, that’s not always the case. Some women, who invest ALL of their time, do end up making that much money. There are also some cases where women will land some very rich clients. But, for most, it isn’t going to be over $10,000 a month.

Sex isn’t always expected

If you are going into the sugar baby business looking to strictly be an emotional companion rather than a physical one, you need to state that on your profile. You also need to remind clients you are not interested in sex. Always put your rules on the table before meeting anyone.

Never take any form of payment other than cash

Any sugar baby can tell you that they have gotten screwed out of pay. It is the worst feeling ever, especially if you do have sex with a client. You wouldn’t believe how often it happens. Let anyone you meet know that you want cash and you want it present when you meet…no later payments.

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You will have a client “ghost” you at some point

Never expect your client to pay you forever. While there is a chance that you may keep them with you for a long time, you never know when they will ghost you and disappear completely. Always have a back up plan or another client on board if this is going to be your only source of income.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the lifestyle

Money and time play a big part in becoming overwhelmed. Some people have trouble saving and managing the money they are making. Others have trouble with giving all of their time to the job. Whatever the issue may be, you need to step back and remember that this is just a job. The money isn’t going to last forever, and you started this job with an end goal. If you are trying to get money to pay for loans, save it. If you are trying to network with corporate men, do it, but don’t let it be the only way you’re networking.

You can stop at any time

Some women come into this business in it for the long haul, while others do it for some quick cash. If at any point you feel like you want out, it’s very easy to stop. Delete your profiles, change your number if you have it, and move on.

I was a sugar baby for a little over 7 years and it was truly such a great experience for me. There were times that i was screwed out of money, had my heart broken, became overwhelmed, and lost myself. But, I also gained tons of insight, met amazing people who I can truly call friends, and received enough money to help jump start my career.

Have you been a sugar baby? Share your experience in the comments below!

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