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6 Ideas To Plan Your Next Girls Night Out

Girls night out has been a longstanding tradition and for good reason. It gives the ladies a chance to welcome new friends, strengthens the bond with established friends, and relieves stress.  It’s important to get our girl time in and focus on our friendships.  Often we get busy with work, school, family, and other relationships that we neglect the friends who have stood by us.  So let’s nature our friends and keep the tradition going.  Try these ideas when it’s your turn to plan the next girls night out and make it one to remember!

1. Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Often when we pass by the same thing everyday we don’t even notice it anymore.  So why not get the most out of your town and play tourist for a day or night?  Pick up a local tourist guide and choose one or several of the local event tours and have a staycation on your next girls night out.  Hit up the museums, art exhibits and other tourist attractions in your town.  Chances are you haven’t been there since a middle school field trip.  This is a fun way to enjoy the same old-same-old in a new and exciting way.  Being a tourist in your own town also gives you the opportunity to discover new places or rediscover ones long forgotten. If you live near the water consider a fishing charter, guided kayak tours, or renting paddle boats. Top it off by catching dinner at a place you’ve always walked by, but never been.  You never know, you might find a new favorite hangout.

2. Escape The Room

This interactive game is a 60-minute real life adventure.  You and the girls will assemble in a themed room to complete a mission and escape the room in one hour.  This is a great choice for your next girls night out because it promotes teamwork to solve the game in a fun and challenging way.  Even if you do not escape the room, you will have a blast!  Each room has its own unique mission.  You might escape from prison, steal a piece of artwork from a museum, or repair a spaceship.  It’s like being in your own Hollywood movie and who wouldn’t love that?   The price is between $25 and $30 depending on the venue and up to 12 people can participate in one room.  This girls night out idea s one that no one will ever forget!

3. Hit Up A Local Brewery

Tired of wine tasting?  Try beer tasting at a local brewery.  Many spots have specials for girls night out.  Enjoy your beer on the patio listening to live music while you wait for your dinner.  It’s low key enough for great conversation but entertaining enough to make girls night out one for the books!   This is a great idea to enjoy the warm summer nights in a laid-back atmosphere with your closest girl friends.  If any of your lady friends are on the hunt, this is a chill place to meet guys.  Everyone is very friendly and trying to socialize so it’s easy to mix in well.  Another plus is you can dress casual and leave your high heels at home.  This is more of a backyard type of gathering, only with lots of home brew to sample.

4. Murder Mystery Dinner

Why just go for dinner and drinks?  Mix it up and try a restaurant that offers a unique experience for diners and make your next girls out an adventure.  You can find a Murder Mystery Dinner in most towns.  Be ready to get into character and work with other guests to gather clues.  This is a fun way for you and the girls to socialize and work together to solve the mystery.  You may have to keep secrets if your character knows something that you do not want the other guests to know.  There are different themes restaurants use, so going more than once is an equally fun experience as the first.  This is a great way to enjoy good food and drinks on your next girls night out.  It definitely won’t be one you or your friends will forget.

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5. Comedy Show

This classic girls night out idea is here to stay.  Find the closest comedy club and book a reservation for a night of laughter.  Find comedians new on the scene or splurge on more well known acts.  Going to a comedy show is a great idea for a night for new friends.  There isn’t a lot of pressure to keep up conversation but the atmosphere is fun and inviting.  Everyone can get to know each other without anyone feeling on the spot or left out.  But that doesn’t mean longtime friends won’t enjoy this girls night out idea.  Everyone loves the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary and get some giggles in at the same time.  Its a win-win!

6. Game Night

This girls night out idea is an absolute genius way to create new traditions with friends.  Why leave all the fun to the guys?  Pick a local bar or restaurant and ask them about their policy on playing your own games at the table.  Some restaurants have a private room to rent for the evening, while others don’t mind games during more quiet hours.  Texas Hold ‘Em, Scrabble, and Yahtzee are a few great games to play in public.  Any game that doesn’t disturb the staff and other patrons will be fine.  It’s all up to you!  This one covers all your bases for girls night out.  You can eat, drink, spend time with the ladies, and bring your home game to a social setting.  It’s probably best to order pitchers and appetizers you can share.  If you were trying to be regulars at your local hot spot, this is the perfect girls night out idea for you.

What are your favorite girls night out ideas?  Share your ideas with us below?

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