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If You Have A Big Family, You Can Definitely Relate To This

I am the oldest of FIVE children. Being that I grew up with four other siblings, life was a struggle. Sharing clothes and space was a war every day in the house. There was always competition and lots of fighting.
However, as we got older, we began to realize all of the cool things we were able to relate to and laugh about. Today, there are so many things we appreciate about one another. So, if you have a big family like me, you can definitely relate to these things listed below.

Roasting Sessions

We live for a good roast session. Coming from a big family, there is no one better to be the butt of your jokes than a sibling. You know all of their flaws and past mistakes, which makes perfect ammunition for some big comedic moments.
The best part of it all is that you know they won’t take it to heart. You all know each other well enough not to take anything silly so seriously. You know what buttons to push and which ones not to. Plus, it’s always nostalgic fun to hear your parents get after you: “Leave your brother alone!”
One of my favorite pastimes is comparing the forehead sizes of my brothers. Is it mean? Maybe to a stranger or a friend or coworker. But to us, we know we have foreheads just as big since we are cut from the same cloth. It just makes us feel better to know that we aren’t the only ones.

Different Personalities

One of my favorite things about coming from a big family is the fact that we are all so different as far as our personalities, despite the fact that we were raised by the same people. For example, out of all of us, my sister is the most responsible. I’m the most sarcastic, I have a brother who is more cynical, a brother who is more compassionate, and a brother who is dramatic.
Our interests are different, too. My sister’s a nurse, my brother’s a rapper, I’m a poet, we are all so unique but we click like a jigsaw puzzle.
The other cool thing about having a big family is knowing that you have different people to turn to for different things. Perhaps there’s one sibling you go to for relationship advice and another for financial advice. Maybe you’d go to one sibling for planning a party and another for choosing the best outfit. There are some siblings who are good listeners and others who will tell it like it is. It’s a neat dynamic to have for everyone.

Group Chat Chaos

In order for everyone to stay in touch, it makes sense that everyone is part of a group chat. Some groups chats include parents and others don’t, but regardless, it’s a gift to have. If you have a big family, you’re constantly waking up to funny memes, interesting stories, hilarious inside jokes, and petty quarrels that are entertaining to witness.
Unlike most group chats, you may not even put it on silent because you want to be present for every conversation. If you’ve got a group chat without parents, you’re probably swapping stories about how your parents are driving you crazy. Even though you know you love them, you’re comfortable venting about them to your siblings because they are the only ones who truly understand.


Whenever you and your big family have reunions, you know that nostalgia is big when it comes to telling stories. Nobody gets sick of hearing the same old childhood shenanigans that you and your brothers got into when you were toddlers. That time that my sister and I hit the back of a watermelon truck when I was learning how to drive is still something we laugh about every single year. It just never gets old.
The best part is sending old photos on social media or in group messages that you’ll come across time and again. It’s embarrassing but endearing when we see old photos of us in high school or when we looked like raisins as babies. Let’s not forget the family portraits where everyone wore ugly matching outfits, and there’s always that one sibling who doesn’t even make eye contact with the camera or another who blinks. It’s all documented in the photo.

Including Significant Others

A big family is bound to pick up some significant others along the way. You and your siblings might be picky about who you feel is good enough to date your brother, but ultimately you’re happy that they’re happy. That is until they break up. Then the truth comes out as everyone starts trash talking the ex. It’s a funny thing to think about but you know everyone always has an opinion on who you are with because ultimately your significant other is becoming a part of the family, too.
However, for the ones your big family does accept, you also feel at ease knowing that your significant other is always included in all family events, which are sure to be fun. Just brace yourself for the horror stories your parents and siblings will share of you with your loved one. It’s sure to embarrass the heck out of you.

Strong Bonds

At the end of the day, you know your big family is always there for you. Even if it’s to give you hand-me-downs or to be your designated driver, you know they love and care. It’s the strong bonds you get with multiple people for me.
If you’re like me, you know that you can always lean on anyone within your circle of trust. Additionally, you know that the odds of all of your family not answering are very few. For me, I know that if I call six people (my siblings and parents), I know there’s a chance that at least one of them will answer if I’m having an emergency. You’ll never be alone.

Do you have a big family? What are some things you love about it? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Scott Hill

Scott Hill is a former middle school educator and current poet with multiple self-published collections. He has a degree in English Literature and Psychology from the University of Houston and resides nearby where he can be seen tending to plants at his job, snuggling with his dog on the sofa, or spending time with loved ones. He enjoys whiskey and wine nights and loves writing about other poets, personal life experiences, mental health, food, and sometimes Taylor Swift. Feel free to follow him on Instagram @scotthillpoetry!

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