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10 IKEA Products You Need For Your First Apartment

10 IKEA Products You Need For Your First Apartment

Are you looking for Ikea products to set up your first apartment? There are so many Ikea products to choose from, but we have selected some basics to keep you covered that are affordable and essentials for anyone moving into their first apartment!

We all dream about that moment where we will move into our first apartment, far from parent’s rules and lack of privacy; complete and total freedom. And what comes alongside this newfound freedom? We can finally decorate however we want, which thanks to countless hours on Pinterest, we are fully prepared. But Pinterest’s immense offering of decorating ideas can be a bit overwhelming, which is why I’ve rounded up a few of the best ideas- particularly for those of us who must keep to a modest apartment decor budget. Here are 10 Ikea products that are perfect for anyone’s first apartment!

1. Kitchen Cart

An IKEA kitchen cart is a perfect addition to your new apartment especially if you plan on hosting your adult parties with your adult friends. The good thing about getting one of these is that it can double as a storage unit and there is nothing that comes in handier than extra storage space!


Accessorize your kitchen cart:



2. Coffee Table

Although you don’t need to drink coffee to have one of these, it is one of the first things I would invest in when moving into my first apartment. It’s the perfect place to stack all your magazines and books you brought with you, or you can put some flowers in a nice vase in order to give your apartment a nice and cozy feel.


Accessorize your coffee table:



3. Storage Ottoman

My parents have an ottoman now and it is really the best thing for a lazy day on the couch watching Netflix, and we all know we will have a lot of those days living alone. The best part is that you can lift the top of it and there is another secret place for you to put your things. I just can’t get enough of storage.

Or an ottoman that doubles as a seat…SANDARED Pouffe IKEA


4. Bar Stools

These seats are perfect to put around your kitchen island so all your friends can sit around and watch you chef up some kick ass meals for them. They are not too expensive and buying at least two of them will achieve what you want. You can put some cushions on top of them so your guests aren’t complaining that their butts are hurting afterward.

RÅSKOG Bar stool IKEA Easy to move thanks to the hole in the seat. Plastic feet protect the furniture when in contact with a damp surface.



5. Shelving Unit

Again with the storage I know, but feel free to get crazy with this. Simply buy an all white one where you have plenty of freedom to paint it whatever color you want. It’s the perfect DIY and you can really tailor it to your personal taste. Your friend will go crazy for it and you’ll have ultimate bragging rights when you tell them it was all you.
*This shelf comes in multiple colors to fit your style and taste!

Accessorize your shelf:




6. Coasters

Coasters are a must have for any first apartment. They show that you’re respectful of your furniture and super #adult like. Perfect for entertaining guests (especially any sloppy ones) you might invite over!


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7. Night Stand

This chic night stand look can be achieved with three simple things, spray paint, contact paper and of course the night stand itself. Your finished product will be a very cute nightstand that didn’t put you out a lot of money.



Accessorize your night stand:

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9. A Sleeper Sofa

This is obviously a huge duh! Everyone needs a sofa for their very first apartment, but don’t get stuck with an old stuffy one. There are plenty of way to spruce up your sofa by adding throw pillows, the more the merrier!



Accessorize your sofa:


9. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are great for a multitude of reasons! They can go anywhere in your apartement. Whether you use them to hold sweaters in your closest, books and DVDs in your living room, or towels in your bathroom, they’re super functional and make any space like chic and tidy as well.

10 Ikea products you need for your first apartment
Which of these Ikea products are you going to get? Let us know down below!
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