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If You Are In Atlanta, You Have To Go To The Places

If You Are In Atlanta, You Have To Go To The Places

The Ultimate Atlanta Summer Activity List

Every City has a top-ten list of attractions that draws the attention of every tourist like a canine to a juicy steak. Atlanta has become an even bigger tourist destination in the past decade so today I bring you nine places that you just have to visit while in town. Come on, let’s go on a tour of the best destinations in Atlanta.

1. The Varsity

Whenever you are traveling, whether it’s on a plane, greyhound or a car, at some point your tummy will rumble a symphony begging you to feed it.  So, “What’ll you have?!,” as The Varsity Says. The Varsity is an amazing drive-in restaurant serving friendly greetings and lovely prices for the whole family.  Sine 1928, The Varsity has been a place for friends and families to gather before games, as well as just a cool place to hang out. What is even more intriguing us that The Varsity has its own lingo. For instance, ordering a hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo with a side of fries would be called a “Glorified Steak with Strings”.  Join the tradition by learning The Varsity’s lingo on the car ride over making this your first stop into the city.

2. Centennial Park

This fun Atlanta destination is optimal for the Spring and Summertime. Historically, it stands as recognition of Georgia’s lasting legacy in the 1996 Summer Olympics. The park is an exciting place to bring your children as there is a cool playground on the premises; but, let’s not overlook the Fountain of Rings sprouting cooling bursts of water into the sky. I loved running through the rings as a child and having picnics with my family. Centennial Park is a great place for family time and offers many attractions within the 22-acre green space.


3. The World of Coca-Cola

You are in for a treat while visiting this Atlanta attraction. Coca-Cola is a huge brand so you can imagine the crowds they experience year-round. Come see the many exhibits featuring the history of Coca-Cola as well as the tasting room for every Coca-Cola available around the world. After visiting the World of Coca-Cola for the first time, I made sure to try every last one. There was not tap left behind. The scenery is beautiful, the perfect place for family photos. You can also pick up some Coca-Cola drip on your way out. Admit it, that’s exactly what your wardrobe has been missing all along.

4. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Right next to the World of Coca-Cola lies the incredible space displaying a large span of history. The architecture of the building is phenomenal as is the many truths residing within its walls. You just have to be there to see it. Honestly though as cameras are not allowed in any of the exhibits. This way each visitor can have an authentic experience. The center features slavery, immigrant civil struggles, genocides alongside many of the known and unknown injustices. The most memorable moment, and the longest line coincidently, was the mock-up diner seats. You would sit in the chair and put on some ear muffs to get a sense of what African Americans went through during this period in time. The experience is chilling, infuriating; but, the knowledge I gained was invaluable.

5. SkyView Atlanta

Looking for a  place to watch the sunset illuminating the sky with wondrous colors? Well, this destination is perfect for just that. This Atlanta destination will leave you in awe as the experience is definitely one in a million. Not only is it great for the scenery, but it is also a great view of the metropolitan area. The gondolas are climate-controlled and designed to provide a comfortable place for you to enjoy the view and everything Atlanta has to offer. Think of it as a teaser to get you excited about the movie. You won’t be disappointed. You could even scope out your next stop in the city.


6. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Speaking on the view, let’s not glaze over the ever-changing jewel of Atlanta. The garden includes 30 acres of outdoor gardens. This makes up the Children’s Garden, the Storza Woods with a canopy walk and the Skyline Garden. You will stumble upon a lot of beautiful plants. Also, the garden holds many seasonal exhibitions further displaying the uniqueness. The garden is not just there for your entertainment, it is there to teach you as well as the researchers; and with the rising craze of global-warming, conservation. Come join a Tai Chi class or feed the frogs with your kids. You will be smiling ear to ear throughout your visit.

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7. The Apex Museum

Traveling to Atlanta is filled with the excitement of visiting a thriving city, trying new things and ultimately learning. This museum is included in this list of Atlanta’s Attractions because it is imperative to recognize the contributions African Americans have made to the world, mainly America. The museum stands to provide you with a unique perspective of America from the experiences of African Americans. This enlightening experience offers you a chance to have your personal perspective challenged which I believe fuels your mind for the better. Connecting with these exhibits is a life-changing experience.


8. CNN Studio Tours

You’ve heard of CNN, right? You know, the world’s largest news organization. Why not take a look behind the scenes to see how the magic happens in the World Headquarters of CNN  located right across from Centennial Olympic Park. You will have an opportunity to visit the newsroom and studios and the chance to meet Robin. This can help those of you looking to obtain a career in news media. Also, after the tour, there are many themed shops near the food court. My favorite is the Rick and Morty statue.

9. Georgia Aquarium

Beautiful sea creatures that will blow your mind await your presence at this aquarium. The buildings are full of many activities and animal encounters available to visitors. This presents a chance for you to see a load of sea creatures and learn about their uniqueness. You will also have the opportunity to watch a quick movie in the 4-D theatre with insightful features highlighting the sea creatures. The most fascinating experience for me was seeing the whale tank from above.

What will you see while you’re in Atlanta? Tell us in the comments!