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I’ll Tell You The Truth: Post Grad Sucks

I’ll Tell You The Truth: Post Grad Sucks

Post grad sucks. There's no way of getting around it. That's just how it is. Let me tell you why life after college totally blows.

Graduating from college is an amazing accomplishment and milestone. We’re all happy after overcoming sleepless nights and numerous annoying group projects. After walking off that stage and getting your diploma, life hits you immediately. You’re thinking “What the hell do i do next!” It’s time to job hunt and embark on the feared final stage of growing up called Adulting. Adulting sucks for most Post Grads because you have all these pressures and stress trying to bring you down. Whether its the stress of excelling in your career or settling down and having a family. Post Grads have to worry about student loans which can mess up the process of them getting a house or having a high credit score. I wish time travel existed so I can relive my undergrad years. The stress of school was slightly easier than the stress of being a post grad. I have been catching major L’s since post grad! Here’s a Why I Thinking Post Grad Life Sucks!

Post Grad = Paying Back Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae is no joke, we’ve all filled out the repayment form and realized how much we owe. The idea of having major student loan debt has become a conversation starter for dates and outing with friends. My friends and I tend to compare the amounts we owe. You gotta have a job or generous family members to help pay back your debt. Use that six month grace period carefully! If you have to work odd jobs or rack up a bunch of paid internships to help make payments. Missing a payment will mess up your credit. Apply for deferment, if you can’t pay on time. Majority of post grads have a love and hate relationship with Sallie Mae. She helps you build your credit but she can also fuck it up. This is a reason why post grad sucks.

I'll Tell You The Truth: Post Grad Sucks

Struggling To Maintain Friendships

Depending on where you went to school, there’s a chance your friends will either move back home or to another city. Its hard enough to make friends as an adult due to people either being flaky or busy watching Netflix and beauty tutorials. If you moved back home, you’re most likely not going to talk to the friends you saw daily on campus. Communication goes both ways, I realized which friends were real or fake once moving to LA which is a different timezone from New York. It’s hard to let go of some friendships because of the memories. if that person won’t take time for you, just let them go!

I'll Tell You The Truth: Post Grad Sucks

Grad School

Grad School will be an option depending on you and your families ideas about education. As someone with strict parents from another country, I have to go to grad school. Grad school isn’t an option for me. Trust me, my mom calls me daily asking if I applied to schools like NYU, Northeastern and Temple for their masters program. Some careers may require it to give you extra cash!

Lets try to grow these net worths and rack up these student loans! My career doesn’t require any education but its always good to learn something because media commentators do more than comment on the media. Going to grad school will help me snag internships at major companies but I’m not ready to write a 30 page thesis and deal with Sallie Mae for a couple more years. This is a reason why post grad sucks.

I'll Tell You The Truth: Post Grad Sucks

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There are many responsibilities that will come at you all at once. Whether its trying to get a job or making payments on time, post grad life will stress you out. I’ve caught so many L’s since graduating Spring 2017, they can easily fill up 14 pages of a notebook. I’ve had to realize that L’s are lessons and not losses. They’re preparing you for bigger events and W’s to enter your life. I’ve turned down opportunities due to having that gut feeling of things possibly not working out.

As post grads, we’re often told to take opportunities with big companies and deal with all the drama. You can definitely do that and gain a network but sometimes taking the route of working with a smaller company and growing your skills will help! I’ve learned to trust the process and look forward to the future. Don’t feel discouraged, If you’ve been laid off from a job or have to make back home due to lack of opportunities in your current city. We’re all trying to figure out adulting!

I'll Tell You The Truth: Post Grad Sucks

Are you a current or upcoming post grad? Are there some reasons why post grad sucks? Comment and share with your fellow post grads!

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