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10 IKEA Hacks For Your First Apartment

10 IKEA Hacks For Your First Apartment

10 IKEA Hacks For Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting experience, but it can be pretty overwhelming. After all, where do you begin to buy furniture or decorate? How will you set everything up? How much space do you have? These 10 IKEA hacks are a great place to start. With these products you’ll be able to turn your apartment into a home, without giving up functionality.

1. Double the size of your closet with a clothing rack.

If your new apartment doesn’t have much closet space, you can use a rack to hang extra clothes. Because clothes racks are sleek and trendy, you can work it into the design of your room—no need to hide it away in storage.


2. Use a trendy utility cart for storage.

Carts make great bedside storage. Pick a fun color and add some books and other small decorations to make it more chic.



3. Add a patterned rug to give a small space some life.

A large, patterned rug can help tie a kitchen or living room together. You may have to splurge on this one, but a good rug is the perfect finishing piece to any room.

4. A floor lamp will instantly brighten up any space.

Floor lamps are great for dark apartments. Instead of replacing all the light bulbs with higher watt bulbs (and increasing your electric bill), opt for a floor lamp; they’re bright and trendy.



5. A square shelving unit for storage and decor.

Leave the shelves open for visible storage or add insert boxes to hide clutter.



6. Add a cushion cover to transform any seating space.

Brighten up any couch or arm chair by adding cushion (pillow) covers to your throw pillows. You can buy a few covers and switch them out to give your room a fresh feel every few months.


7. Get A mirror with built-in lighting.

Great for the bathroom! Now your lighting and mirror can be all in one. This product is great for those who like the look of modern décor.

8. If you’re without a dishwasher…use the Dish Drainer!

This product is a life saver for apartments that don’t have dishwashers. Mount the dish drainer to the wall if you want to save counter space.

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9. Replace the bulky shelves with a sleek picture ledge.

A picture ledge is a great way to display frames at an ideal angle. Plus, it’s shallow and saves space unlike traditionally bulky shelves.

10. A Loveseat with a removable cover.

Not only are loveseats the perfect size for a small living room, but these ones have a removable cover that can be washed—say hello to keeping your sofa cleaner and fresher than ever.


Here are 10 IKEA Hacks For Your First Apartment

Do you have any more IKEA hacks for a first apartment that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

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